Under normal circumstances, we might not notice when a small-state Democratic elected official resigns from office in disgrace. But in Martha Shoffner’s case, we’ll make an exception. Not out of schadenfreude, mind you, but an inquisitive exploration of the mind of the corruptocrat, and their deep-seated yearning for pie. They’re not satisfied with a mere slice. They want the whole enchi…. well, you know.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas’ state treasurer resigned Tuesday after being accused of accepting at least $36,000 cash in exchange for steering business to an investment broker, bowing to bipartisan calls to step down or face removal from office. ..

“Federal prosecutors allege Shoffner accepted $12,000 a year from a broker who would sometimes deliver cash in a pie box, with the pie included. They said the broker is cooperating with investigators.

“An FBI affidavit filed in federal court alleges that a bond broker — unidentified in court documents — would roll up cash in $6,000 increments and have it delivered to Shoffner’s office every six months. At least two of the payments were delivered in a pie box with a pie. The broker “recognized his/her bond business with the state grew because of the payments,” the affidavit said.”

Ms. Shoffner’s story might not be so noteworthy, until you recall the case of disgraced U.S. Rep. William Jefferson (D-LA), currently serving a 13-year sentence for corruption , bribery and malfeasance in office, a record sentence for a Congressman (to date). As the U.S. Attorney’s exhibit below demonstrates, on of Jefferson’s favorite hiding places for his ill gotten gains was IN HIS FREEZER!, yes, but significantly in a box of Pillsbury’s Frozen Pie Crusts. The FBI found ninety thousand cold ones there, to be exact.

//www.redstate.com/wp-content/themes/redstate-desktop-2017/images/redstate-placeholder.png //www.redstate.com/wp-content/themes/redstate-desktop-2017/images/redstate-placeholder.png " width="479" height="381" /> Photo Credit: The Federal Bureau of Investigation[/caption]

Coincidence? I think not! Does this eerie similarity reveal some commonality among those who would feed at the public trough like a contestant in a July 4th pie-eating contest? Can their psyche only be sated with the ultimate comfort food?


On second thought, maybe it’s not the pie, but the dough.

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