New York Times Magazine Declares War on America and History

Joe Cunningham

I never get sick of saying the phrase ” Will Miracles Never Cease” because in the AGE OF TRUMP all the rules seem to be broken. In a 180-degree turn from just 3 years ago, the Log Cabin Republicans have decided to endorse Donald Trump for re-election in 2020. The same group refused to endorse him in 2016. What gives? From USA Today… In an | Read More »

One of the many side alleys of the mainstream Russia Hoax was the idea that Russia was funneling cash into the NRA so the NRA could support Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. This was a baldfaced attempt to bootstrap the hoax aimed at removing President Trump from office into a way of neutering the influence of the nation’s major gun rights organization. This leftwing fantasy began | Read More »

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