What is in a picture?

What is in a picture?

What we think is unusual or touching says a lot about us as a society. Sometimes the item of attention must be taken in context to fully appreciate it. A ...

The Beginning of a New Trail for Reporters

A political consultant, earlier this year, told me where she thought the beginning of the end of Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President would begin. She spoke of it matter of factly. She said that on more than one occasion, as a company had business before a foreign government, President Clinton would take a trip to that country, get a meeting with the leader of that | Read More »

Hillary Clinton and the Merchants of Death.

Hillary Clinton did quite well out of overseeing the doubling of arms sales to the Middle East. Allegedly.

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California’s Assault on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

If anything is a threat to the pro-abortion movement, it’s the existence of crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) across the nation. Those who find themselves inside such a place believe options are limited and time is of the essence. No matter how they became pregnant, they are in need of and proactively seeking help for themselves and their unborn child. Compassion is key when dealing with | Read More »

Sunset the Tax Code

We now have six announced Republican candidates for the 2016 campaign. We will soon begin hearing an endless stream of campaign plans and promises, from repealing Obamacare to securing our borders, to simplifying our tax code and yes, even abolishing the Internal Revenue Service. A lot of these proposals sound great on paper. Yet, when it comes to talking about abolishing the IRS, candidates risk | Read More »

Governor Huckabee Will Address the RedState Gathering

Governor Mike Huckabee is going to kick off our Saturday morning at the RedState Gathering. We are delighted he will be with us. Governor Huckabee has decided to bypass the Iowa Straw Poll altogether as several of the other candidates will also do. Governor Huckabee won the Iowa Caucus in 2008, surprising a lot of people. He didn’t run in 2012. But he is in | Read More »

Obama is Putting Our Nuclear Navy at Risk

The search for the next Chief of Naval Operations has not drawn much interest from the media, but there’s good reason it should. By nominating Admiral John Richardson, the current head of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, President Obama is jeopardizing a tradition of excellence stretching back since America first developed nuclear submarines. John Lehman, who served as President Reagan’s Secretary of the Navy for | Read More »

The Left is Frothing, Raving and Losing Its Mind Over the Fall of House Duggar

Promoted from the diaries – Aaron Nothing causes the lunatic Left to froth and rave and lose its mind like Christianity in action. Whenever something awful happens and Christians do what Christians are commanded to do: forgive, the left simply draws a blank.  That’s just a place in their brains where the door is permanently locked (even those on the left who call themsevles Christian). As | Read More »

Carly Fiorina’s Early Campaign Success

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Sarah Isgur Flores to discuss her experience as a Houstonian in the historic floods this weekend, Carly Fiorina’s early campaign success and how she would stack up against Hillary Clinton.

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Ditching Washington’s Red Carpet

Pamela Anderson on the White House Correspondents Dinner Red Carpet by angela n. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. George Washington famously and understandably despised and avoided the airs of royalty, and would have none of them during his presidency. He was a man who prized civility, yes, but the man who refused to be King. He didn’t believe the political | Read More »








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