Russian official warns sanctions of “brink of war”

Russian official warns sanctions of "brink of war"

Russia’s elites have been feeling the bite of US sanctions coupled the the near halving of the price per barrel of oil. As the West starts to look at Russia ...

Gov. Paul LePage (R, Maine) wants to impose property taxes on colleges, nonprofits, other Democratic party affiliates.

I don’t know whether this is demonic, inspired, or both: “A sweeping proposal to cut taxes for Maine families and businesses could upend one of the most widely accepted practices in the country: the property-tax exemption for nonprofit organizations… A recent budget plan by Republican Gov. Paul LePage calling for an overhaul of individual, corporate and sales taxes also would make Maine the first state in the | Read More »

Iran Drafting Law to Allow Scientists to Intensify Nuclear Enrichment

One of the big falsehoods President Obama told during his State of the Union concerned Iran’s nuclear program. He said, “[W]e’ve halted the progress of [Iran's] nuclear program and reduced its stockpile of nuclear material.” It’s a claim that was so egregiously wrong that even the Washington Post’s  Fact Checker Glenn Kessler was forced to give it three Pinocchios. The National Review‘s Fred Fleitz puts it a little more succinctly: | Read More »

Obama’s Strategy to Combat ISIS Still Doesn’t Look Good

During his State of the Union speech on last Tuesday, one of the few proposals he made that I could approve of was his push for an Authorization of Military Force against ISIS. It’s a proposal that is long overdue. However, it unsurprisingly appears like we should not get our hopes up too much. On this past Thursday, the administration held a classified briefing with | Read More »

University professor criticizes Islam, college dipsticks go bonkers

A couple of weeks ago a professor at Vanderbilt University  became the center of controversy. Carol Swain, professor of political science and law, wrote what should be a very non-controversial op-ed in the Nashville Tennessean: As Miller has so often stated, Islam has a problem with the West. Islam will never understand the freedoms that we live and die to preserve. If America is to | Read More »

The Wise Latina makes a good point

As much as it triggers my gag reflex to say it, I think Justice Sonia Sotomayor is a value-added to the US Supreme Court. While she is a reflexive progressive and shameless shill any abomination the Obama administration may want in the name of expanding the power of the state, she has become a sorta reliable vote in the cause of civil liberties. In October | Read More »

Millenials: go ahead spy on us, it isn’t like we’re actually doing anything

All the politicians are chasing after “millenials,” (that is the generation that doesn’t have jobs, lacks ambition, and lives at home as far as I can discern). When committed her perfidy by scuttling a very popular anti-abortion bill last week, she claimed that millenials didn’t think abortion was important, a claim that is at odds with most public opinion polling and an odd case to make | Read More »

Scott Walker at the Iowa Freedom Summit.

You want to get a man focused and driven? Threaten to murder his wife.

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Report: Financial Crisis Commission report rigged to punish banks and protect Democrats

Back in 2009, which is the political equivalent of a geological epoch, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) was established to investigate what led to the general apocalypse of the financial markets in 2007-2008. It has long been suspected that the fix was in and the commission followed the Alice in Wonderland formula of “Sentence first! Verdict afterwards.” In a just-released book, former FCIC member | Read More »

Obama meets with YouTube kids but refuses to meet Netanyahu

Earlier this week, our president, Barack Obama, added to the dignity of the office of the president by sitting down for an interview with a clutch of YouTube personalities: (CNN)In his continuing effort to connect to a younger audience (like the time he went on ‘Between Two Ferns’), President Barack Obama sat down with, and took questions, from three YouTube stars: GloZell Green (3 million | Read More »







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