In May and June I highlighted Len Britton here on the from page.  He is a local businessman who decided he had had enough of the entrenched incumbent Sen Patrick Leahy.  He sold his own business in order to run for office*.

I have met him and I like him.  Granted, we don't agree on every issue but I don't agree with Leahy on any.

This week Len came out with another campaign ad titled "Record Scratch".


"If you're happy with this, you have your guy. I know we can do better."

Yes, we can do better. We can do better than a 36 year incumbent.

But Aaron, it's Vermont!!

Yeah, it's Vermont ... and Vermont has only elected one Democrat to the Senate. Ever. I'm not saying it will be easy for Len to beat the multi-million dollar war chest that Leahy has. On the contrary, it will be a very hard race to win.

Regardless, it is time to end this chapter in Vermont's history how it began ... with Patrick Leahy looking for a job.

To do so, it will take some record scratch. [hint hint]

Aaron B. Gardner

* I made an error above. Len is not using the money from selling his business to self fund. He sold his business because he realized that you can't have a full time job and run for the Senate, that is, unless you are a 36 year incumbent.