Los Angeles labor unions demand exemption from minimum wage

Los Angeles labor unions demand exemption from minimum wage

Chutzpah. Labor leaders, who were among the strongest supporters of the citywide minimum wage increase approved last week by the Los Angeles City Council, are advocating last-minute changes to the ...

Former CIA Director on Benghazi: What difference at this point does it make?

Former CIA Director, the nonpartisan former chief of the nonpartisan CIA, Mike Morrell has taken to the nonpartisan POLITICO to snivel about the emails Benghazi emails being released by Judicial Watch. The results are so pathetic that one gets the feeling that Morrell, himself, is laughing as he writes it. He calls his effort Debunking the Benghazi Myth. The obvious flaw in Morrell’s piece is that | Read More »

Fifth Circuit Upholds Injunction Against Obama’s Executive Amnesty

A three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit today issued a split decision upholding the Texas judge’s injunction preventing Obama’s executive amnesty program from moving forward. The opinion itself upheld the injunction on fairly arcane (to non-lawyers) legal and procedural grounds; i.e., it did not decide or offer an opinion as to whether the Obama Administrations program was likely unlawful or not. Rather, it invalidated the | Read More »

Amnesty International: Hamas Committing War Crimes against Gazans

The radical anti-Israel brigades in the United States always want to talk about purported war crimes the country is committing against Palestinians, but they never seem to want to talk about what the Palestinians do to their own. In the West Bank and Gaza, Hamas is more than happy to brutally oppress Palestinians and let the Israelis take the blame. However, Amnesty International has done | Read More »

How Washington Is Betraying Millennials

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by Jared Meyer, author of Disinherited: How Washington Is Betraying America’s Young. We’ll talk about the economic condition millennials face, how Washington has hindered America’s youth and what the American Dream looks like for this generation.

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Yet Another Terrible Idea: States Consider Combining Their Failed ObamaCare Exchanges

ObamaCare is an unmitigated disaster. A total, miserable failure. Everything President Barack Obama and his Democrats promised it would do? Obama Promises ObamaCare Won’t Add ‘One Dime To The Deficit’ 36 Times Obama Said You Could Keep Your Health Care Plan Obama Montage: If You Like Your Doctor You Can Keep Your Doctor Obama Promises To Lower Health Insurance Premiums by $2,500 Per Year Obama: | Read More »

The Ascension of Emma Sulkowicz

Sacrificed To Create Mattress Girl. Sometimes getting what you want requires you to grind another person’s name into the dirt. Emma Sulkowicz wanted her fifteen minutes of fame. She wanted to join the Post-modern Pantheon of the Symbolically Oppressed (PPSO). She did so as “Mattress Girl” – avatar of the rape victim. In order to do so, she needed a scapegoat. | Read More »

What is in a picture?

What we think is unusual or touching says a lot about us as a society. Sometimes the item of attention must be taken in context to fully appreciate it. A few weeks ago, the media were abuzz with the obviously mentally unbalanced Bruce Jenner’s journey from man to mutilated-man. In a previous, more rational era, Jenner would have found gainful employment in carnival sideshow and | Read More »

The Beginning of a New Trail for Reporters

A political consultant, earlier this year, told me where she thought the beginning of the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President would begin. She spoke of it matter of factly. She said that on more than one occasion, as a company had business before a foreign government, President Clinton would take a trip to that country, get a meeting with the leader of that | Read More »

Hillary Clinton and the Merchants of Death.

Hillary Clinton did quite well out of overseeing the doubling of arms sales to the Middle East. Allegedly.

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