The White House and their false claims of deficit busting, in one handy picture.

The White House and their false claims of deficit busting, in one handy picture.

Short version: use this image against would-be Democratic deficit busters. Longer version: the White House is trying to have its own facts, again. At issue is their recent attempt to ...

No such thing as “political correctness?” Ask Goldonna, Louisiana.

Chances are you’ve never heard of Goldonna, Louisiana. Chances are you might not be able to pronounce the name of the Louisiana parish it’s in. But you can almost certainly believe they’ve felt the sting of political correctness in recent weeks. GOLDONNA –The recent 10-day suspension of a Natchitoches Parish school principal because of a student-led prayer during a Christmas program was the catalyst for | Read More »

Who Will Pay The Price? Union Strikes 9 of 65 refineries, others on 24-hour extensions

The United Steelworkers made partially good on their strike threat earlier Sunday morning as negotiations between management and the union failed to produce a new contract. The union called a strike at nine of the 65 fuel-making plants the union represents and stated the other 56 refineries are on a “rolling 24-hour extension”—meaning the union could call them out on strike at any time. In | Read More »

The White House is Preparing for the Obamacare Tax

Over the past few weeks, I’ve already covered the troubles people could face with the upcoming Obamacare tax if they don’t register for health insurance by February 15th. Obviously, the White House is aware of this, and they understand well just how angry the upcoming tax could make people. The Obama administration’s solution? Dole out more exemptions! From the New York Times: Obama administration officials and | Read More »

Let me FIFY, National Journal: “Why Don’t White DEMOCRATS Elect Minority Reps to Congress?”

*My* party isn’t the one with the problem when it comes to convincing white voters to vote for minority candidates with shared values.

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Spain’s Radical Left is on the Rise, too.

By now we are all aware of Syriza’s win in the Greek elections last week. In the postmortem analyses, more than a few observers have wondered if the radical Left’s success in Greece will embolden similar parties in other European nations. Now, it looks like we’re starting to get our answer. In Spain, who probably has the worst economic and fiscal situation in Europe outside | Read More »

Tech at Saturday Afternoon: FCC redefines broadband, making the distinction pointless

So it’s official: FCC is completely detached from reality and declaring that if you don’t have 25 MBit/s download speeds, you might as well have dial up because you don’t have “broadband Internet.” Remember, this is a speed Netflix says is only required for ‘Super HD video’, so even speeds sufficient for ordinary HD Netflix streaming are no longer deemed ‘broadband’ by FCC. This means | Read More »

The Democrats have apparently decided to spot us NY-11.


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Obama’s Government Takeover of WiFi

At every turn, it seems like the Obama administration has found a new way to insert itself into our everyday lives. And, the administration’s most recent encroachment could impact our quality for years to come. The rapid technological improvements we’ve seen over the last few decades could slow or even stop if the administration and its band of cronies have their way. The prevalence of | Read More »

Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord (D) abruptly resigns, plea-bargains.

PA treasurer Rob McCord (D) will be resigning and pleading out.

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