Former CIA Agent Busted For Passing Secrets To China


Trump implied he had tapes of his and James Comey’s conversations and the hilarious narrative making the rounds is he did it on purpose. The only people buying that line are sycophants and reflexive defenders who do so because Democrats suck and the media is terrible. Trump isn’t that clever. He’s impulsive, impetuous and has thinner skin than his predecessor. That people take the result | Read More »

FILE - In this July 17, 2016 file photo, Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort talks to reporters on the floor of the Republican National Convention at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland as Rick Gates listens at back left. Emails obtained by The Associated Press shed new light on the activities of a firm run by Donald Trump’s campaign chairman. They show it directly orchestrated a covert Washington lobbying operation on behalf of Ukraine’s ruling political party, attempting to sway American public opinion in favor of the country’s pro-Russian government. Manafort and his deputy, Rick Gates, never disclosed their work as foreign agents as required under federal law. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Manafort can’t even keep corruption out of his family.

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