Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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NC Senator Kay Hagan no longer embarrassed by Bill Clinton

NC Senator Kay Hagan no longer embarrassed by Bill Clinton

What a difference flopsweat makes. Democrat Senator Kay Hagan is feeling the heat and has enlisted aging horndog and former president Bill Clinton in an effort to stave off defeat: ...

Five Weeks and No Coherence

Have you noticed the Republicans have given up a concentrated effort against Obamacare? They have. It is barely on the radar. More and more stories come out every day about how close races are across the country. More and more stories come out about tightening polls. More and more races the GOP must win to take back the Senate seem to be slipping away from | Read More »

Ebola Comes to the United States

With the CDC in Atlanta, of course I spent my whole show talking about the Ebola outbreak. You can listen to the show here: And go sign up for the show notes email.

Pruitt v. Burwell gets decided against government, starting up the #Obamacare subsidy rodeo again.

At some point the Supreme Court is going to jump into this one. There’s just been too much disagreement over this, and the Democrats have simply been too nakedly partisan in the process.

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Someone Claiming to be From the CDC Called Me About the Ebola Patient in Dallas

As you guys know, I have a radio show on the largest talk station in the country, WSB Atlanta. The CDC is based in Atlanta. This evening, during break, an individual called the program claiming to work for the CDC and to have knowledge of the patient in Dallas, TX. The source gave me information to lead me to establish credibility: name, occupation, background, etc. | Read More »

Roland Burris (D) tried to cash in* while still a US Senator.


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Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino nukes Gov. Cuomo

Trailing Gov. Andrew Cuomo by nearly 25 points and unable to get New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, head of the Republican Governors Association, to help him take on Cuomo, Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino nukes Gov. Cuomo with a remake of LBJ’s infamous “Daisy” ad: The ad’s message, as stated by a narrator is, “These are the stakes. Do we reelect a governor who may end up in jail?”  The ad means | Read More »

The anti-vaccine cult

One of the interesting things about the elevation of science to a secular religion is watching as science begins to mimic the behavior of religion on the eve of the Thirty Years War. In its purest form science is devoted to discovery. Truths are proven. Axioms are tested and retested. Science today has become a hodgepodge of beliefs that have more in common with the | Read More »

Dogs Don’t Like Leashes: Some South Carolina pols don’t like Nikki Haley’s reforms (like accountibility to voters)

At the RedState Gathering in August, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley ticked off a rapid-fire list of accomplishments that have occurred since she has taken office. Among those many accomplishments was the signing of a bill to make state legislators more accountable to their constituents through the use of roll-call votes. It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that, for some politicians, accountability to | Read More »

The Democrats Hope You Are an Idiot

The crop of Democrats up for election right now were last elected in 2008. For most of the actually vulnerable Democrats, this was the first time they ran for election. All elected Democrats are always at least secretly opposed to any measures that actually promote the national security of the United States of America, and given the mood of the country in 2008 they were | Read More »








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