Why does Obama’s crisis management suck?

Why does Obama's crisis management suck?

An article in Business Week titled Obama Is Too Cool for Crisis Management (@JoshuaGreen) uses the administration's management of the Ebola crisis, a crisis that is 100% the creation of ...

Teamster Members Attack Union ‘Fatcats’ and ‘Parasites’ For Misuse of Funds, Lies & More

Members of a New York-based Teamsters local blasted their union leadership for raising their own salaries, in addition to misusing union funds, threats and lies, according to fliers handed out

Supporting Sarah Palin’s #AKGov Endorsement Requires Abandoning Conservative Principles

Last week, in the wake of her endorsement of the Bill Walker-Byron Mallott Independent “Unity Ticket” in the Alaska gubernatorial race, I declared that, politically, I was through with Sarah

The Races to Watch on Election Day

Download Podcast | iTunes | Podcast Feed On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Brandon Finnigan to discuss Tuesday’s election, the Senate races

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WV Democrat Party Leaders Using Intimidation to Get Out the Vote

We are less than seven days out from Republicans in West Virginia taking a U.S. Senate seat, all three seats in the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as taking

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The Democrats’ Desperate, Race-Baiting Push

As several key Senate races head down to the wire, many embattled Democrats have, in desperation, resorted to their most reliable, tried and true tactic: race baiting. None has done

Why Those White Women Want Nothing To Do With Barack Obama

If a group of white Republican women adamantly refused to go near a black man and complained loudly about him, the political press would destroy them as racists. That is

Coca-Cola’s Anti-Religious Positions

Yesterday, Houston Mayor Annise Parker had to withdraw her subpoenas to Christian pastors in Houston. The mayor demanded several pastors turn over the text of their sermons if those sermons

Tech at Night: Sorry, FTC is wrong and AT&T is right. Without a doubt.

The latest Two Minutes’ Hate in lefty land is over AT&T getting sued by FTC because of throttling of unlimited bandwidth users. The problem is, FTC is wrong, and AT&T

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Independent, NAMED sources: Mary Burke fired from family business for incompetence.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: when I heard that Mary Burke had been essentially accused of being a nepotism-loving nincompoop who had to be fired from her father’s company (Trek







  • Mississippi, Burned: How the poorest, sickest state got left behind by Obamacare. #RSRH
  • Dems in the closest Senate races in the South use racially charged messages to prevent a GOP Senate. #RSRH
  • #rsrh Quote of the Day, Arguing About The Things That Matter edition.:
  • #rsrh Democrats: Danged if they do embrace Obama, danged if they don't.:
  • State Dept. stonewalls House Judiciary on importing Ebola patients. #RSRH
  • #rsrh So immigration activists really *are* going to go after Barack Obama over this.:
  • #rsrh What did you do with the money, Nancy?:
  • #rsrh One more week. One more *freaking* week. Cannot *wait*.:
  • #rsrh NASA rocket blows up on pad.:
  • Susan Page vid via @digitasdaily Obama administration "more dangerous to the press" than any in history. #RSRH
  • #rsrh The hopefully soon-to-be-infamous "Elbert Guillory: Send Hagan Home" ad.:
  • #rsrh White House sending mixed signals about a likely 2015 Republican Congressional landscape.:
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, This Is Why We Don't Sweat Cross-Party Political Ad Placement edition.:
  • the case against assisted suicide. Powerful read. #rsrh
  • #rsrh Boston Globe endorses... Charlie Baker. :pause: The REPUBLICAN.:
  • from @aetiology Travel Bans Won't Work-- More illogical and dishonest propaganda from public health mafia. #rsrh
  • RT @moelane: #rsrh Tweet of the Day, That's Not A Good Thing To Say During A Gubernatorial Debate edition.:
  • Kathryn Ruemmler,Solyndra friend and Obama toadie withdraws name for AG #rsrh
  • Holy Crap. @AnthonyWeiner is at it again. Won't he ever learn #rsrh
  • Mali reports its first case of Ebola #rsrh
  • @SarahPalinUSA endorses independent/dem ticket for governor #rsrh
  • All animals are equal, some are more equal than others. Socialist push for $20/hr min wage and hire at $13/hr. #rsrh


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