Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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Nothing says respect like a smart salute

Nothing says respect like a smart salute

From Army Field Manual 7-21.13, The Soldier’s Guide: 4-7. The salute is not simply an honor exchanged. It is a privileged gesture of respect and trust among soldiers. Remember the ...

Philip Bump Just Wrote One of the Stupidest Pieces Ever in the Washington Post

Hey, did you know that if you are not clocked in at the office you are not working, even if you are sitting at home on your laptop cranking away on a report? That is the essence of this ridiculously stupid piece from Philip Bump at the Washington Post. Bump is apparently the new court jester of conventional wisdom over at The Fix. According to | Read More »

2012: Joe Biden slams Mitt Romney for… being right about Iraq, Syria, and Russia.

I honestly and truly do not like to tell people that the best thing that they can do for the Republic is not to vote. But… …if Joe Biden’s argument here swayed you – if the thought that Mitt Romney, if elected, would try to: Reverse our withdrawal of troops from Iraq (there’s a heck of a lot of people in ISIS-held territory that wish we | Read More »

How the Worm Crawls Into the Apple

You can put a fork in Silicon Valley. They are done. Jesse “King of Beers” Jackson has his talons in their tills and they have maybe, at best, 10 more years in which they will be a positive and innovative source of American technological advance. He informs us that ”Hi-tech giants have a moral and economic duty to promote inclusivity in their workforces” Apple CEO | Read More »

Inconvenient baby killed for mother’s right to choose, but gets a bad poem in its honor

For most of the time since Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were decided, even pro-abort liberals were of the opinion that abortion was a last resort. This culminated in Clinton’s famous promise to keep abortion “safe, legal, and rare.” That consensus is evaporating as pro-life forces are winning significant victories within the corrupt legal structure laid out in Roe v. Wade. With each | Read More »

Rm. 478: How the City of Brotherly Love is Stealing Their Citizens’ Property

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by CJ Ciaramella to discuss the abusive civil forfeiture process in Philadelphia, innocent victims whose property was seized and how the abusive actions benefit the DA and police.

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@joshledermanAP swoons over Obama’s airstrikes

Last night the United States and the Coalition of the Useless launched the first round of airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria. It was a predominantly American affair but a handful of Arab states tagged along as window dressing: The attack was carried out using a mixture of warplanes dropping bombs, remotely piloted aircraft and ships firing cruise missiles. Aircraft from several Arab states took | Read More »

Lois Lerner Isn’t Lying

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Lerner said in her first press interview since the scandal broke 16 months ago. “I’m proud of my career and the job I did for this country.”HT:Politico So Politico is as Politico does. If Attila the Hun wore the D Jersey; they’d be praising his leadership secrets. Never mind a few negative externalities that primarily concentrated in Red States. We | Read More »

I Teach Gender Roles To My Kids and I’m Good With That

Boys are not innately gifted with the knowledge not to hit girls. Practically everything that we consider to be civil behavior is learned. The womb and DNA only go so far, and the rest is gained through careful observation and imitation.

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Democrats Say What’s Good for the Nation is Terrible for Georgia

When the unemployment rate has gone up nationally, Democrats have relied on one major explanation. So many people dropped out of the workforce that, once the job market started growing, the people who came back in to search for jobs were reclassified as unemployed. We have, in fact, seen this pattern nationwide. People drop out of the workforce and are no longer considered unemployed. It | Read More »







  • #rsrh Yeah, I wasn't happy to be right about the White House security zone thing.:
  • #rsrh 12 Warthogs quietly sent back to Middle East.:
  • Harry Potter Star Lectures All The Wrong People About Feminism | Truth Revolt: via @LarryOConnor #rsrh
  • #rsrh "Joe Biden 2012: If Romney Wins, We’ll Go To War In Syria." - And it's worse than it looks.:
  • #rsrh Democrats putting down down payment on Greg Orman in Kansas-SEN race.:
  • KENNEDY SMASH: Green Giant Sees Red Over Carbon Footprint Hypocrisy | Truth Revolt: #rsrh
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, And Cory Gardner Breathes A Sigh Of Relief edition.:
  • #rsrh Yet MORE plagiarism from Mary Burke (D CAND, Wisconsin-GOV).:
  • GOP pushes voters to the polls via the “Voter to Voter” Facebook app. #RSRH
  • #rsrh 'Can't put a happy face on this, Moe.' ...Gee, *I* can.:
  • #rsrh So apparently the Activist Left did one of their patented pointless marches today.:
  • #rsrh If a Republican had done this the Maine election would now be over. We MUST start doing as we are done by.
  • #rsrh Left-wing lunatic threw Molotov cocktail through a black Congressman's office window on 9-11.:
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, Gah Mih Joe Biden Opens His Mouth Gah Bob Packwood I Don't Even edition.:
  • #rsrh I just finished (in one sitting) "How to Fight Presidents...":
  • “Extractivism” is a “Heinous Moral Crime”. #rsrh
  • MT @Mark_J_Perry: The Most Amazing Graph Of North Dakota Incomes You'll See All Day #rsrh
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, Well I'm Glad That THIS Clears It All Up edition.:
  • All 2016 GOP presidential candidates back fetal pain ban – except Chris Christie. #RSRH
  • Analysts now see Democrats keeping Senate. Can't belittle your base and expect to win. #RSRH


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