Now Saudi Arabia wants Nukes

Now Saudi Arabia wants Nukes

Now that the Obama administration has caved to the Iranians and given the Mullahs exactly the kind of deal they’d want, it’s safe to say that the Middle East has ...

Pro-Life Ohioans to a Point

  From the diaries… Discussions regarding fetal personhood are unfortunately never-ending. In some minds, questions persist on life’s beginnings, what ‘quality of life’ is acceptable, and what crimes should unquestionably be “rectified” through (a second crime of) abortion. Recent legislation in the Ohio House of Representatives is focusing on specific restrictions on abortions which, surprisingly, not all pro-lifers support. On Wednesday, the Ohio House of | Read More »

Chris Christie signs bill to screw consumers and preserve a monopoly

We haven’t heard much from Chris Christie or about his presidential aspirations and that is just as well. Christie may very well be the most conservative governor we can elect in New Jersey but his governance is simply a shade more conservative that what you’d expect from a Democrat. New Jersey has some of the most Draconian gun laws in the nation. Merely transporting a | Read More »

Bernie Sanders’s wife involved in real estate scam?

Socialism, as they say, works until you run out of other people’s money. That appears to have happened to Jane Sanders, the wife of Vermont Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. The story is banal. A woman who has her job because of her husband’s clout finagles a credulous state agency into accepting bogus financial documents. Real estate is purchased. The fraud is discovered. The wife of | Read More »

No allies are safe from the manchild president

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about the petulant manchild president whose administration declassified a report detailing quite a bit about Israel’s nuclear program, which does nothing but validate the paranoid, extremist views against Israel in the Middle East. Earlier today, my colleague streiff wrote about the U.S. basically caving to Iran on its demands for a deal. Simultaneously, the Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo has | Read More »

The Iran Nuke Negotiations and Our Changing Relationship with Israel

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by David Harsanyi to discuss the Iran nuke negotiations, our changing relationship with Israel and who is to blame for a Middle East in turmoil.

Read More »

Obama surrenders to Iran

As I predicted back in January, the Obama administration is proceeding full speed toward a complete and abject surrender to Iran on the issue of nuclear weapons. Though the administration is touting an imminent breakthrough in negotiations, that breakthrough seems to consist of the United States abandoning its previous negotiating position and tossing some of its allies under the bus. Talks over Iran’s nuclear program | Read More »

Holding Leviathan by the Tail: A Story of Republicans and Same-Sex “Marriage”

How do people who claim to fear Leviathan think you can put a tether on him just one more time and then drop him back in the sea? This is a question that should, but apparently does not, occur to the signatories of a now-infamous amicus curiae brief submitted to the Supreme Court. Hundreds of nominally-conservative or –libertarian political consultants, campaign buffoons, and political activists | Read More »

Harry Reid won’t seek re-election

This is probably wise on the part of the apparently recently-turned-blues-musician. WASHINGTON — Senator Harry Reid, the tough tactician who has led Senate Democrats since 2005, will not seek re-election next year, bringing an end to a three-decade congressional career that culminated with his push of President Obama’s ambitious agenda against fierce Republican resistance. Mr. Reid, 75, who suffered serious eye and facial injuries in a Jan. | Read More »

Christians Stabbed in the Back by Beth Beskin, Jay Powell, and Wendell Willard

Yesterday, I encouraged everyone to call Beth Beskin, Jay Powell, and Wendell Willard to tell them thank you. They had stood with Chick-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, and people of faith. They fought off attempts to gut the religious liberty legislation in Georgia. After you had taken the time to call them, Beth Beskin, Jay Powell, and Wendell Willard stabbed you in the back. A week before | Read More »








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