Hillary Clinton’s First TV Ad is Horrible and Defensive

Hillary Clinton's First TV Ad is Horrible and Defensive

Hillary Clinton has released her first national TV ad, and the ad's concept is horrible. Luckily for Clinton, the execution is also very bad. Imagine for a second that you ...

“Banned books” are a lie told by leftists to feel good about themselves

A banned book is a serious matter. There have been books banned in US history. For example, a number of cities banned Elmer Gantry. Further, the federal government at times banned materials in the District of Columbia under the Federal Anti-Obscenity Act, which was better known for banning the use of the US Postal Service to send obscene materials. Those bannings, while rare, did happen. | Read More »

The Democratic Desultory Debate Disaster reminds us that Elections Have Consequences.

The current Democratic debate structure tells you a lot about how bad things are for Democrats on the state and Congressional level right now.

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John Kasich Offers to Buy Bibles for Obamacare Critics

John Kasich has done it again. The Republican for Republicans who are ashamed of being Republican has reinforced his belief that if you oppose taxpayer confiscation of money for pointless government programs, you are a bad Christian. Kasich today even went so far as to suggest that he would buy Bibles for his critics, as though they are the ones who are ignorant of Biblical teaching: | Read More »

We Fill Our Culture with Garbage, and We Reap The Result

I’m going to start today by venting, and I will warn you in advance that this is going to be a sermon, but someone needs to speak the truth for a change: Another week, another mass shooting, another press conference by the President lecturing us on the need for gun control, and now Hillary and Obama are in a race to see which of them | Read More »

Tor is a tool of (fortunately incompetent) criminals

The Onion Router (better known as Tor*) is one of the favorite tools of the scum of the Internet. Thieves, terrorists, child pornographers, drug dealers, and more all love to use Tor (and Bitcoin) to run their operations. Fortunately the creeps and their software aren’t very good at this, because the FBI is blowing open holes int he whole system to catch child pornographers.

Why are we even playing this silly game?

As we come down to the home stretch of the most incompetent and abusive administration in the history of the Republic we find the Senate GOP leadership is doing everything it can to kowtow to Obama and ensure his influence continues. The Senate on Monday approved its seventh judicial nomination since Republicans took over the majority in January. Senators voted 69-21 on Dale Drozd’s nomination | Read More »

Have You Chipped In Yet?

Folks, I’m not kidding. We can flip Kentucky to our side this year. Have you donated to Matt Bevin yet? We need to do our part. Matt Bevin is an American success story. He and his wife run the last American bell manufacturer. Seriously. Does your church have a church bell? It either came from China or Matt Bevin made it. You guys need to | Read More »

Mark Cuban: When He Isn’t Denouncing ‘Patent Trolls’ – He Is One

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So too a patent “troll.” Behold Mark Cuban – a wildly successful entrepreneur. He in 1995 co-founded – and in 1999 Yahoo! way overpaid $5.7 billion for it. Ever since, Cuban has in Donald Trump-like fashion built himself into a brand – The Entrepreneur. Like Trump, he loves embodying the pursuit of professional victories. Like Trump, | Read More »

Conservatives Should Focus on the Majority Leader Race

As the days go by, it becomes increasingly clear that there is no clear choice in the Speaker race. McCarthy is not great and his tenure would likely be plagued by a lot of the same incompetence that doomed the Boehner speakership. That having been said, no one who watched the Planned Parenthood hearings last week in the House should be convinced that Chaffetz is | Read More »









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