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Exxon’s top exec got a 17pct. pay raise in 2011

Exxon Mobil gave its top executive a 17 percent increase in compensation last year, as the oil giant posted one of its most profitable years on record.

Rex Tillerson, 60, received a pay package worth $25.2 million, up from $21.5 million in 2010, according to an AP analysis of a regulatory filing on Thursday.

Tillerson received an annual salary of $2.4 million, a bonus of $4.4 million and stock awards worth $17.9 million. He also received $519,230 in miscellaneous compensation including life insurance, personal security, personal use of company aircraft, and financial planning.

Tillerson owns 1.743 million shares of XOM stock worth $145 million, or 0.037% of the company. (Most of the stock of the Big Oil companies is owned not by their managers but by pension funds, mutual funds, and individual investors.)

For comparison, here are the latest available annual compensation numbers for the CEOs of XOM’s competition:


But consider that each of these gentlemen has been successful in rising to the peak of the pyramid in the largest and most complex enterprises in the history of capitalism.

Then consider this:

Earnings (Millions)

Leonardo DiCaprio

Johnny Depp

Adam Sandler

Will Smith

Tom Hanks

Ben Stiller

Robert Downey, Jr.

Mark Wahlberg

Tim Allen

Tom Cruise

Earnings ($Millions)

Angelina Jolie

Sarah Jessica Parker

Jennifer Aniston

Reese Witherspoon

Julia Roberts

Kristen Stewart

Katherine Heigl

American Athletes
Earnings ($Millions)

Tiger Woods $62.3
Phil Mickelson $61.2
LeBron James $44.5
Peyton Manning $38.0
Alex Rodriguez $36.0
Kobe Bryant $34.8
Kevin Garnett $32.8
Matt Ryan $32.7
Tom Brady $30.0
Dwight Howard $28.6
Dwayne Wade $28.2
Sam Bradford $27.3
Dale Earnhardt, Jr. $26.6
Darrelle Revis $25.8
Jim Furyk $25.3

International Athletes
Earnings ($Millions)Sport

Roger Federer $52.8Tennis

Manny Pacquiao $52.5 Boxing

Fernando Alonso $45.0 Auto Racing

Lionel Messi $43.8 Soccer

Cristiano Ronaldo $38.8Soccer

Yao Ming $35.7Basketball

Rafael Nadal $31.5 Tennis

Valentino Rossi $30.0 Motor Sports

Wayne Rooney $29.2Soccer

Kaka $27.3 Soccer

David Beckham $26.8 Soccer

Ronaldinho $25.8 Soccer

Ichiro Suzuki $24.0 Baseball

Reality “Stars”
Earnings ($Millions)

Kim Kardashian$6
Lauren Conrad $5
Bethenny Frankel$4
Audrina Patridge$3.5
Kate Gosselin$3.5
The Situation$3

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