Thomas Piketty, Wealth Inequality and Cargo Cult Economics

Thomas Piketty, Wealth Inequality and Cargo Cult Economics

Economics is much more akin climatology than to real science. It is larded with theories that are simply not falsifiable, it relies on complex models that can work backwards from ...

This is a sockdolager of a campaign ad from Dr. Monica Wehby (R CAND, Oregon[*]-SEN).

his is, in fact, a hammer of a campaign ad:

Taxpayers Paying Planned Parenthood to Promote Pro-Abortion ObamaCare

Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, is being paid (by your tax dollars) to enroll people in ObamaCare.

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The Simple Truth of Tax Policy

One of the ephemeral trends in Washington policy circles these days is for members of Congress to craft their own draft plans for tax reforms in anticipation of a wholesale reform effort in the coming years.  It’s good that members are discussing reforming our antiquated and anti-growth tax code.  However, conservative members must not fall into the trap of adopting some anti-conservative premises when crafting | Read More »

Vincent Sheheen: The Molester’s Lawyer

Isiah Outten supplied drugs and beer to two underage girls. He engaged in sexual acts with one of the girls. For this he was arrested, pled guilty, and was sentenced to ten years in prison. Mr. Outten hired Vincent Sheheen, who negotiated down Outten’s term to 38 days. Outten was arrested 13 more times, including twice for being in hotel rooms with alcohol and underage | Read More »

Congress Should Investigate UAW’s Neutrality Agreement & Works Council Scam At VW

On Monday, with their Southern Strategy in peril after their devastating defeat at Volkswagen in Chattanooga, United Auto Workers bosses abruptly abandoned their attempt at creating a media circus by withdrawing their absurd election objections with the National Labor Relations Board. A short time after the UAW’s failure to appear at the NLRB (leaving some pro-UAW supporters rather dumbfounded), the NLRB certified the election that | Read More »

Merchants of Despair

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by Robert Zubrin to discuss his new book Merchants of Despair, eugenics and the Left’s battle against affordable energy.

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The Watercooler ~ An Open Thread

With so much change and upheaval going on in America, sometimes we need to pause and give ourselves and our side of the political battle credit where it is due. I mean, especially those of us who frequent RedState. We are activists after all, and we cannot be expected to labor endlessly without seeing tangible results. For me, that includes gloating just a little over | Read More »

Hillary Clinton Will Be Old By 2016

It should not even be a debate. Yesterday, filling in for Rush Limbaugh, I noted that Hillary Clinton will be old by 2016. She will, in fact, be 69. We are not talking about tortoises here or redwood trees. Sixty-nine is no longer middle age. It is just a fact. John McCain ran for President when he was 72 years old. Were Clinton elected in | Read More »

Thomas Piketty, Jedediah Purdy And The Leftist Ethic of Resentfulness

We need a foundation of political equality and social guarantees: education, personal security, health care for those who need it, and the expectation of a fair retirement. Jedediah Purdy, The Daily Beast The quote above gives you the typical entitled attitude of the Modern Leftist. They need everything. Human life didn’t really exist on Earth before these things were all available. The world is really | Read More »