The Democrats have apparently decided to spot us NY-11.

The Democrats have apparently decided to spot us NY-11.

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Obama’s Government Takeover of WiFi

At every turn, it seems like the Obama administration has found a new way to insert itself into our everyday lives. And, the administration’s most recent encroachment could impact our quality for years to come. The rapid technological improvements we’ve seen over the last few decades could slow or even stop if the administration and its band of cronies have their way. The prevalence of | Read More »

Pennsylvania Treasurer Rob McCord (D) abruptly resigns, plea-bargains.

PA treasurer Rob McCord (D) will be resigning and pleading out.

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The Senate is Preparing to Investigate Ties between White House and IRS

Here at RedState, we’ve already spilled a lot of digital ink covering the IRS scandal. Now, we’ve got more fuel for the fire. The newly minted Republican Senate appears to be getting at least one thing right. The Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee, led by (R-UT), have sent a letter to the White House demanding all communications the President and his aides have had | Read More »

Setting The Record Straight on the GOP’s 20 Week Abortion Ban Debacle

Over the last week, much has been reported on the surprising last minute change that occurred in the House on January 22, 2015. Taking place the evening before thousands of pro-life activists marched in DC to commemorate the 43rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the pro-life bill that was set to be voted on the following day was pulled and replaced with a different, less | Read More »

Muslim Brotherhood calls for ‘uncompromising jihad’ following visit to State Department

Earlier this week and mostly beneath the radar a delegation of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood made an official visit to the State Department. In case your memory needs refreshing, the Muslim Brotherhood is a hardline Islamist group that gained control of Egypt after the ouster of Mubarak… and lasted until their rapacity and stupidity couldn’t be tolerated by the Egyptian army. The Muslim Brotherhood is a | Read More »

Obama’s America is Iran’s newest client state

There have been a lot of stunning things associated with Obama’s foreign policy but perhaps none is quite so dramatic as watching the administration  gradually becoming a de facto  client of Iran. You read that correctly. We have be come an Iranian client state because we are carrying out diplomatic and military actions that further Iran’s geopolitical strategy while getting us absolutely nothing in return. | Read More »

Common Core is so Bad even Democrats are Starting to Reject It

Common Core horror stories abound, but until now, the most visible opponents of the educational takeover have been Republicans. Washington state’s Democrats have changed that. A few days ago, the leaders of the state party met and formally condemned the education standards. Per Fox News: Leaders of the state Democratic Party have passed a resolution condemning the national education standards known as the Common Core, | Read More »

The Mitt Romney 11 AM announcement open thread. [UPDATED]

If Mitt Romney runs again, this is the theme song.

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Behind the Scenes in Mordor

I do not know who Fredrik deBoer is, but this piece is fascinating. He expands upon Jon Chait’s lament over political correctness. I do have to say the funniest piece in response to Chait was some idiot at Vox who denied political correctness even exists. The whole thing is a snapshot into Mordor. Take this for example: I have seen, with my own two eyes, | Read More »








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