Agribusiness hits the jackpot, taxpayers not so much

Agribusiness hits the jackpot, taxpayers not so much

his will come as no surprise for anyone who was paying attention (see the RedState coverage) during the debate of the Farm Bill last winter (or any other debate on ...

BREAKING: Ferguson Grand Jury fails to reach a decision

Via the Washington Times: The Ferguson, Mo., grand jury considering the indictment of Officer Darren Wilson, who killed teenager Michael Brown during an altercation in August, left the justice center

USA Today Reporter Susan Davis gets a bad rap

Many of us have been aware of the travails of former CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson who had her reporting on Fast & Furious suppressed by her employer because it got

It’s Not What He Did, But How He Did It

Most of you are opposed to what Barack Obama did, but if you step back for a minute you will see it is not what he did, but how he

IRS Scandal: Investigators Uncover Lois Lerner’s E-mails in Data

Here at Redstate, we’ve already talked about how Lois Lerner’s assertion that her and her colleague’s e-mails were lost when their hard drives were “mysteriously” destroyed is a load of

HHS contemplating rule allowing them to choose your Obamacare plan for you.

At this rate, the 2016 DEMOCRATIC candidate will run on repealing Obamacare: Here’s a Friday Obamacare news-dump for you: In a 300-page regulatory proposal released late this afternoon, the Department of

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Help The Poor. Block the Amnesty

He Works For Nobody Else In America There are people out there who genuinely appreciate all that President Obama has done since he found the American

Tech at Night: Weekend Update

I’m not going to say I’m tired of writing about Title II Reclassification, the scheme promoted by the extreme left to place the Internet under 1930s-era regulation, since the courts

Seriously, the DNC needs to fire its social media squad over this ‘ethnic cleansing’ own-goals.

As my readers may remember, yesterday the Democratic party managed to get itself put in a bad place by its own social media squad over ‘ethnic cleansing’ (basically, said squad

Obama Administration Grubered Americans on ObamaCare Enrollment

The lesson we learn from Jonathan Gruber (the MIT professor turned high-paid ObamaCare architect who admitted the Administration deceived the public to pass ObamaCare) is that the Obama Administration will

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  • #rsrh Amusing thought about how 2014 hurt 2020 for the Democrats.:
  • #rsrh Something that many of my readers probably don't want to hear about Chris Christie.:
  • RT @CalebHowe: Snark Factor Immigration MST3K Edition via @ftr__radio #rsrh #LOL
  • Snark Factor Immigration MST3K Edition via @ftr__radio #rsrh #LOL
  • Will Boehner expand suit over Obama's abuse of executive powers to cover #Bamnessty? #RSRH
  • #rsrh Remember the wisdom of our fathers: "Don't get mad. Get EVEN.":
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, The Gall Of This President edition.:
  • If you don't watch Spanish language TV, Obama doesn't want you watching his extra-legal amnesty speech. #RSRH
  • #rsrh OK, which one of you jokers in the VRWC put together the Jon Gruber operation?:
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, ...No, Senator Manchin, We Would Not edition.:
  • #rsrh New Storify: How to steal a chicken from a supermarket.:
  • #rsrh Tweet of the Day, I Wonder How Begich Will Vote On #Keystone Now edition.:
  • #rsrh Barack Obama name-dropped Jon Gruber. So when WAS Obama lying, then? - Because he's lying. Via @NumbersMuncher
  • The future of Internet under Title II #NetNeutrality #rsrh
  • The only Republican Governor who lost in 2014 was the one who raised gas taxes #rsrh
  • #rsrh Jane Hamsher to HuffPo to Rep. Steve Stockman to Erick Erickson to me.:


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