Landrieu Jumps on the Race Wagon

Landrieu Jumps on the Race Wagon

When I first started working in radio, I was fortunate enough to get an interview with Mary Landrieu. It was just after her initial vote to push Obamacare to the ...

#LASen: A Little More on Mary Landrieu’s Slamming of Her State’s Voters

My Front Page colleague Joe Cunningham has done a great job covering Mary Landrieu referring to Louisiana voters as racist and sexist, but there’s a couple more things I’d like to

White House meddles in South Dakota senate campaign

With only days left before Election Day, the FBI has taken the unprecedented step of announcing it is opening an investigation into and incident that happened when GOP candidate Mike

@BuzzFeed continues orgy of self-beclowning

Only two days after posting on why BuzzFeed is not trusted by either right or left, BuzzFeed continued to provide proof of the accuracy of that statement. While the crux

The Democrats’ Degradation of Women

I’m so tired of Obama and his Democrats continually getting away with their hypocritical “war on women” campaign. They raise this tired and false meme over and over. And with

More Election Fraud: This Time in Maryland and North Carolina

A couple of days ago, I wrote about voting machines in Maryland changing Republican votes to Democratic ones. It turns out that there might be more election fraud being committed

New York court allows uncle and niece to marry

On Wednesday,the New York ruled that an uncle can legally marry his niece. Via the New York Post: The state’s highest court has toppled a cultural taboo — legalizing a

Candy and Halloween: A Decades Long Love Story

Download Podcast | iTunes | Podcast Feed On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the marketing machine that made

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Jonathan Coulton did, indeed, get threatened by the Democratic party of New York state.

This is… interesting. I think the Democrats just threatened me: — Jonathan Coulton (@jonathancoulton) October 30, 2014 Quick background on this: Jonathan Coulton is a songwriter and performer who

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Voter Fraud Could Cost Close Wins

If Your One Vote Doesn’t Count Enough…. Our President seems unworried about the problem of voter fraud. Evidence on the ground suggests something else. So what







  • Americans believe in freedom. RT @JennJacques 53% of Americans Against Stricter Gun Laws! #tcot #rsrh
  • #rsrh Evergreen post: watch out for fake stories.:
  • #rsrh Quote of the Day, Even The Bad News Is A Win For Me edition.:
  • #rsrh Rep. Eliot Engel (D, New York) now futilely regrets the Obamabargain his party made.:
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, We Have Not Seen The Last Of Jenny Sanford edition.:
  • This is really a good summary of Hickenlooper - #rsrh Hick-ups
  • White House officials preemptively spin midterm defeat, blame Dem candidates for not supporting Obama enough. #RSRH
  • Mississippi, Burned: How the poorest, sickest state got left behind by Obamacare. #RSRH
  • Dems in the closest Senate races in the South use racially charged messages to prevent a GOP Senate. #RSRH
  • #rsrh Quote of the Day, Arguing About The Things That Matter edition.:
  • #rsrh Democrats: Danged if they do embrace Obama, danged if they don't.:
  • State Dept. stonewalls House Judiciary on importing Ebola patients. #RSRH
  • #rsrh So immigration activists really *are* going to go after Barack Obama over this.:
  • #rsrh What did you do with the money, Nancy?:
  • #rsrh One more week. One more *freaking* week. Cannot *wait*.:
  • #rsrh NASA rocket blows up on pad.:
  • Susan Page vid via @digitasdaily Obama administration "more dangerous to the press" than any in history. #RSRH
  • the case against assisted suicide. Powerful read. #rsrh
  • from @aetiology Travel Bans Won't Work-- More illogical and dishonest propaganda from public health mafia. #rsrh
  • RT @moelane: #rsrh Tweet of the Day, That's Not A Good Thing To Say During A Gubernatorial Debate edition.:
  • Kathryn Ruemmler,Solyndra friend and Obama toadie withdraws name for AG #rsrh
  • Holy Crap. @AnthonyWeiner is at it again. Won't he ever learn #rsrh
  • Mali reports its first case of Ebola #rsrh
  • @SarahPalinUSA endorses independent/dem ticket for governor #rsrh


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