Congress is Investigating Asylum Seekers with Terror Ties

Congress is Investigating Asylum Seekers with Terror Ties

Last year, I discussed how the United States should be among the countries offering asylum to Iraqi Christians. The same can also be said about Christians in all territories currently ...

The Fight For The Surplus From The Unaffordable Care Act

The Costs Have FLown Sky-High SInce Obamacare Passed. In a really unexpected piece of amazingly unpredictable economic data, we learn the following about the Health Insurance markets nationwide. In New Mexico, market leader Health Care Service Corp. is asking for an average jump of 51.6% in premiums for 2016. The biggest insurer in Tennessee, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, has requested an | Read More »

Tech at Night: Rand Paul wins more privacy for the Islamic State

Part of the USA PATRIOT act ensured NSA could check up on conversations foreigners were having, that involved data passing into America, by going to the FISA courts and getting a warrant. After 9/11, when terrorist cells came here and murdered many Americans, we understood the need for that. Well, some Republicans remembered, but Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 80% forgot, and it | Read More »

Obama official: our Iraq policy is the same as our critics’

The Obama administration has three tried and true ways of dealing with crises. First, they blame others. Now seven years into his regime of shame, Obama is still trying to blame George Bush for everything. Second, they gaslight, that is they tell you against all evidence that something is working. Just this week, the White House claimed that its Iraq policy was working. I mean, | Read More »

Update on Kentucky-GOV GOP Primary: James Comer takes the high road.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: I guessed wrong on this one. I expected a bitter rear-guard action. Would that I was always wrong in such a pleasant fashion.

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Transgenderism in Girl Scouts

We live in a Bruce Jenner era, where a former athlete’s pronouncement that he identifies as a woman is celebrated on the prime-time stage. The normalizing of that which is not is in overdrive in the adult world, and increasingly, is spilling over to affect children like never before. Pushing adult pathologies such as transgenderism onto children does much damage, but questioning such actions is | Read More »

The right way to criticize the H1-B Visa program

The H1-B Visa program is a lightning rod. Conceptually it’s a great idea: Find a way to bring productive, skilled people into the United States to boost our economy. In practice it’s become a mess of big government micromanagement, which has made it an easy target for anti-immigration critics. Here’s how we need to fix H1-B, and mollify the (somewhat legitimate) fears of those in | Read More »

NYSE Launches Bitcoin Index

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the new Bitcoin NYSE index, if this helps legitimize the currency, and if our economy is in a “Great Reset.”

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Transparency, Clinton Style

The Barack Obama administration has, by all accounts, been a travesty when it comes to transparency – a point on which both liberal and conservative watchdog groups agree. At least, however, when Obama assumed office, people had reason to believe that he might possibly have meant it when he promised with a straight face that he would lead the “most transparent administration ever.” Imagine, then, | Read More »

Canadian Jeweler Imbues Wedding Ring with Gay Hate Cooties

It appears that Sauron is living in Toronto, where he eeks out a meager living as a jeweler.  Making rings of power has always been his speciality, and imbuing them with subtle yet powerful evil is his passion. So when a lesbian couple entered his store and ordered custom wedding rings, they had no idea they were dealing with the Lord of Darkness. Nicole White | Read More »








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