FAIR and NumbersUSA: Fronts for the Extreme Green Left

FAIR and NumbersUSA: Fronts for the Extreme Green Left

Conservatives have great reasons to be active in the ongoing politics involving illegal immigration. We already tried an amnesty under Ronald Reagan, and it didn’t help. Now we’re being asked ...

EPA’s new superpower: Wage garnishment without due process

The same EPA that brought you Climate Change Gone Wild, Felonious Follies, and the classic Poops In The Hall, now offers a convenient automatic payment option: wage garnishment without a court order. That’s right, they can accuse you, cite you, fine you, and collect, all without the muss and fuss of Due Process Under Law.

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Neither Charles Blow nor President Obama Knows How to Take Responsibility

I have said for many years that there is literally nothing that Obama could do that would not earn either a defense or outright praise from New York Times Parody Columnist Charles Blow. The latest example of Blow’s inimitable lickspittlery purports to be an indignant response to John Boehner’s facially obvious assertion that Barack Obama refuses to take responsibility for anything. Blow claims, in his | Read More »

Homosexuality, incest, and the death of sexual taboos

An Australian judge is currently being criticized for what many social conservatives would call a statement of the obvious. Judge Garry Nielson was presiding in a locally notorious trial involving rape and incest. There is a lot to criticize in Judge Neilson’s findings, at least to American eyes, but what has him in trouble — and could cost him his job — is not his | Read More »

Marita Noon: You cannot rewrite laws to achieve your political agenda

The UARG v. EPA decision is especially important when added to the more widely known Hobby Lobby and NLRB cases–the Court makes clear that an agency cannot rewrite the law to advance its political goals.

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Tim Cook’s Apple

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the death of a maestro, the government bond racket and Tim Cook’s Apple.

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Bruce Braley’s (D-CAND, Iowa-SEN) Fowl Play: legal threats against special ed therapist neighbor.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Because Bruce Braley has a restraining order out on it.

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The Watercooler ~ Advantages of Being a Low-info Voter: A Before and After Critique

There have been several times in my life when earth-shattering, foundation-shaking events have caused me to reassess everything I do and believe. While on one hand, they are exhilarating experiences because they seem to open up a whole new world of knowledge previously unknown to me, on the other hand, I can no longer act with impunity nor feign ignorance as an excuse for doing | Read More »

Mark Begich’s Feeble Attempt to Run Away From (and Against) President Obama

Predictably, Mark Begich (D-AK) is attempting to run away from, and even against, President Obama, who was never particularly popular in Alaska on his best day and is performing especially poorly now. Begich is so desperate to create space from Obama that he is attempting to create the impression that he is not just different from Obama; he is actively opposed to Obama. BARROW, Alaska | Read More »

Iranian nuclear negotiations on the verge of failure

On July 20, Iran and the United States reach a self-imposed deadline for reining in Iran’s nuclear weapons program. With the Vienna negotiations over Iran’s nuclear activities making halting progress at best and a deadline looming, the Obama administration announced Thursday that Secretary of State John Kerry would fly here this weekend to assess whether a deal is possible — and perhaps to begin negotiating an extension in | Read More »







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