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The Vine

Thursday’s March For Life event was, as it always has been, a huge success. While marchers in 2014 had to brave the snow, the weather held up beautifully for the thousands ...

Death and Taxes: IRS Informs Very Alive 94 Year Old Man He is Dead

(H/T: IJReview) Following my earlier post, here’s some more IRS fun for us. It’s a news story that could be straight out of Kafka. Siegfried Meinstein is a 94 year old man who is alive and well and living at an assisted living facility near Columbus, Ohio, and according to the IRS, he’s dead. According to an article from Fox News: The newspaper reports that the old-timer’s | Read More »

Rick Perry’s Texas responsible for US job creation

Obama’s media bootlicks have been pushing a story for weeks, if not longer, about the huge success of Obama’s job creation record and sniveling about how the stupid Americans and vicious, racist right-wingers won’t give him credit. For instance, inveterate Obama fluffer, Michael Tomasky, writing at The Daily Beast: And what about Obama’s numbers? I’d betting that even if you’re an Obama partisan, you think they’re | Read More »

Kit Carson, requiescat in pace

I did not know Kit Carson well, but the “H.R.” of the Rush Limbaugh Show and I have traded emails for years. He would send me emails of things Rush had said, then news articles he thought I should write about, then an email friendship struck up at which point I felt comfortable bombarding him with subtle hints I should fill in for Rush. We | Read More »

I Want to Keep the Filibuster for Judges

I have decided this and it puts me on the wrong side of a number of my friends. But there is an effort to formally end the filibuster for appointments to the Supreme Court. I am opposed to getting rid of it. Yes, yes, it is true that the Democrats could take back the Senate and promptly abolish it. That is perfectly true. But I | Read More »

IRS Hires Same Firm that Botched the Obamacare Rollout

If you need any indication of the IRS’s administration of Obamacare is going to go, look no further than this story. Last Friday, it was announced that the agency had hired CGI Federal, which is probably better known as the same firm that handled the rollout of the Affordable Care Act so well. From the Fiscal Times: If that’s what they wanted, spending more than $4.5 | Read More »

Congressional GOP Seeks to Achieve Success Through Cowardice

Over at RealClearPolitics, liberal Bill Scher has some advice for the GOP for how they can grow their majority. Like most of these insipid pieces from liberals, it helpfully suggests that Republicans will have much more success if they ignore demands from their base about… well, basically everything. It’s always precious when a member of the party who just got trounced offers advice to the | Read More »

Greece and the Euro Falling Fast

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss Snowmageddon, fallout from recent elections in Greece, and the sliding Euro.

Read More »

The Iowa Corral

RedState assisted in sponsoring ‘s event in Iowa this past weekend. I did not go, but made sure to pay attention to what was going on and who said what. As I have previously written, this is the most substantive field of Republican contenders since 1980. The number of Governors, Senators, and others who are running gives the GOP a deeper bench than any the | Read More »

A Logical Consequence

In the Politico, David Rogers laments there are no rules now in Washington. Everybody is doing there own thing. Well of course they are. For the last four years, Democrats have championed the President more and more going it alone. They have watched the President overstep the boundaries of his authority on Obamacare changes, on amnesty, and virtually anything else that suits him. The Democrats | Read More »








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