Remember When Donald Trump’s Campaign “CEO” Bashed Romney And His Sons As Unpatriotic? (AUDIO)


Let me preface this piece by acknowledging that as best I can tell, the report originated with Mother Jones, a site I give about as much legitimacy as I do the current shell of what used to be Breitbart (as in: not very much). With that said, if anywhere close to accurate, it paints a very vivid portrait of hypocrisy on the part of the | Read More »

nicholas kristof

Nicholas Kristof is your stereotypical elite liberal media guy. He has an absolute disdain for America and he has a grasp of history that rivals a five year old holding a 500-page college textbook (except the five year old probably doesn’t have that whole “disdain for America” thing going on). In an appearance on MSNBC (read: among his people), Kristoff actually said that the Nazis were | Read More »

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