Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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IRS Lawyers Admit Lois Lerner Obstructed Justice

IRS Lawyers Admit Lois Lerner Obstructed Justice

Via FoxNews, IRS lawyers have dropped a bombshell admission that Lois Lerner’s Blackberry was intentionally wiped and destroyed after the start of the Congressional probe into the activities of her ...

Outing Christians

Yesterday I noted the letter from Pliny the Younger to Emperor Trajan in 112 AD. Pliny had begun arresting and torturing Christians for the crime of, among other things, obeying the law. Think about that for a minute. It should be noted that Pliny the Younger had been given anonymous lists of who the Christians in his province were. As he wrote Emperor Trajan [A]s | Read More »

New Abortion Barbie Ad Accuses Greg Abbott of Being Pro Cancer

Not to be outdone in attack ad desperation by Mark Pryor, Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis has decided to accuse Greg Abbott of essentially being pro-cancer: As you might have guessed, the ad uses shock value to make up for what it lacks in factual accuracy. This takedown of Abortion Barbie’s ad by Austin’s local NBC affiliate is pretty brutal, even though it is clearly trying | Read More »

How Many Will Die?

How many people world wide are going to be slaughtered because of Barack Obama? I think the number grows daily. It is not just Americans who have died and will die because of Barack Obama, but many others. Our enemies are increasingly on the move across the globe. They are emboldened by a President in mom jeans who’d rather golf than lead. President Obama has | Read More »

Be Blameless

Those of us who are in politics and of faith need to work harder at being blameless. Look, we’re all sinners. The biggest difference between most of you guys and me is that my sins have more than once wound up in newspapers and on television. But we all fall short. I think too many of us are using that as an excuse though. Over | Read More »

Open Thread: Primary Night in Florida and Arizona

Hey, guys. It’s primary night in Florida for several races and in Arizona for just a couple. You can check out the results as they come in at (follow them on Twitter at @AOSHQDD), the Decision Desk of our pals at Ace of Spades. I/We will update this post throughout the evening until the races are called. This post is also an open thread. | Read More »

‘Missile defense will never work,’ they said.

They’ve said a lot of things, haven’t they?

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Mark Pryor (D-AR) Accuses Tom Cotton of Being Pro-Ebola

Well that didn’t take long. After opening his campaign with the most I-Love-Jesus-y ad of this or any other recent decade, Mark Pryor has decided to go negative on Tom Cotton, who has been leading him in most recent polls. And under the theory that if you’re not going to go big, you should go home, Pryor has chosen to accuse Tom Cotton of being… | Read More »

Al Qaeda’s peace offering

It was a relief when al Qaeda affiliated Syrian rebels belonging to Jabhat Al-Nusrah released American freelance writer Peter Theo Curtis. Curtis has been held captive for nearly two years. Jabhat Al-Nusrah has been designated by the US State Department as an affiliate of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), the group founded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The New York Times hints that Curtis may have been | Read More »

More Voices Warn of ISIS Threat

This weekend we saw a distressed retired Lt. General McInerney issue a dire warning of a possible 9/11 style ISIS attack on, or around, September 11 2014. In addition to McInerney we also saw warnings from Rep. Mike Rogers – Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, former Deputy CIA Director Michael Morel, and Rep. Michael McCaul – Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, on not only the possibility | Read More »








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