Gov. Walker Is An Adult Running For President

Gov. Walker Is An Adult Running For President

A lot of Republicans would like to be President in 2016. I’m one of them on some days. The intelligent question that needs to be asked is whether these individuals ...

Tech at Night: We have a right to lock our data, even if it inconveniences government

A long running theme of Tech at Night is that people don’t care about privacy, and we know this by their actions. That’s why the NSA critics are all wrong. Abolishing the NSA would leave everyone still vulnerable to spying, and just eliminate the agency that exists to counter the other guys. It’s up to us to protect our own privacy. Therefore, government actions contrary | Read More »

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner Primed for a Showdown with Unions

Up in Wisconsin, Governor Scott Walker has shown it’s possible to take on unions, including government unions, and live to tell the tale, and in large part because of his courage, he is now being considered as a Presidential candidate. It looks like his neighboring governor to the south, Bruce Rauner of Illinois, wants to follow in his footsteps. Rauner is one of the many Republican | Read More »

In their house at R’lyeh, billionaire Kochs wait spending

After word came out that Koch-affiliated groups plan to spend thirteen gazillion dollars in the 2016 election, several media outlets cried foul. Ron Fournier had a piece concerning the evils of dark money: Now we have the worst of all worlds: Gobs of money showered over Democratic and Republican candidates with precious little transparency. The 2016 presidential campaign will give rise to the next grim | Read More »

Know Who’s Pleased by Syriza’s Success in Greece? Vladimir Putin.

The success of Greece’s Coalition of the Radical Left, also known as Syriza, in the country’s parliamentary elections this past weekend is creating headaches for the European Union, but there’s at least one person in Europe who’s pleased with this development: Vladimir Putin. Russia’s Moscow Times minces no words with their headline “Greek Election Wins Putin a Friend in Europe“. The article is full of | Read More »

Follow the Money: Center for American Progress

The last time you filled up your cart at Walmart or checked your balance with your account at Bank of America you were likely making a decision based on the cost benefits and convenience of doing business.  You probably weren’t thinking, “I’m supporting the ‘official Hillary Clinton think tank’ today,” but you were. These companies are just two of many that you’ll likely recognize which | Read More »

Finally Someone on the Left Gets It: It’s Not “Violent Extremism,” It’s Radical Islam

Finally, someone on the Left gets it.

You won’t hear me say that often, but when someone is right, they’re right.

Iraq War veteran and current Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI-2) didn’t mince words in explaining how she feels about the Obama Administration’s insistence that we only refer to terrorists as “violent extremists” and not radical Islamists.

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Joni Ernst and bread bags: both are, in fact, as American as apple pie.

So. When Joni Ernst gave the official Republican response to the State of the Union address, she included a homely detail from her childhood: in the wintertime, she and all the other kids would have bread bags placed over their shoes in order to protect them from the weather. …And why am I bringing that pretty much commonplace, throwaway line? Well, I’ll let Peggy Noonan | Read More »

Just in Case You Did not Know, You Were Lied to About Executive Amnesty

So back at the end of 2014, a lot of people pooh poohed the idea that the fight over executive amnesty would have to happen then or not at all. Many so-called “reasonable Republicans” insisted that this was the wrong time to hold the GOP’s feet to the fire. “Wait until next year,” they said. “Wait until the GOP actually has control of both chambers. | Read More »

Jed Babbin on Israel, Iran and Our Relationship with Saudi Arabia

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Allysen Efferson are joined by Jed Babbin to discuss Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, Obama’s negotiations with Iran, and our relationship with Saudi Arabia.

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