Less Than Five Points

We're talking less than five points. That is the polling gap in Kentucky between Matt Bevin and the liberal Democrat he is running against. Have you donated to Matt yet? ...

FBI Probe of Clinton Servers Gets Worse

The private email scandal just got much worse for Hillary Clinton, politically. At first glance, the news that the FBI has expanded their probe to a second tech company involved with Hillary’s email system may seem like mere “piling on,” but the details of the story indicate that this expansion may be what ultimately uncovers a fatal political wound for Hillary in connection with this | Read More »

Equality Fetishism – The Reason Democrats Truly Are Both Stupid And Destructive

To listen to liberals in their own words, separate from their talking points and coaching is to behold a warped, bizarre religion spawned from the vile butt-hole of The Church of Satan. This is because Liberalism prostrates itself before the false idol of equality. Everyone must be equal. As Brett Stevens describes it. We have replaced all ancient gods with a single one: equality. To | Read More »

The Fickle Spinelessness of a Wet Noodle Choice

So that’s how it’s going to be, I guess. We get Mr. Good Hair vs. Mr. Ambitious. In the race to replace Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) N/A%, it comes down to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) 61% vs. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) 81%. So many of the House Republicans, including the conservatives, are too risk adverse to | Read More »

Who’s Enthusiastic about a GOP Senate Majority in 2016?

Republicans in the Senate faced a brutal task in retaining the Senate majority in 2016 before the Democrats went to work recruiting candidates. Republicans will be defending seats in a bevy of blue and purple states, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. The Democrats, on the other hand, are only defending two purple seats, both of which are in states that are trending blue: | Read More »

The Obama Administration Goes Big On Extraordinary Rendition

You may remember the great hue and cry during the Bush Administration – mostly from people who now support President Obama – over the terrible, horrible, no-good practice of “extraordinary rendition.” In a nutshell, this involved handing over suspected terrorists (and people with information useful to catching terrorists) to foreign governments that lack our scruples about torture and other forms of coercion in extracting information | Read More »

Donald Trump Wants the Government to Take Your Stuff

Well, here goes Fox News treating Donald Trump unfairly(?). This is your GOP frontrunner. He is okay with your government seizing your property for “job development.” You get what that means? He wants to extend government’s power into your very home and allow them to take your stuff. Why does Trump believe this is so good? Because’s he’s been in the property business, of | Read More »

Senator Elizabeth Warren Reestablishes The Old Massachusetts Custom of Witch-Hunting

When Joe Biden decided he wanted to run for President in 2016, he wanted a running mate who was at least as inventive as he was. By inventive, I of course mean, derivative, phony and disingenuous. You don’t get more disingenuous than Elizabeth “Senator Lieawatha” Warren. Thus, it should shock nobody that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 16% is on the short bus, | Read More »

Esquire: All Class, All the Time

Esquire has what appears to be a thought-provocative, intelligent piece up at their website (warning: language). It concerns Bobby Jindal and a little rant he posted both here and on his own site. It also appears the writer of the Esquire post is inciting a rather intimate type of violence against the governor. There is actually so little substance to the post that I can’t even | Read More »

Ted Cruz finds a question that the Sierra Club DARED not answer.

The moral of this particular story is: don’t send somebody up against a Senate Judiciary subcommittee unless you’re prepared to answer the simplest of questions.

Read More »







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