Obama’s YOLO presidency descends into parody

Obama's YOLO presidency descends into parody

At a speech in Austin, Texas, last week, Obama criticized the lawsuit House Speaker John Boehner has announced. I mean, think about that.  You’re going to use taxpayer money to ...

Iowa Republicans: please consider extra campaigning assistance for Joni Ernst for the next two weeks.

She’s serving her country.

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Bahrain declares US diplomat persona non grata

Great. Just when you thought the Obama administration had done all the damage it could possibly do in the Arab world you find out you are wrong. Via the LA Times Bahrain announced Monday that it was expelling a top State Department official for meddling in its affairs, sharpening tensions between the Obama administration and a strategically important Persian Gulf ally. The state-run Bahrain News | Read More »

Quote of the Day, I Love This Long-Term Plan For The GOP By @TheRickWilson edition.

Basically, the GOP needs to shove the State right down the White House’s throat. Sideways.

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Language Restrictions Will Ultimately Decide The Immigration Debate

“A jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now ‘available’, not having [a] sexual partner,” the judge said. “If this was the 1950s and you had a jury of 12 men there, which is what you’d invariably have, they would say it’s unnatural for a | Read More »

Ten years at RedState. Wow.

Since streiff is telling his story…  huh.  I don’t know if I really have any.  As near as I can remember, I more or less segued smoothly over from Tacitus to RedState; I commented, then diaried, then got front-page privileges at the former site, and then started doing the same over at RedState.  I do remember getting moderating privileges, though.  Mostly because the trolls all hid | Read More »

Two Federal Judges Demand Answers on “Lost” Lerner Emails from IRS “Under Oath”

The IRS has been attempting to mitigate and obstruct the truth about Lois Lerner’s “lost” emails.

The past two days in federal court have made that much more difficult for the IRS.

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RNC convention pick bearing fruit: LeBron James to return to Cleveland.

Hey, if the President can take credit for Osama bin Laden, then Reince Priebus and the RNC can take credit for bringing LeBron back to Cleveland.  I don’t make the rules, after all.  I just use them to be a royal pain in the sit-upon. Four years after he bolted from Cleveland to Miami in pursuit of the N.B.A. championships that had eluded him, LeBron | Read More »

Gary Palmer is the Conservative to Support in Alabama

Gary Palmer and Paul DeMarco are in a runoff in Alabama. Interestingly, Paul DeMarco is using a quote from a post at RedState to attack Gary Palmer. What DeMarco is not saying is that RedState has endorsed Gary Palmer. We stand by Gary Palmer. As you all know, for a number of reasons, Gary was not my first choice. But he was always my second | Read More »

My first decade on Red State

Toward the end of July 2004 I saw a brief note in James Taranto’s “Best of the Web” column that a new conservative site, called RedState, was open for business. I had recently been banned from another conservative blog because I was a little too adept at and smug about irritating the moderators and was looking for a new home and decided to give RedState | Read More »