Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green Energy Plan Would Indebt Us to the Country Democrats Claim to Hate Most

Brandon Morse

The people of 2nd congressional district sure did elect someone with some class last month. Dan Crenshaw, who is a former United States Navy SEAL officer and the U.S. Representative-elect for Texas’s 2nd congressional district keeps showing America how to act. Most people know about his appearance on Saturday Night Live last month after comedian Pete Davidson took a shot about the patch Crenshaw wears | Read More »

    As a writer, I routinely cover stories that are hard to believe are real. But every now and then, one just takes the cake. This is simply unfathomable. A Miami father has shot to death his older son, in order to protect his younger son. The siblings were fighting over a game of pool. Around 6 a.m. Sunday, police were called to the | Read More »

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