House Intel Committee Hearings On Russia Canceled Same Day Sally Yates Set To Testify

Susan Wright

After reading his 18-year-old daughter’s diary, a Maryland father discovered her plans to carry out a mass shooting at her high school. What did the father do? He alerted the police and the horrific attack was luckily prevented. Nichole Cevario, an honor roll student at Catoctin High School, began devising her plan to carry out a mass shooting at her high school in December 2016. Her diary | Read More »


While it’s true that being a woman isn’t always the most pleasant thing in the world, I’m happy with my lot in life. Apparently, women in Italy don’t feel the same way and would like some special consideration for their delicate constitutions. That country’s parliament is debating a measure that would require employers to give paid menstrual leave to women who experience painful periods. While | Read More »

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