Chuck Schumer quietly starts distancing Democrats from Obama for 2016.

Chuck Schumer quietly starts distancing Democrats from Obama for 2016.

I'm just going to summarize it: Senator Chuck Schumer today ever-so-casually indicated that working first on Obamacare was a mistake; that, in fact, Congress should have instead worked on pretty ...

The farce of the UCFW’s anti-Walmart Black Friday protest

On Friday, the United Food and Commercial Workers union will be engaging is street theater trying to embarrass Walmart. Their schtick is that Walmart is not paying a “living wage.”

Liberals Want Toy Gun Control Now

Forget about restrictive laws that curtail and limit the purchase, ownership and use of real firearms. Liberals have their eyes set on a new set of guns in need of

Obama doubles down on Iranian failure

Yesterday the P5+1 group (5 permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) negotiating with Iran over its nuclear weapons program announced in would make another deadline extension, this

Amid Ferguson and Thanksgiving, Obama’s Rolling Out 3415 New Regulations

The grand jury decision and subsequent riots in Ferguson have been dominating the news coverage for the last few days. Meanwhile, in about 48 hours, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving,

Civilization is constantly under attack

One unfortunate side effect of utopian ideology is the quest to create a system of government so righteous and noble that nobody would even try to tear it down.  This is absurd

Jeff Sessions should be Budget Committee Chair

With the Republicans taking over the Senate for the 114th Congress, it is vitally important that our party puts the right people in charge of the chamber’s committees. All too

Atlanta’s Fire Chief Suspended For Publicly Professing Christian Beliefs

Even in Atlanta you will be made to care. Atlanta’s Fire Chief, Kelvin Cochran, has been suspended for one month for writing a book in which he maintains orthodox Christian

A Tom Steyer Democrat Runs as a Republican in Louisiana

There is another election runoff in Louisiana this cycle. It’s not getting as much coverage as the U.S. Senate race, but it is being watched by powerful special interests. The

The New York Times Changes Its Story Deleting The Most Remarkable Thing About Chuck Hagel’s Firing

The Pentagon wants America to believe Secretary Hagel was not fired, but the New York Times hit job breaking the news of his retirement is proof he was. The White







  • #rsrh The inevitable internal conflict of all left-protests in one tweet.:
  • #rsrh How to talk politics with liberal family members at Thanksgiving this year.:
  • #rsrh The inevitable Ferguson riots. 'Inevitable' thanks to the media, of course.:
  • RT @cayankee: Don't miss Bruce Thorton's "Obama the Tyrant. well worth reading. #tcot #ccot #RSRH
  • Don't miss Bruce Thorton's "Obama the Tyrant. well worth reading. #tcot #ccot #RSRH
  • #rsrh Tweet of the day, I. CANNOT. WAIT. edition.:
  • #rsrh Also: we told you so. The guy was endorsed by *Louis Farrakhan*, for goodness' sake.
  • #rsrh Even the liberal WaPo Fact Checker has to give this one four Pinocchios:
  • #rsrh :raised eyebrow: Chuck Hagel stepping down as SecDef.:
  • #rsrh There will be no place in the Republican party for Jim Webb.:
  • If you aren’t sure what the #RSWB is all about, check out this short promo video. #rstv #rsrh
  • #rsrh Will Gov-elect Bill Walker ("I"-Alaska) flunk his first test?:
  • #rsrh There's actually a pretty big silver lining in that Obamacare cloud.:
  • #rsrh Ah, that yearned-for 90% marginal tax rate.:
  • RT @CalebHowe: Snark Factor Immigration MST3K Edition via @ftr__radio #rsrh #LOL
  • Will Boehner expand suit over Obama's abuse of executive powers to cover #Bamnessty? #RSRH
  • If you don't watch Spanish language TV, Obama doesn't want you watching his extra-legal amnesty speech. #RSRH


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