Friday, September 19, 2014

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Yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove sounded the alarm. Republicans are not doing as well as they should given the election dynamic. According to Rove, “Republican candidates and ...

The Power of Changed Minds

Should any Republican step to any microphone and announce he has changed his mind on global warming, the press will hail him as a hero. He has taken new evidence, processed it, and changed his mind. Should any Republican do the same on gay marriage, tax increases, or a host of other matters, the same will happen. The media heralds changed minds, particularly when the | Read More »

Mary Burke (D CAND, Wisconsin-GOV) plagiarized her jobs plan from literal losers.

You’d think that Mary Burke would have stolen from people who won.

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This Time It Is Not Sarah Palin Targeting People for Assassination

A seriously disturbed young man attempted to assassinate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona. We know the young man was, in his politics, maybe slightly left of center, but largely a-political. He was just disturbed. Nonetheless, because Sarah Palin had produced a political map that had a “cross-hairs” like symbol (it actually was a surveyor symbol) over Rep. Giffords’ district, the media blamed her for the | Read More »

Scotland and the end of centralization

Mark Leonard at Reuters has some interesting thoughts about how the Scottish independence vote could be “the canary in the independence coal mine,” a harbinger of both statehood movements and political trends in “many nations that do not face imminent break-up – from America to Zambia.”  He specifies four of those trends as a desire for self-government that trumps economic interests, resurgent nationalism (which he | Read More »

UPDATE: It’s Over. “No” Wins; Open Thread: Scottish Independence Referendum Results

The polls have closed in Scotland, and the results will soon be coming in. The time of reckoning for the United Kingdom is upon us, and a 307 year old union is at risk of breaking up. The BBC is tracking the results of the referendum on their website. The Guardian will be liveblogging the results throughout the evening. The Daily Mail has an amazing heatmap tracking social | Read More »

Frank Bruni wants EVERYBODY ELSE to lay off ‘At Least Obama’s Better Than Bush!’

“Don’t get high on your own supply.”

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“We the People” is an Everyday Celebration of Liberty

No one sentence could better sum up the American spirit than the opening line of our Constitution. For 227 years these words have served not just as a set of guiding principles for our nation, but as the building blocks for the greatest democracy the world has ever known.

But let me ask you a simple question. Have you ever read the Constitution?

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Educational Choice is Good Policy

Teachers unions campaign for local taxes because they believe higher taxes help students, even though research has shown very little correlation between per pupil spending and student achievement. Teachers even threaten to strike for smaller classes or fewer school days because, you guessed it, it’s for the children. For decades, however, these same teachers unions have attempted to block the very policy that is first | Read More »

State Department used Fake Name to Ignore Security Standards in Benghazi

(Via Caleb Howe at TruthRevolt) The quest for the truth on Benghazi made a little progress yesterday, but that hasn’t stopped the developments from being any more outrageous. As the Benghazi Select Committee discovered yesterday, Hillary Clinton’s State Department fabricated the name “special mission compound” for a portion of the embassy’s facilities at Benghazi in order to dodge security standards for it. Representative Pete Roskam (R-IL) | Read More »







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  • #rsrh Gallup notes that the GOP is looking about as good as Democrats to Americans these days.:
  • All 2016 GOP presidential candidates back fetal pain ban – except Chris Christie. #RSRH
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  • RT @JoeC_Esquire: If Joe Biden's been playing dumb all these years, he's forgotten Robert Downey Jr.'s best advice.
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  • #rsrh Pro-illegal immigration activists go after... Hillary Clinton.:
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  • Analysts now see Democrats keeping Senate. Can't belittle your base and expect to win. #RSRH
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  • America is at a Crossroads on Energy #rsrh


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