Diebold Stole My Doobies! Stoners Blame “Stolen” Election

Diebold Stole My Doobies! Stoners Blame "Stolen" Election

For all of the joy the Left takes in declaring that it has a monopoly on facts and data and faith in both - and its insistence that only racists ...

Austrian “Jihadi Bride” Beaten To Death By ISIS

A year ago I posted on the phenomenon of young women of means in Europe running off to become the paramour of some random jihadi. It is seeming inexplicable behavior that is rooted, in my view, by the conscious destruction of the idea of complementarianism by feminists and by a culture that is in thrall to feminists reducing the women, particularly young women, to nothing | Read More »

Hassan Rouhani Uses Barack Obama As His Love Sheep

Remember back when Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) 51% pushed through a piece of paper an agreement guaranteeing peace in our time Iran a nuclear weapon? Since then a lot of things have happened. The UN repealed sanctions against Iran. This is critical. So long as the sanctions were in place a future US administration could have vetoed any attempt to remove them. | Read More »

Is the Iran Deal Even Real?

This is a serious question: Is the Iran Deal even a real thing? I mean, it had a hashtag, it had a Twitter account, criticizing it is a clear violation of the Logan Act, and we were told it is very tough on Iran and will prevent them from obtaining a nuclear weapon. It’s got to be legitimate, right? Well, the State Department says it’s | Read More »

Insurance Bailouts and Revolving Doors

How many times over the past several years have we heard how evil insurance companies are? How they try to screw innocent, hard working people out of coverage in order to make a quick buck? And who was it that told us this was the case? Wasn’t it the very president who now wants to bail them out? United Healthcare, the nation’s largest insurer, last | Read More »

Why Does Global Warming Only Cause Muslims to Become Terrorists?

I’ve got some thoughts on this.

Five Reasons I’m Thankful for Donald Trump

Look, I really dislike Donald Trump. The viscerally negative reaction he inspires in me is pretty close to hatred. And as far as I am concerned, about the only thing that’s worse than Trump are his supporters. Trump’s presence in the race has caused me to write articles I never thought I would, and in general think less of the political process as a whole. | Read More »

Ted Cruz Super PAC Responds To Rubio Attack

Yesterday we reported on how a Super PAC that has apparently supports Senator Marco Rubio has taken up Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94%‘s attack line against Senator Ted Cruz. Back in July, Ted Cruz was one of a super-majority of senators who voted to curtail the ability of the NSA to bulk collect the phone use data of Americans. In the wake of the Paris | Read More »

Obama Says Don’t Forget To Mention This At The Thanksgiving Table

Ah, Thanksgiving:  the annual family soiree when Americans get dressed up to sit around a table and stuff themselves full of turkey and pie, imbibe alongside relatives to ensure everyone stays happy, and then park themselves on the couch to watch football in a food coma (cheering on the Cowboys like a good American should do). It used to be a delightful holiday when Americans | Read More »

Mother Jones leads with an incredibly racist story against Marco Rubio

Mother Jones came out today with a racist article, and led their home page with it today. The publication has come out with an attack on non-violent convicted felons participating in the political process in Florida, because they think it’ll hurt Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94%. Don’t take my word for it though, that this very concept is racist. It was just | Read More »









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