WATCH: In Defiance of the U.S., Iran Test-Fires New Ballistic Missile

Susan Wright

There is a big focus on tax reform in this country right now, and the GOP is gearing up for the show next week. Part of that is simply the desire of national GOP leaders and the White House to distract from other policy failures. But part of it is the country’s real thirst for changes in both how we administer taxation, and the specific | Read More »

Members of the Cleveland Browns kneel during the national anthem before an NFL preseason football game between the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns, Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

President Trump’s ‘vigorous criticism’ of the spoiled brats in the NFL who feel oppressed by their seven-figure salaries and have decided to protest that oppression by refusing to stand for the presentation of colors and the playing of the national anthem has brought all manner of push-back. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell claims this shows disrespect for the NFL. Seriously, Roger? The NFL forfeited any claim | Read More »

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