President Obama Says He’s Not Interested In #PhotoOps? Cue The Music!

President Obama Says He's Not Interested In #PhotoOps? Cue The Music!

Yesterday, President Obama said, with a straight face and no apparent sense of irony or rimshot, that he is “not interested in photo ops.” Really, guy? Is that your final ...

Democrats Deploy Their Mississippi Strategy Against Jody Hice in Georgia

The Georgia Republican runoff is less than two weeks away on July 22, 2014. Having successfully swung the Mississippi Senate runoff against the conservative, Democrats in Georgia are coordinating with the GOP establishment to defeat the conservative running in Georgia’s tenth congressional district. Jody Hice, the undisputed conservative in the race to replace Congressman Paul Broun, is . . . well . . . a | Read More »

Jesse Jackson and Why We Should Not “Just Find” $4Bn “For The Children.”

Poor Rev. Jesse Jackson. Chicago, Il is too violent for him. Therefore somebody needs to “just find” $2Bn. It’s for the children. He explains below. “If we can find $4 billion for those children — and we should — we can find $2 billion for Chicago. There are more children involved, and more have been killed, and more have been shot,” said Jackson. Those children | Read More »

The unaware presidency of Barack Obama

Earlier today we posted on the CIA station chief being expelled from Germany for running intelligence operations against German targets. As incredible as it seems, Obama, according to the New York Times, was unaware of either the operations or the fact that one of our agents had been busted by German counterintelligence. This is a sad and continuing trend in this administration. Whenever anything blows | Read More »

The Common Core Assault on Homeschooling

Ohio is one of the many states in the U.S. that is scheduled to implement the controversial Common Core requirements next year. Although the Ohio legislature has attempted to essentially “half opt in” to Common Core by at least theoretically allowing county school boards to construct curricula outside of Common Core, and although Common Core at least in theory does not constrict homeschooling, Ohio homeschooling | Read More »

VIDEO: Obama is a Foreign Policy Failure

It’s hard to look around at the world today and feel as though we’re safer than we were before President Obama took office. Yet, this is exactly what he promised would happen when he ran for the office in 2008. The Daily Signal released a new video today highlighting the condition of the world in stark contrast to the lofty promises made by then candidate | Read More »

Germany expels CIA station chief in spy scandal

Yesterday the German government announced that it was expelling the presumed US CIA station chief because of US espionage activities directed against the German government. Germany has expelled the CIA’s station chief in Berlin in a dramatic rebuke to Washington after its security services uncovered two cases of alleged American spying in a week. The American intelligence official was asked to leave the country in | Read More »

Barack Obama opines on border crisis… nowhere near where the border crisis actually is.

I do not think that Barack Obama is taking this situation seriously enough.

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Michelle Obama Misses The Mark on Education (Again)

Recently Michelle Obama spoke at the American School Counselor Association’s annual conference and, once again, the First Lady missed the mark on education. Instead of focusing on building a solid foundation, Obama rolled out new initiatives that seek to bolster college attendance rates while managing to have no focus on students. The initiatives, which fall under the First Lady’s goal of getting students to “reach | Read More »

Veterans Formally Demand Hillary Clinton Answer For Benghazi

Veterans for a Strong America (VSA) has formally notified the Department of State they are seeking all of Secretary Hillary Clinton’s agency and home (personal) landline, mobile phone and email records, including information on any “alias” accounts, for the 36 hour timeframe surrounding the Benghazi terror attacks.

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