Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Montana Senator John Walsh used plagiarism to get promoted

Montana Senator John Walsh used plagiarism to get promoted

The Democrats knew retaining Max Baucus’s Senate seat was going to be a challenge. In an attempt to hold onto that seat, Max Baucus was convinced to retire from the ...

Tech at Night: The LOCAL TV Act needs retooling

Tech at Night

Well here’s an interesting development. Deb Fischer is no Ted Cruz but Heritage Action does have her slightly above average for a Republican Senator. So it caught my eye to see that she’s working with Cory Booker on the LOCAL TV Act, which would direct the FCC to study how it divides up the country into “Designated Market Areas” (DMAs) to see how some areas might be poorly served by that.

Then I saw the intent, and I think it needs some work.

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It Appears a New York Times Writer Wants Orthodox Christian and Islamic Views Stamped Out. “Ruthlessly.”

Who will rid Josh Barro of these turbulent priests? Barro is a writer at the New York Times. He has taken to twitter to proclaim that “anti-LGBT attitudes are terrible” and “we need to stamp them out, ruthlessly.” Barro supports gay marriage, etc. The BLT&G[insert preferred letters here] ideas of picking your gender, same sex marriage, etc. are incompatible with Christianity, Islam, and more. In | Read More »

See Ya Later, I’m Voting Vader

So you’re tired of the hypocrites and the 3rd party types that flame out. I could empathize. I endorsed Rick Santorum on what I believed to be his comparative merits in 2012. I cried in my pitcher Newcastle Brown when SMOD burned up somewhere above the Tropopause. For those of you with too much hair on yer chest to ever vote for the lesser evil, | Read More »

The Watercooler ~ Evening Open Thread

I made it pretty clear when I agreed to do these Watercooler open threads that I would publish a variety of diaries along the way. Anyone who has followed me for any length of time knows that I have a less serious side to my writing that I resort to quite often. That means that I am subject to break out in biblical prose, publish | Read More »

Did Obama help Hamas score a “great victory” at Ben Gurion Airport?

After American authorities canceled flights to Israel’s Ben Gurion airport, the rest of the West quickly followed suit.  ”The success of Hamas in closing Israeli airspace is a great victory for the resistance, and is the crown of Israel’s failure,” crowed a spokesman for the terrorist gang. The single Palestinian rocket that prompted this action didn’t actually hit the Tel Aviv airport.  The New York | Read More »

Export-Import Bank crony capitalism kills American jobs

Even though the US Export-Import Bank is in grave political trouble, many political heavyweights are heavily invested in its success. The reason is obvious. The Export-Import Bank represents the worst aspects of crony capitalism and some of its largest benefactors are also major political donors. The US Chamber of Commerce, a firm ally of such loci of corruption as Thad Cochran and Mitch McConnell is | Read More »

Reminder: The Chamber of Commerce is an Ideological and Political Enemy to Conservatives

The Chamber of Commerce has long been thought to be an ally of the GOP, by and large. They have made it clear during the course of the current fight for the soul of the GOP, however, that they are mostly an ally of crony capitalism and corporate welfare and those who enable it, and committed opponents of grassroots conservatives. The Chamber of Commerce pumped | Read More »

Andrew Cuomo staffers implicated in stonewalling New York corruption commission.

And here I thought that it was Andrew Cuomo’s *moral* peccadilloes that were going to scupper his future Presidential bid.

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Three Questions for Hamas Terrorist Apologists

Over the last few weeks, Hamas terrorists have renewed their terrorist tactics against Israeli civilians, firing thousands of rockets into the civilian population and even using secret tunnels in an attempt to invade and unleash deadly terrorist attacks in Israel itself.

As this conflict erupted, Hamas terrorist apologists have come out of the woodwork, some Anti-Semitic as we have seen in violent protests in Europe and some woefully naïve, manipulated by less than accurate and honest media coverage or the lack thereof.

Most of us who understand Israel is under attack and has a right to defend itself as a nation have run into these Hamas apologists among acquaintances or on social media. Here are three simple questions you can pose to cut through the disinformation.

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