Will Hillary Supporters Engage in Some Operation Chaos Tonight?

Will Hillary Supporters Engage in Some Operation Chaos Tonight?

Word on the ground in New Hampshire is that Team Hillary knows they are going to lose and lose big. The campaign is prepared to lose in NH and recover ...

The Trump Ground Game Is A huuuuge loser

The Donald’s lack of concern or ignorance about the basic technique of American politics surely contributed to Trump’s defeat by the excellent ground game of Sen. Ted Cruz’ campaign. Worse Trump’s failed Iowa effort, led by Chuck Laudner who ran Santorum’s 2012 Iowa ground game, was stronger than Trumps operation in New Hampshire.

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Women In Combat: Making A Virtue Of Weakness Gets People Killed

Assigning women to combat units is a profoundly bad idea that will result in a lot of people being killed for no real reason.

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Here Are 3 Things Every Employer* Should Know About The DOL’s Upcoming “Persuader Rules”

Next month, the Department of Labor is expected to release its “final” rule on the nearly five-year old scheme to require employers and their service providers (e.g., advisors, attorneys, consultants, survey companies, and even website developers) to report their financial arrangements, as well as the payments made and received. They’re known as the “persuader rules” and they will, very likely, affect every employer* in the U.S. | Read More »

Ben Carson is Open to Being Trump’s VP

At this point, it certainly seems like he might be more than open to it, in fact. Even though Trump once said that Carson was “incurably and pathologically diseased, kind of like a pedophile,” Trump has been transparently playing white knight for Carson on the ridiculous allegation that Cruz cost Carson any significant number of votes, and Carson seems to be willingly playing along. Here | Read More »

Watercooler 2/9/16 Open Thread: Independents Day, Election Results, Delegates and All Things NH

Welcome back to the Watercooler. I think everyone is thirsty for election results instead of polls and today’s the first Primary in the nation so this edition is dedicated to New Hampshire’s election day. Let the games begin! Independents Day Yes, today in Independents day, or as NH calls them, Undeclareds day. These people have decided not to affiliate with either Party and they make up about 44% | Read More »

FAIL. Marco Rubio Foils Attempted Troll By Alleged Homosexual

We’ve seen Ted Cruz confront at least two planned trolling efforts head on and come away with no damage. Now we see Marco Rubio can do the same.

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This is the Craziest Crime Anyone Has Ever been Accused of

I’ve seen a lot of crazy news stories involving criminals in my day – a list of stories that has been greatly expanded by following Florida Man on twitter. That having been said, this particular news story takes the cake. You will absolutely not believe what THIS Florida man was charged with: Bail set for Jupiter man accused of throwing gator into Wendy’s Let’s just | Read More »

Is Carson suspending his campaign (again)?

Politico has reported that presidential candidate, Ben Carson, will be skipping his own primary party to head down to South Carolina, the next stop in the presidential nomination circuit. The retired neurosurgeon will instead fly to South Carolina in the afternoon, his campaign said. Following Tuesday’s first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire, South Carolina Republicans will vote next, on Feb. 20. It has to be asked | Read More »

A reminder with regard to the New Hampshire primary: you will be lied to, today.

The New Hampshire primary is today. Expect bald-faced mendacity.

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