Russian Banker Kushner Met With Considered A “Putin Crony”

Susan Wright
Hillary Clinton addresses the Children's Defense Fund's Beat the Odds celebration at the Newseum in Washington, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

10:45 AM Wake-up. Come on get out of bed. *COUGH*  Come on, twirl those legs around and put them on the floor  *COUGH—COUGH* Okay, let’s look in the mirror and do our affirmations:  Damned mirror is frigging DIRTY!  How am I supposed to do my affirmations looking into smudges and filth? “Consuelo! CON-SUUUU-ELO!  I told you to CLEAN my mirrors, not wipe your butt all | Read More »


With the UK’s threat level at “critical” and nerves already on edge following Monday evening’s bombing in Manchester, a new scare emerged Saturday afternoon.  London’s Old Vic theatre was evacuated by police due to a “security alert.” Theater-goers and cast members alike were required to leave the building just a few minutes into a performance of Woyzeck.  The play included John Boyega (Finn, of Star Wars | Read More »

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