Florida Democrat Attempts to Punk Senator Rubio, Fails Miserably

Susan Wright

Unless you consider protecting their bottom-line evil, which would be a little absurd since that’s what businesses do; in fact, it’s what they MUST do to survive. The question of Google’s evilness is, of course, only relevant because of their one-time motto/mandate “Don’t Be Evil.” And it’s a little easier to assign nefariousness to their business practices due to that posturing. Oh, and also because | Read More »

James Comey

During what was supposed to be former FBI Director James Comey’s keynote speech at Howard University, a group of protesting students stood up in the back and began shouting down Comey with various chants. Comey was to speak at Howard University, a historically black college, for its 2017-2018 convocation as the school’s endowed chair of public policy. As he was speaking, a group of students stood | Read More »

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