Monday, September 15, 2014

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Congress Must Reject President Obama’s Plan for the Syrian Rebels

Congress Must Reject President Obama's Plan for the Syrian Rebels

We as a nation must do something about ISIS. The organization is a threat to our national security. If we do not kill them now, they will come here to ...

RedState Weekly Briefing: September 14, The General Election Is On and AOSHQDD Is Here to Discusss #RSWB

This week on the RedState Weekly Briefing Caleb Howe, Thomas LaDuke, Joe Cunningham, and I are joined by a special guest from the Ace of Spades HQ Decisicion Desk, or AOSHQDD. We will take a peek at the General election polls and also get a glimpse inside the mind behind the AOSHQDD. Don’t miss out!!

Respecting the faith of non-Islamic terrorists

It hasn’t been pretty watching the political culture of the United States beat itself senseless over the cruel realities of Islamic terrorism for the past thirteen years.  If the beginning of this process was the Bush Administration’s “Religion of Peace” rhetoric, the darkly comical endgame is Barack Obama lecturing the Islamic State for not being Islamic. “ISIL is not ‘Islamic,’” Obama said in his speech last | Read More »

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick’s (Arizona-01) campaign float spurns American flag for Mexican one.

I find it fascinating that apparently there’s now a real shortage of American flags among Democratic candidates.

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President Bush at Ground Zero. September 14, 2001

From CNN: President Bush arrived on the southern tip of Manhattan on Friday afternoon to see for himself the almost unimaginable devastation meted out upon New York’s financial district, when two 767 jetliners slammed into the World Trade Center’s landmark twin towers during Tuesday’s morning rush. There, he was greeted by a raucous crowd of construction workers and rescue personnel, all of whom seemed recharged | Read More »

Is The Democratic Party Proud of its History of Slavery & Segregation?

Being a Democrat not only means never having to say you’re sorry, but also means getting to pretend that history never happened. The Democrats’ official party website is proof of that, as its section on “Our History” declares, with all the chutzpah of the proverbail defendant who murders his parents and begs the court’s mercy on grounds of being an orphan, that: For more than | Read More »

The Democratic Party’s War on Women rhetoric doesn’t seem to be working.

Hey, at least now we know why the Democrats freaked out when Republicans started talking about making birth control pills available over the counter!

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Republican Allies use “War on Women” Rhetoric in Support of Export-Import Bank

The Democrats, wielders of the “War on Women” rhetoric and the ones who made ending “corporate welfare” a party cry, have made a clear exception for the Export-Import Bank. Cronyism is a money-maker and a power guarantee. The hypocrisy alone of a president who ran on leveling the playing field staying silent on this issue. In 2008, we know he ran on ending it. In | Read More »

The Obama administration lied about the situation in Iraq

As we are on the cusp of watching helplessly as Islamic extremists carve a caliphate out of Iraq and Syria we need to ask how did we get in this mess. Though we know we left Iraq precipitously because of Obama’s political calculations we’re only now finding out that the administration was aware the situation was unraveling and lied about it. In an Ask Me | Read More »

Bucket list for a baby

Earlier in the week, I posted on the new memoir by Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis and her effort to make abortion a noble act. For me her description was a chilling example of infanticide Davis, in a copy of the book obtained by the San Antonio Express-News, wrote that her unborn third daughter had an acute brain abnormality. She said doctors told her the | Read More »








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