Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Mark Udall is an Abortion Extremist

Mark Udall is an Abortion Extremist

Perhaps the most popular Democrat political gambit for the last 25 years has been to accuse every Republican of being an extremist on abortion. Democrats have had some measure of ...

Progressivism Will Lead To The Rise of Neo-Fascism

The current, dying state of Europe is our warning that the world must be saved from Progressivism. That starts at home. That starts with the election of 2014. By killing the human spirit, Progressivism reduces societies braced by vibrant and sustaining cultures into dystopias of brain-washed, homogeneous diversity reminiscent of the one in Ayn Rand’s novella Anthem. By choosing enforced equality and homogenized diversity over | Read More »

Barack Obama Bans Flights to Israel, But Not Flights From Ebola Affected Countries

“If you like your Ebola free United States, you can keep your Ebola free United States” could be another Barack Obama promise. Just another in the long time of promises with, as Jim Geraghty of National Review has noted, comes with an expiration date. This one set on September 20, 2014, when the Ebola patient arrived in Dallas carrying the disease. Since then, the Obama | Read More »

Tech at Night: The Democrats get into the broadcast decency game

Tech at Night

I’m old enough to remember 2001. Back in the early days of the Bush administration, the new Bush FCC took an active role in enforcing the decency rules that had gotten pretty much ignored under the Clinton administration. This enforcement culminated with the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show, featuring Janet Jackson.

Democrats naturally were outraged. But, fast forward ten years, and now Democrats are talking about pushing their own broadcast decency preferences, against the Washington Redskins.

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Secret Service Director Resigns– Open Thread Julia Pierson, the first female director of the Secret Service, resigned her post Wednesday after a fence jumper gained access to the White House on Sept. 19 and a subsequent congressional inquiry uncovered other security lapses. Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson announced the resignation in a statement. He also announced that the DHS would take over an internal inquiry of the Secret Service and | Read More »

Cindy Sheehan: Democrats support war because of “reverse racism”

One of the questions everyone has been asking since 20111, when Obama started his slow motion, unilateral and ineffectual wars against a lot of stuff in the Arab world, is where the hell is Cindy Sheehan? Sheehan, you may recall, was the frothing, addled woman who shambled about the political landscape during President Bush’s second term protesting the Iraq War based on the loss of | Read More »

RedState Interview: Rick Wilson and I discuss the Democrats’ Cruel Emails of Fear.

In terms of direct influence both Rick and I think these tactics are not going to motivate Democratic voters to go to the polls on Election Day.

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U.S. Soldiers in “War” with ISIS Not Eligible for Medals?

With 1,600 military “advisers” on the ground in Iraq, 2,300 of our troops being deployed to the Middle East as a “special purpose marine air ground task force,” and ongoing airstrikes being conducted in Iraq and Syria against ISIS’s jihadist army, it is absolutely stunning that our military personnel are NOT eligible for certain military medals.

Why? Because the Obama Administration refuses to call our fight against ISIS terror a military campaign.

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Bobby Jindal Schools a Biased Reporter on Evolution

Bobby Jindal

Governor Bobby Jindal was the star of a Christian Science Monitor breakfast on September 16. C-SPAN has the full video

During the breakfast he got an incredibly trolly question on evolution from a reporter hostile to his possible Presidential run. I love how he handled it, and more conservatives should emulate his handling of a hostile reporter.

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Senate Breakers Report and Governors Breakers Report: Oct 1

When we last left the Senate races on Friday, the state of the polling was consistent with the theory that undecided voters would break for the GOP due to President Obama’s low approval ratings and the consequent surge for the GOP in the generic ballot, but we had not yet seen enough movement to conclude that this was actually going to happen. We have new | Read More »








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