Remember to thank our 25 real Congressmen

    It has been a few weeks now since was reelected and 25 republican Representatives are no longer on important house committees. Many of us wrote and called reps to get them to vote against Boehner but as things worked out a small group have been blackballed by Boehner. I for one called and wrote my Congressman to thank him for standing up for those of | Read More »

    Obama runs to meet Saudi King Salman (but still refuses to meet Netanyahu)

    Obama runs to meet Saudi King Salman (but still refuses to meet Netanyahu)

    President Obama has changed his scheduled departure on his trip to India so as to personally meet the new Saudi King Salman (according to CNN).  The POTUS is literally running to be among the first world leaders to genuflect to the new Saudi leader, only days after he was appointed. Vice President Joe Biden was originally set to have led a delegation to Saudi Arabia on | Read More »

    Rep. Pocan(D-WI): Voter Fraud “Manufactured Problem”

    Wisconsin Democrat congressman Mark Pocan told the Beloit Daily News this week that voter fraud is a “manufactured problem” so that states like Wisconsin can pass Voter ID laws. “When I was in the legislature I saw the manufactured problems over voter fraud,” he said. “The real fraud is the discussion of voter fraud. The one thing my brother and I have in common with | Read More »

    Protocol? Obama Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Protocol

    Protocol? Obama Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Protocol

    “Don’t bother me, I’m negotiating with myself.” Now why on earth would Bibi breech protocol and not advise Big Guy that invited him to speak to Congress in March? I suppose it might be that he disagrees with Barry’s position on not imposing additional sanctions against Iran. Maybe he has taken umbrage with Barry and the Brit Twit for boasting about their lobbying of Congress | Read More »

    The Ellmers Factor

    There is much consternation and uproar over the recent decision by to remove her name from the list of co-sponsors of HR 36- the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  This action basically sabotaged the bill and it was pulled for consideration by the House which was expected to vote on it and approve it.  The alleged reason was concern over language regarding rape. I | Read More »

    Dem Lemmings

    Dem Lemmings It is interesting, no amazing to me, when Obama delivered his latest SOTU, how many fewer Dem House members, Dem Senators, Dem governors and Dem state legislators there are compared to when Obama took office. Yet, like lemmings, the Dems are in virtual lock step with Obama.

    Knowing Your Audience Wins The Election

    Hearing Dr. Carson speeches inspires a writer to do his best in connecting to an audience, who strives to be a smarter than Dr Carson. At some point a space is created from the top of your skull from understanding what the writer just proposed, or conveyed , with the actual acknowledgement of his  writing level. Disbelief is expressed by signal from a hand passing | Read More »

    A Historic “New Day in Texas”

    Historic and important rule change. One day—One grassroots priority accomplished—One campaign goal achieved. Even a long-time Democrat Senator was heard to say that yes, indeed, it was a “new day in Texas.”

    Read More »

    Protecting the Open Internet

    From the diaries… The House and Senate held “Protecting the Internet” hearings this week on potential FCC regulation of broadband and the legislative proposal that and have offered.  (You can see more of what my colleagues and I have said on this topic at We are now approximately 10 years into the “net neutrality” battle. Just at the moment where it seems like the two | Read More »

    How DNA Can Settle the Abortion Debate

    Abortion is among the most divisive and hotly debated topics of our time.  At its core is the question “when does life begin”.  Interestingly, it is upon this question where those who would normally use science as their final authority on reality instead assume a more mystical stance.  Conversely, those who view abortion from a more religious standpoint may be surprised to learn that science | Read More »

    Gov. Mike Huckabee: The Conservative Outsider

    Governor Mike Huckabee was always an outsider. He challenged—and defeated—the Clinton machine in Arkansas. When he first assumed office, Democrats literally nailed-shut his office door from the inside, ransacked his furniture, and siphoned his budget. It took weeks before he could set up his desk. But he never lost his cool and he always delivered. Outsiders like Governor Huckabee have the support of the people, | Read More »

    State of the Union Tax Proposal Would Hurt Middle Class

    State of the Union Tax Proposal Would Hurt Middle Class

    During his seventh State of the Union Address, President Obama outlined his vision for an economic plan he claims will help the middle class. And for the seventh year in a row, President Obama has advocated for tax increases that will likely end up hurting those that he claims to help. The weekend before the annual address, the president released the full details of his | Read More »

    A Dummies Guide to a “Very Bad Day for America, Israel, and Freedom Lovers in Middle East”

    ALOT OF GROUND to cover in one day, so I will try to do the synopsis of the: “Dummies Guide to a Bad Day for America, Israel, and Freedom Lovers in the Middle East”   First — Yemen was toppled and its President ousted today (1-22-15) by anti-American Shiite rebels; and so ends an Obama counter-terrorism model called a “success story” just months ago.  Yemen sits astride | Read More »

    I am THAT Life

    I, along with many others here, cannot fathom the action of .  I find myself stunned beyond all measure.  I am so dumbfounded I am questioning many of my core assumptions about electoral politics. I was born to an eighteen-year-old mother who had a shotgun wedding.  I have a birth defect.  If abortion had been legal and encouraged, there is a major question-mark for me as | Read More »

    Sundance: because the world needs more deviant movies.

    Sundance: because the world needs more deviant movies.

    Yesterday was the official kick-off of the 2015 Sundance Festival. And good news, Robert Redford is still heading it up. So – for whoever requested new pictures of wrinkly old Bob – I’ve got you covered! In fact, take your pick: man spreading Hollywood folding Bobby obviously doesn’t own a comb, since he’s still workin’ that boyish tousled hair look. Butt I think we can | Read More »