Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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France offers Asylum to Iraqi Christians while Obama Turns his Back on Them

France offers Asylum to Iraqi Christians while Obama Turns his Back on Them

Providing us with yet more evidence that leadership in addressing humanitarian crises across has passed to Western European powers, France has offered asylum to Iraqi Christians fleeing persecution from the ...

Greg Sargent’s Own Goal Worse than Previously Believed

Yesterday I jotted off a quick post about Greg Sargent’s “bombshell” evidence that supposedly disproved the Halbig Plaintiffs’ entire argument, but actually proved it conclusively. At the end of that post I predicted that Sargent’s evidence would be much more likely to be cited by the Plaintiffs (the side he opposes) than the Defendants (the side he favors). Turns out, Patterico did some digging late last | Read More »

Democrats Have a Losing, Anti-Energy Agenda

With only a few months until the midterm elections, the issues that matter most to the American people are jobs and the economy. Unfortunately, President Obama and Democrats are committed to energy policies that hurt economic growth and keep more people from finding work. When it comes to energy, the President and Democrats are running in the wrong direction. Instead of working to create jobs | Read More »

How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by Jason Riley to discuss his new book, how government entitlement programs hold blacks back and how higher marriage rates could help the African-American community.

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Alison Grimes: boy, I just love that Iron Dome underground defense system!

Look, I’m not telling you to love Mitch McConnell; but this was a really stupid thing for Alison Grimes to say.

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Hey Allison Grimes: Iron Dome Does Not Stop Tunnels

They were hoping for the second coming of the “Year of the (Democrat) Woman,” but instead it is more the year of the consultant crafted lump of candidate. First, media darling Michelle Nunn of Georgia gets caught with a campaign memo telling her to find a position on Israel, which is listed as “TBD”, in order to raise money from Jews. Now, Allison Grimes of | Read More »

What marriage conserves

Damon Linker has an interesting article at The Week in which he makes the case that the Culture Wars are really all about sex, and while he identifies himself as in tune with the new understanding of sexual morality, he urges respectful contemplation of traditional beliefs.  In essence, he’s saying that maybe those traditions endured through centuries – right up through the late Two Thousands – because | Read More »

Netroots Nation claims big win in Detroit

n Tuesday, July 29, 2014 Netroots Nation declared a big win in Detroit in an email statement titled, “Victory in Detroit on the Water Crisis!” You may recall that almost two weeks ago The Left-wing Liberal Netroots Nation, or ”Nutroots,” as Senator Hatch christened them in 2007, protested for water to be a human right. So is water now a free human right in Detroit? No, despite the hype of the Nutroots’ | Read More »

House Republicans Set to Create Massive New Government Entitlement Program

It could be as big as Medicare Part D. It is being rushed quickly to a vote so congressmen can then flee Washington and claim they’ve done something to fix the VA situation. It does nothing to fix the VA situation. Did I mention it could be as big as Medicare Part D and will be a new massive entitlement program? This is how House | Read More »’s Ezra Klein Stumbles Bass-Ackward Into a Cogent Point

From Ezra Klein of (“Everything you need to know in two minutes, using two brain cells”) comes an analytically-challenged piece with an awkward title: A stunning graph on how money polarizes politics Now, I suppose that what young Ezra is getting at is that there is a large moderate slice of the population that doesn’t donate much money to political causes (as shown in | Read More »







  • Knesset Member Says Obama Treated Netanyahu Like 'Leader Of The Taliban' #tcot #rsrh
  • #rsrh Fox News Poll: 57% would tell Obama to go away if they were Democratic candidates.:
  • #rsrh I'd like to note for the record that Jesse Ventura is neither a Republican nor a Democrat.:
  • #rsrh Quote of the Day, The Palestinian Effect edition.:
  • President Obama’s competence problem is worse than it looks. And it looks pretty bad. #RSRH
  • #rsrh Bad timing: Hillary Clinton book bragged about Hamas/Israeli ceasefire.:
  • Oh, no! Ray Nagin's personal tumblr site hacked! #rsrh
  • #rsrh No Labels (remember them?) quietly starting to suck up to the GOP.:
  • #rsrh Quote of the day, "a brooding and pervasive devotion to the secular" edition.:
  • If a GOPer did this we'd be hearing about how it proves GOP is bad at tech. #rsrh #ConfirmationBias
  • #rsrh Hillary Clinton shows the anti-Bush Left the Hawaiian Good-Luck Symbol.:
  • #rsrh Tel Aviv antiwar rally prematurely ended by resumption of Hamas rocket attacks.:
  • Republicans Odds of reclaiming control of the U.S. Senate now 60 percent. #RSRH
  • #rsrh 100 days to go until the election...:
  • #rsrh *Delegate* Eleanor Holmes Norton hates transparency in government.:
  • #rsrh I can't decide on how the GOP should react to Democrats' desperate begging for impeachment.:
  • #rsrh Bruce Braley is, ah, 're-configuring' his campaign staff.:
  • #rsrh Pew: Democrats have a problem with under-$50K voters.:
  • @EdTimms1 @KevinRKrause Name That Party: Corrupt Dallas Politician Edition | RedState #rsrh
  • So, looking more and more like illegal coordination by the Cochran camp. #rsrh
  • Kerry defies FAA ban, flies into Tel Aviv's Ben-Gurion Airport. #RSRH


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