With Ambush Elections In Effect, Obama’s NLRB Now Turns To Target Right-To-Work Laws

With Ambush Elections In Effect, Obama's NLRB Now Turns To Target Right-To-Work Laws

Within the same week of implementing their so-called "ambush election rules," the union attorneys controlling the National Labor Relations Board announced, in an invitation for "interested" parties to file briefs, ...

Daredevil Reviewed: “I am the ill intent”

I have previously given my initial assessment of Daredevil a few episodes in and want to flesh that out more now that I have seen the whole show. One of the great criteria I’ve noticed with friends who have wives or girlfriends who watch this sort of show with them is how far must they go to suspend disbelief. With Daredevil, you do not have | Read More »

Hal Heiner for Governor of Kentucky

In the race for Governor of Kentucky, I have contributed $250.00 to Hal Heiner’s campaign and support him for Governor. I do not know him. I know some people around him. But I have been paying close attention to Heiner, his positions, and the state of the race. Heiner already has a 14 point lead. He is running a very solid race. I do like | Read More »

Why I stopped reading Gary Hart’s piece on oligarchy.

Gary Hart actually thinks that more free speech is bad. Thank God he imploded back then, huh?

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IBM opposes religious liberty

Louisiana is currently in the process of enhancing religious liberty in the state, with the full backing of Governor Bobby Jindal. House Bill 707 by Representative Mike Johnson. IBM, which has been doing some growing in Louisiana, sent a letter to legislative leaders and Jindal opposing the bill. IBM has made significant investments in Louisiana including most recently a technology services delivery center in Baton | Read More »

Obama to Americans in Yemen: You’re on Your Own

As we all should know by now, the official government of Yemen fell earlier this year. Among those caught in the chaos that has ensued are a number of American citizens living in the country. The United States has evacuated its troops stationed at an air base in the country, but the fate of those not working for our government are locked in limbo. Writing | Read More »

Tech at Night: Net Neutrality will hurt the poor

Who benefits the most from competition and innovation in Internet services? The people who have the most need to save money: the poor. Further they more than anyone have the need to use the Internet to save money and to seek opportunity. They need cheap Internet. And Net Neutrality will take it away from them.

More fallout in Boston from the slow-motion collapse of Big Wind.

Massachusetts now has to pay for Big Green’s 113 million wind farm boondoggle.

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Jeb Bush is Not Ready for Prime Time

Way back when the Scott Walker campaign was first getting going and was stealing a not inconsiderable amount of momentum from the Jeb Inevitability Tour, he took a trip to England as part of his actual job as governor of Wisconsin. While there, he was asked a stupid and pointless question about evolution, which he refused to answer on the grounds that it was irrelevant | Read More »

College Students: Vote for Hillary because she’s a Woman

As the first week of Hillary Clinton’s official campaign for President draws to a close, she has still been very hesitant to lay out a policy agenda. She claims it’s because she wants more voter input, but ultimately, it’s almost certainly because she doesn’t want people to know what she believes. After all, taking a star on a controversial issue might scare away voters. Nevertheless, | Read More »








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