I dunno, folks. What *do* you call a socialist who ISN’T an internationalist?

I dunno, folks. What *do* you call a socialist who ISN'T an internationalist?

Look, Marxism was all about internationalizing the socialist movement: “Workers of the world, unite!” “…I don’t think so. Bernie don’t play that.” ...

The GOP Senate is Not On Our Side

We have reached the point where a clear majority of sitting Republican Senators do not deserve your vote even in the general election. I say this because, quite simply, they have demonstrated time and time again that they are not on our side. Instead, they are on their own side. The priorities that these nattering, out of touch buffoons have embraced are so far out | Read More »

The Donald Trump Rule: ‘Flip-Flopping’ to the Right Position Can Be a Very Good Thing

We hear the charge leveled all the time: “Flip-flopper.” When someone fundamentally changes their position on an issue. We are naturally left to wonder if the move is genuine. Are they are saying what they think – or what they think we want to hear? Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has rocketed to to the top of the sixteen-candidate heap – in large part because | Read More »

Planned Parenthood Sting Video #3: ‘Human Capital.’ Episode 1. [CONTENT WARNING]


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Missing in Action: Where is Rand Paul?

My single biggest surprise this election season is the failure of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 86% to do much of anything. He has loyal support, a unique message, a foundation laid by his father, a cheery disposition, and a really crummy campaign team. Put it to you this way: Ben Carson has out raised Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 86%. | Read More »

The GOP’s solid state base.

State races have been very, very good for the GOP. Alas, that can change in a heartbeat.

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Planned Parenthood Knows Babies Are Priceless

Babies are priceless. Even the CEO of Planned Parenthood knows that. Her own math tells her that she must admit that which she denies.

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The F-35 May Need To Be Permanently Grounded

The DoD Acquisition Community has spoken on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. According to a recent NRO article they have concluded the following: “The F-35 program is a mess; it is unaffordable and will not be able to fulfill its mission.” I work in DoD acquisition and find that to be a heavily freighted commentary that oversimplifies the situation at hand. An unaffordable program is | Read More »

Maybe we could’ve done this a bit better?

Let’s say I were a liberal Republican Senate Majority Leader. I have two major concerns before me: Nothing I really want can get done with conservatives on one side of me and Democrats to the other. There are three issues to take care of. The first has to do with highway funds and the special money that gets set aside in pet projects for all | Read More »

Close to Home

Last week, a man with a history of mental health issues opened fire in a theater in Lafayette, Louisiana. Two women were killed, several more were injured, and he took his own life when he saw there was no way out. It appears as though he had planned to escape, using a car he left near the scene, and it is likely more attacks may | Read More »







  • #rsrh The wicked and vicious plot by LIBRE to oppress Hispanics by having them get GEDs.:
  • #rsrh Don't be afraid to get it wrong.:
  • #rsrh Secularists continue their Magical Tin-Ear PR Tour in Detroit, Michigan.:
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, Who Wants Some Good News in FL-SEN? edition.:
  • #rsrh So this is sort of my mood, right now.:
  • #rsrh Vine of the Day, Я клянусь, это никогда не случалось со мной прежде edition.:
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  • #rsrh "And A Big Yellow Taxi Took My Young Professionals Voting Bloc Away..." Hmm. Doesn't scan.:
  • #rsrh Did you miss Clintonian-level language parsing? You didn't? Sorry to hear that, because it's back.:
  • #rsrh Scenes from the People's Glorious Revolutionary Crusade Against Decadent BBQ Smoke!:
  • #rsrh Vermont's looking at going... back to nuclear? Only this time, it's not theirs.:
  • RT @moelane: #rsrh First of two stupid felony indictments against Rick Perry just ejected from court.:
  • #rsrh First of two stupid felony indictments against Rick Perry just ejected from court.:
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, Just Look At The Tweet If You Don't Want... Complications edition.:



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