Don’t Fear The Shutdown… well, it *kind* of scans.

Don't Fear The Shutdown... well, it *kind* of scans.

very little that happens with a shutdown in Congress this year will have any effect on the national elections next year ...

From the Mailbag: Dear John

From the Mailbag: Dear Mr. Erickson: How irresponsible and stupid for you and other right-wing media types and tea party Congress members to be calling for another government shutdown over Parent Parenthood — you drama queen will try to shut down the government over anything — the last government shutdown orchestrated by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 100% cost taxpayers $24 billion — once again, it would be | Read More »

Pro-Lifers, Be Wary of Mitch McConnell on Planned Parenthood

I saw Al Mohler of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary tweet out this link earlier today. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) 61% is calling on Planned Parenthood being defunded. I hope McConnell will stick with this, even at the risk of President Obama shutting down the government in the fight. But we should remember that we are at this point because of legislation | Read More »

Are Wall Street’s Expectations for Twitter Too High?

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss Wall Street expectations of Twitter, then Robert Tracinski looks at the sensitive history of Democratic presidents, and Josh Zerkle talks about Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.

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The Stammering Non-Defense of Planned Parenthood

Because they are the favored ideology of the American legacy media, liberals are not often called upon to mount a strenuous intellectual defense of their institutions and beliefs. As a result, they are spectacularly bad at doing so, on the rare occasion that one of their institutions actually faces a grave threat. Never has that been more apparent than during the current Planned Parenthood scandal. | Read More »

Defund Planned Parenthood: These 7 Senators Need Pressure NOW

This upcoming Monday evening, August 3rd, the U.S. Senate will vote on a bill (S. 1881) sponsored by Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) 67% that would stop taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. In the latest reportable year, Planned Parenthood received $528 million – over half a billion dollars – in taxpayer funding. During that same period, they performed 327,653 abortions, and have performed | Read More »

Handling Hillary’s Email Fiasco: ‘Containment First, Then A Damage Assessment’

“Containment first, then a damage assessment is how this must be handled.” That’s what a U.S. official directly familiar with the notification of top lawmakers on the House and Senate intelligence committee  about the extent of classified information on Hillary Clinton’s private email server told the Washington Times. The official, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, said the notification of possibly hundreds of | Read More »

StemExpress Gets “Fully Intact” Babies

StemExpress got a temporary restraining order against the Center for Medical Progress. The order prevents CMP from releasing more video footage. What are they hiding? David Daleidan, the man who spearheaded the undercover operation, went on CNN to tell the world. StemExpress gets fully intact babies from abortion clinics. “In a meeting with their top leadership, they admitted that they sometimes get fully intact fetuses | Read More »

Do Or Do Not. There Is No Try.

Republicans in the Congress are beginning to use the word “try.” They will try to defund Planned Parenthood. But the President has a veto and they do not have the votes to override the veto. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) 47% has moved from try to “can’t.” He says Republicans cannot defund Planned Parenthood because of the President’s veto. This is really, really | Read More »

Killing Them

“The sick irony of President Barack Obama’s administration is that he often compares himself to Abraham Lincoln. But he is perfectly happy to let Planned Parenthood sell off black children in bits and pieces as property.”We have passed the point where Nazi comparisons are inappropriate. In the latest video about Planned Parenthood, if you want to watch it, you will see an admission that some | Read More »







  • #rsrh I tremble for the Republic.:
  • #rsrh This Minnesota Lt. Governor / @PPAct story needs further research, I think.:
  • RT @moelane: #rsrh The wicked and vicious plot by LIBRE to oppress Hispanics by having them get GEDs.:
  • RT @moelane: #rsrh The wicked and vicious plot by LIBRE to oppress Hispanics by having them get GEDs.:
  • #rsrh The wicked and vicious plot by LIBRE to oppress Hispanics by having them get GEDs.:
  • #rsrh Don't be afraid to get it wrong.:
  • #rsrh Secularists continue their Magical Tin-Ear PR Tour in Detroit, Michigan.:
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, Who Wants Some Good News in FL-SEN? edition.:
  • #rsrh So this is sort of my mood, right now.:
  • #rsrh Vine of the Day, Я клянусь, это никогда не случалось со мной прежде edition.:
  • #rsrh Quote of the Day, Just Memory-Hole The Whole Democratic Party, Then edition.:
  • #rsrh "And A Big Yellow Taxi Took My Young Professionals Voting Bloc Away..." Hmm. Doesn't scan.:
  • RT @moelane: #rsrh First of two stupid felony indictments against Rick Perry just ejected from court.:



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