Bob Corker wins Oscar in Failure Theater

Bob Corker wins Oscar in Failure Theater

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker continues to amaze with his virtuosity at Failure Theater. Just to review the bidding: Bob Corker arranged to strip the Senate of its 'advise and consent' authority given ...

The New York Times Celebrates Its Declaration of Surrender

The New York Times has published their own ode to Independence Day—a Declaration of Surrender to Islamic terror—while freely offending a billion Catholics who don’t shoot journalists for publishing offensive art. Roundly criticized for publishing a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made entirely of 17,000 colored (non-lubricated) condoms after refusing to publish the cartoon from the cover of Charlie Hebdo last January, the Times standards editor Philip B. | Read More »

Republicans must use Donald Trump to move the ball forward

Donald Trump isn’t a serious candidate for President. Sure, he has the notoriety and the money to prop himself up and pretend to be a credible candidate, much as Ross Perot bought his way to a lot of noise but no electoral votes. But the only reason people pay attention is to enjoy the spectacle. He’s not a serious competitor. The worst thing for any | Read More »

The Cozy Community of Oppression

In these post-Supreme Court ruling days, there has been an extreme amount of praise for the wonder and power of judicial decision. Winning sides, whomever they may be, usually gush over those who ruled in their favor. Despite the outcome announced on June 26, ushering in a “new era” for the gay community, plenty among their ranks seem to view the legal ruling as bittersweet. | Read More »

Always Play On Offense

Rush Limbaugh often says it. It is a maxim to remember. Always play on offense. I hope Donald Trump takes that to heart. In the past week, the political press that already hates the GOP and thinks all Republicans are racist have used Donald Trump’s comments to go on the attack. Additionally, it has allowed NBC and Macy’s to sever ties to Trump that would | Read More »

Bernie Sanders pulls in 10K for his “I’m not Hillary Clinton!” rally.

Bernie Sanders must be giving Hillary Clinton fits. Or epileptic seizures.

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Polygamy is here.

Now that a small group of people have succeeded in trashing several millenia of human culture for the sake of satisfying their libidos and egos, a curious civil war has broken out. It it between those who actually believe in “marriage equality” (and to grasp this concept you really have to buy into the old time progressive mantra of “all cultures are equal”), that is, | Read More »

A Speech to Win The GOP Nomination

The Republican Candidates in 2016. “The Crown of France Was Lying In The Gutter. I Just Leaned Over and Picked It Up.” – Napoleon Bonaparte Is there an actual Conservative left in America? Does anyone in the herd trolling for the 2016 GOP Nomination actually want to stand up against post-modern American Progressivism? Will someone, anyone stand up to the Paris | Read More »

Yes, I Am One of the Pod People

Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance: the five stages of grief.  As a Christian, I’ve gone through these over the last few years, and now I’ve arrived at acceptance. I denied that God could remove His hand from our blessed country, America; that divorce among Christians was just as prevalent as the non-religious.  I denied that our youth were ever more questioning Christian teaching and doctrine, and | Read More »

The History and Importance of Independence Day

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by David Pietrusza. We’ll talk about the early celebrations of Independence Day, how the holiday has changed over the years, and why we shouldn’t erase our nation’s history.

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