VIDEO: Obama is a Foreign Policy Failure

VIDEO: Obama is a Foreign Policy Failure

It’s hard to look around at the world today and feel as though we’re safer than we were before President Obama took office. Yet, this is exactly what he promised ...

Germany expels CIA station chief in spy scandal

Yesterday the German government announced that it was expelling the presumed US CIA station chief because of US espionage activities directed against the German government. Germany has expelled the CIA’s station chief in Berlin in a dramatic rebuke to Washington after its security services uncovered two cases of alleged American spying in a week. The American intelligence official was asked to leave the country in | Read More »

Barack Obama opines on border crisis… nowhere near where the border crisis actually is.

I do not think that Barack Obama is taking this situation seriously enough.

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Michelle Obama Misses The Mark on Education (Again)

Recently Michelle Obama spoke at the American School Counselor Association’s annual conference and, once again, the First Lady missed the mark on education. Instead of focusing on building a solid foundation, Obama rolled out new initiatives that seek to bolster college attendance rates while managing to have no focus on students. The initiatives, which fall under the First Lady’s goal of getting students to “reach | Read More »

Veterans Formally Demand Hillary Clinton Answer For Benghazi

Veterans for a Strong America (VSA) has formally notified the Department of State they are seeking all of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s agency and home (personal) landline, mobile phone and email records, including information on any “alias” accounts, for the 36 hour timeframe surrounding the Benghazi terror attacks.

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The Hidden Costs of Obamacare

Obamacare is a tax that is costly to businesses and individuals in a lot of obvious ways. Many of those, though – the penalties, the fees, the increased costs of coverage, the loss of doctors and health plans – have already been covered ad nauseam. One aspect of the law’s cost to the American economy that has received comparatively little attention has been the compliance costs | Read More »

The Further Weaponization of the United States Government

Since at least before the 2012 re-election, and unbeknownst to Americans until fairly recently, the administration that currently runs the White House has been weaponizing various government agencies at a rate never before seen in U.S. history. The Internal Revenue Service was used to silence conservative groups. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was used to force social change, despite receiving zero complaints prior. I | Read More »

Chris McDaniel’s Compelling Conservatism

**Promoted from the diaries – Aaron**   Growing up in Chris McDaniel’s home county of Jones, I personally know many of the ordinary people, my family included, that voted him into his state senate seat, and then spent countless hours volunteering for his US Senate campaign. They see McDaniel as a fighter on their behalf, someone who will not bow to political convention, and someone who stands for fiscal sanity | Read More »

The war on religious faith continues

There probably hasn’t been a Supreme Court decision since Bush v. Gore, and definitely since Citizens United, that has been as maligned and mischaracterized as the Hobby Lobby case. Those opposing the decision are crying Armageddon! as though the proverbial gerbil of Religious Freedom was seeking a source light in the alimentary canal of the secular left. In the immediate aftermath of Hobby Lobby, the | Read More »

Matt Lewis on the Mess in Mississippi

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Matt Lewis to discuss the messy GOP primary battle in Mississippi, how changes at the RNC may impact the selection of a 2016 nominee and if the Democrats need to look beyond a Clinton as their pick for President.

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