Let’s Not Impeach Obama

Let's Not Impeach Obama

“So Sue Me!” Taunts His Most Grandiloquent Emperor of The Sand-Trap. If Barack Obama can’t do anything intelligent to better the American Nation’s commonweal, then perhaps John Boehner can distract ...

America, This Is What an Obama Administration IRS Cover-Up Looks Like

Less than two week after learning of the IG’s report alleging that the IRS targeted conservatives and one month before she “apologized,” Lois Lerner was covering her tracks at the IRS.

“Congress has asked for emails … so we need to be cautious about what we say in emails.”

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Barack Obama is messing up by the numbers when it comes to the border crisis.

The White House is making a very bad mistake when it comes to their attitude towards the border, as witnessed by this interview snippet featuring DEMOCRATIC Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas. Background is, somebody from the White House called to complain to Cuellar about his call for the White House to do more about the current border crisis. “Who called you?” [Fox & Friends] host | Read More »

Senate Democrats Propose Bill to Gut Religious Liberty After Hobby Lobby Decision

Despite what the Obama Administration and mainstream media have tried to spin, the Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court was about religious liberty.

Senate Democrats outraged by the result of that decision are taking the only step available to them to reverse the decision, gut religious liberty.

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John Boehner is Right on Impeachment

I maintain that John Boehner’s lawsuit against the President is a political stunt. There may be some plausible legal grounds to get the suit into court, but even if successful President Obama will be out of office before such a suit is finally resolved. It’s a political stunt wasting taxpayer dollars. I maintain that the House Republicans should be more interested in doing what is | Read More »

The stress of citizenship

I once worked for a company that put its employees through one of those lengthy performance evaluations that included psych-test essay questions, such as “How do you define ‘stress,’ and how could you reduce the amount of stress in your workday?”  I was young and new to such evaluations, so I’d never really thought much about “stress” before.  I was convinced it had nothing to | Read More »

Harry Reid deracinates Clarence Thomas.

I’m telling you: Harry Reid was hit one too many times in the noggin without suitable head protection.

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Your W, T, and F of the Day Brought to You by Jen Psaki and the US Department of State

The State Department’s spokesman, Jen Psaki, was asked about Hamas’s role in the unity government within the Palestinian territory. QUESTION: Well, what about the – what about Palestinian President Abbas sending a strong message to Hamas? I mean, you are recognizing his government, of which Hamas is a part. I mean, doesn’t he bear some responsibility for reining in Hamas? MS. PSAKI: We don’t recognize | Read More »

The Left is using racist slurs about Barack Obama again.

I imagine it must be horrid, to define yourself by what you hate.

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Republican Fantasy Fan Porn vs. Democrat Fantasy Fan Porn

There is a dark undercurrent in the Harry Potter world. Abnormal and obsessed fans generate fan pornography based on the fantasized love interests in Harry Potter. Yes, be as disturbed as I was to learn this. But Washington politicos do the same. Not a day goes by without some left leaning reporter trotting out new theories about how Hillary Clinton will lead neocons and moderate | Read More »