Thursday, August 28, 2014

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Rachel Maddow, neocon.

Rachel Maddow, neocon.

Of course I wrote  that with malice aforethought.  What’s the point of this gig if I can’t insert a needle here or there? That doesn’t detract from the slightly dark humor ...

You Will Be Made to Care

Vanderbilt University has decided student groups on campus cannot determine their own leadership. Consequently, a muslim can run the Christian group, a global warming skeptic can run the Earth First group, a Republican can run the College Democrats, etc. You get the idea. The rule came in part because, as you will not be surprised to learn, a Christian fraternity “had expelled several students for | Read More »

Taxpayer Funded Police Intimidation

I am sure that we have all seen the ads where some highway safety department or another attempts to threaten the citizenry into compliance with some set of traffic laws or another. The Federal government spends about a billion dollars a year promoting these ads in the form of grants to state agencies, and then the states spend an additional sum themselves which, God only knows how | Read More »

The Democrats’ Problem

Members of the Democratic Party are soiling themselves over Barack Obama’s plans for unilateral, executive ordered immigration reform. They should be. Barack Obama has shown time and time again he does not care about them. Just a couple of weeks ago, Democrats were openly complaining in the New York Times that Barack Obama never helped them, listened to them, or hung out with them. He | Read More »

Tech at Night: E-Cigarettes and the WHO Cargo Cult

Tech at Night

Richard Feynman liked to tell the story of an island in Melanesia that had an allied airbase during World War II. Cargo planes would regularly land during the war, bringing supply that the locals were amazed at, and were appreciative to have. However when the war was over, the cargo planes stopped coming, and the troops left.

So what the locals did was to do their best to dress up like the allied soldiers, and go through the motions that they observed happening when a cargo plane would land. This became known as the cargo cult, as they believed that by taking these actions, they could summon a cargo plane bringing its bounty.

Feynman liked to compare bad science with the cargo cults: all dressed up, going through he motions, and missing the point entirely.

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Prayers for @PastorMark Driscoll

“Though more blunt than perhaps a preacher should be, Christians need bluntness in their lives. Mark Driscoll needs some bluntness in his life right now.” “I wouldn’t worship a god who couldn’t win a bar fight.” I’ve used that line and variations of it over the years. Mark Driscoll was the inspiration for it. It is a good and accurate line. In a day and | Read More »

Roger Waters is okay with Hamas, apparently

There are a lot of parenthetical asides in this post. I apologize. Of my musical influences, Pink Floyd is always at or near the top. I’ve discussed it before, but seriously, I do think of Roger Waters as one of the best lyricists of his time (during and after his time with Pink Floyd). And, while he is great at writing lyrics on social alienation leading | Read More »

“I View John Hickenlooper As A Coward”

As detailed fully by Kelly Maher earlier this week, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is in a political dust up of his own making over the death penalty. Hickenlooper, who is seeking reelection this year and has a formidable opponent in former Congressman Bob Beauprez, recently said that if he isn’t reelected because due to Nathan Dunlap and the death penalty being used as a political | Read More »

Gwen Graham’s (D-CAND, Florida-02) two-faced position on #Obamacare.

You’d think that politicians would learn not to say one thing in public, and another in (presumed) private…

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The Drums of War Beat For ISIS but is Obama Ready?

As more and more have come out to raise the alarm on ISIS, news has come that the Obama Administration wants new ISIS war plans, which may include operations in Syria, as soon as possible. According to the Daily Beast, “President Obama wants to decide by the end of the week whether or not his war in Iraq against the Islamic State will expand to | Read More »








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