Cruz Easily Won the New Hampshire GOP Debate

Sen. Ted Cruz won the New Hampshire GOP debate. Cruz managed to stay above the hand to hand combat between the desperate governors and Sen Marco Rubio and Donald Trump. He gave great answers to the ABC News moderators, some of whom spent the night fishing for sound bites that could be used to help the Democrats’ eventual nominee. Gov. Chris Christie went after Sen. | Read More »

Now The Marco Rubio Spin Wars Begin

The story of tonight’s New Hampshire debate will probably be about Marco Rubio – but we don’t know yet what that story will be, because the post-debate spin may be more important than what actually happened. Rubio had some very good and bad moments tonight. Unfortunately for him, the bad ones were early, they were ugly and they were preventable. Chris Christie attacked him with | Read More »

Marco Rubio Knocks It Out Of The Park on Abortion at ABC #GOPDebate

“On abortion, the Democrats are extremists.” Every Republican and conservative in America knows the media’s double standards when it comes to asking hard questions. It was especially evident this week in the difference between the Democrat and Republican debates. And it is the most evident in how the media deal with abortion. Sen. Rubio takes them apart over it. For a guy who had a | Read More »

Winners and Losers from Tonight’s ABC Debate

What a glum, drab debate. ABC clearly tried to make all the candidates look bad, and the bad blood between the candidates left over from Iowa meant that they just did not care about showing any level of solidarity against the media, as they often do. Christie successfully tore down Marco Rubio for the first hour of the debate, but made himself look like a | Read More »

The ABC Debate. Short version: Rough-and-tumble.

The ABC Debate.

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Who Were The Grown-ups In The New Hampshire Debate?

The New Hampshire debate on ABC was an absolute ****show from start to finish. However, there were a few candidates who came across as ready to lead, and there were candidates who took this debate as merely a placeholder until South Carolina and beyond. The governors on the stage, however, looked like actual grown-ups tonight. Jeb Bush finally wins one against Donald Trump – and | Read More »

The Perfect Tweet To Describe The First Half of the ABC Debate

The first half of this debate has been an absolute trainwreck. Almost everyone on the stage (with the possible exceptions of Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz) has come off as more unlikeable than they were when they started. The Federalist’s Sean Davis I think has the best summary of the first half of the debate tonight and what is happening to the Republicans on stage. | Read More »

Terrible Tweets: The Post Super Bowl Lamentations #SB50

Terrible Tweets: The Post Super Bowl Lamentations #SB50

Congratulations, I suppose, are in order. Congratulations to the Broncos. There, I choked it out. Today’s Super Bowl was not just a worldwide sensation on television and radio but also ...

Venerable feminist icons want to guilt women into voting for Hillary Clinton.

I’m aware that what I’m about to say will come across as trite to the cynical, but it is truly not: Have you no sense of *decency*, Ms. Albright, Ms. Steinem? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?

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Super Bowl 50 Open Thread

Alright, well, this is the part of the day where we acknowledge the fact that the whole world is going to be taking a break from politics (and everything else) to watch the Super Bowl. If you’re tuning in to RedState, feel free to chime in to the comments! Open thread!

This DHS Whistleblower Was Ordered To Do WHAT?

In the Obama years of the Department of Homeland Security, a lot of questionable things have gone on. For example, as we’ve noted before, the DHS shut down an investigation into the terrorists who would eventually launch a deadly terror-related shooting in San Bernardino, California. We know this and more thanks to Philip Haney, a whistleblower that has made a lot of noise about the | Read More »

GOP Losers Criticize Marco Rubio’s Debate Performance

Them that do, do. Them that don’t, teach. Them that can’t, talk about how they would do it if they could do it. The latter teamed up to trash Rubio’s debate performance.

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(VIDEO) Chris Christie: “I think the whole race changed last night”

Chris Christie was on Jake Tapper’s State of the Union and said he sees a way forward after New Hampshire.

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How Big Were The Ratings For ABC’s New Hampshire Debate?

Big debate ratings and (in Iowa) big voter turnout have been the story of the GOP primary race so far, and despite being on a Saturday night, the New Hampshire debate on ABC was no exception: Bucking a trend of declining debate ratings, ABC’s Saturday night GOP face-off was the highest rated debate so far in 2016, according to Nielsen. ABC’s debate coverage between 8 | Read More »

WOW: Another Disgustingly Ugly Smear Against Ted Cruz From The Forces of Darkness

If it isn’t clear by now, “forces of darkness” is a nickname for the MSM. And they are at it again. This smear against Ted Cruz is gross, meant to destroy, and, oh by the way, false. Like yesterday’s post, this one is about a liberal member of the press smearing Cruz with a deliberately misleading characterization: If you don’t know who John Harwood is, | Read More »

The Most Awkard Thing Ever: This John Kasich Clip Will Make You Cringe Until You Die

Gov. John Kasich was on “Fox News Sunday” this morning, and he was really happy about it. So happy, in fact, that he didn’t want to leave. … Ever. And he almost didn’t. Warning: this video will forever remove your ability to even: Dude. I died on my insides. I am dead. I am a dead person who died watching a clip of John Kasich. | Read More »

Water Cooler 2/7/16 Open Thread – Texas cleans up Texas, No excuses, A few quickhits

Texas town arrests all but *1* city official. Let’s just get to the good stuff: “Crystal City’s mayor, city manager, mayor pro tempore, one of three current councilmen and a former councilman were all arrested under an indictment obtained by the U.S. attorney’s office in San Antonio, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney said.” Charges in the indictment allege the group used their positions as town leaders “to enrich | Read More »

Will Middle Class Establishment GOP Women Decide New Hampshire primary

New Hampshire primary voters are notorious for making up their minds who they are going to vote for late — often just days or hours before their ballot is cast. In an interesting article at WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station, Frank Perullo and Michael McLaughlin of The Novus Group, tell us that “younger, middle and upper-middle class, establishment GOP women may swing this election.”

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(VIDEO) Watch Ted Cruz’s Powerful Testimony On the Costs Of Drug Addiction

In last night’s GOP debate, Ted Cruz gave powerrful testimony to what drug addiction can do and he did it from personal experience.

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Jeb Bush’s Slam Of Donald Trump’s Eminent Domain Fetish Ignores Marco Rubio

Jeb Bush beat Donald Trump to within an inch of his figurative life in last night’s debate over the issue of abuse of eminent domain. There is another part of the story.

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Real Talk On The GOP Debate And How The Media Still Sucks

Last night was the last debate before the New Hampshire primary. The media, looking for their narrative, found one. Marco Rubio had a bad moment with Chris Christie and now they are going to write the stories on how Rubio, who had surged into second place in NH primary polls, may now finish in third, fourth or maybe even fifth place. It’s silly season and | Read More »

CNN’s Embarrassing Butt Covering on Carsongate

Last night after the debate, CNN continued their embarrassing butt-covering campaign regarding the Carsongate fiasco. The essential issue in this story is that the people who are attacking Ted Cruz on this (including Ben Carson) are intentionally conflating a series of tweets that were sent by CNN reporter Chris Moody, and what was said on air by CNN anchors Jake Tapper and Dana Bash while the caucuses | Read More »

Trump: Attending the Debate Is More Important than a Ground Game (VIDEO)

In the spin room last night, Donald Trump was stopped by CNN and asked, among other things, if he had learned from Iowa that he needed to have a strong ground game to succeed in New Hampshire. Trump’s answer indicated that he still rejects the notion that a ground game is important at all, even in small states when turnout is expected to be exceptionally | Read More »








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