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    Mini Obamacare Bailout? Treasury Covers Some Obamacare Costs Without Congressional Approval

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about how Obama’s budget contained a $22 billion student loan bailout to cover a massive shortage of funds for the Department of Education Federal Student Loan program. Because the program is categorized as a “credit program”, due to a “quirk in the budget process for credit programs, the department can add the $21.8 billion to the deficit automatically, without | Read More »

    Obama Omits “God Bless the United States of America” at End of SOTU Speech

    Promoted from the diaries President Obama ended the State of the Union address in a new way. He didn’t say, as tradition, “God bless you, and God bless these United States of America” He said, “Thank you, God bless you, and God bless this country we love.” A quick check on his prior SOTU speeches reveals he used the customary phrasing in past years: 2014: | Read More »

    Thomas Perez, the “Disparate Impact” Crusader

    The idea of “disparate impact” is an abomination that has taken root in the business world and is being pushed into other sectors as well, such as housing and labor. This idea holds that “a defendant can be held liable for discrimination for a race-neutral policy that statistically disadvantages a specific minority group even if that negative “impact” was neither foreseen nor intended. In such | Read More »

    Michelle Nunn Doesn’t Understand Basic Economics

    Michelle Nunn has been getting a lot of traction on the “shipping jobs overseas” rhetoric in an effort to paint her opponent, David Purdue, as unsympathetic to American workers. It’s a tactic toward anyone who is in business to them demagogue for shipping jobs overseas, just like they did to Romney in 2012. Michelle’s cheap shots have lead her to create an ad campaign specifically | Read More »

    The Latest Business Attack on MLPs Is Just as Flimsy as the Inversion Crusade

    Earlier this week, the business world was chattering about the news that Kinder Morgan, pioneer of the Master Limited Partnership (MLP) business model, was surrendering the MLP structure in favor of a more traditional corporation. This happened last Sunday. While many questioned what this meant for the MLP model in general, the more pressing questions began to emerge when, the following day, the Treasury Department | Read More »

    Audit Reveals Government-Run Transparency Site Is Inaccurate and Inconsistent

    USAToday gave a sobering report this week which reaffirmed the inability of our government to be both accurate and transparent. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) audited spending data from 2012, the most recent year for which data is available, by comparing government agency records with those found on The GAO reported that only 2-7% of the numbers found on the website is ‘fully consistent | Read More »

    Obama’s “Inversion” Crusade Is Really Just Another Attack On Businesses

    Obama has called “for an end to a corporate loophole that allows companies to avoid federal taxes by shifting their tax domiciles overseas in deals known as “inversions.” Such as statement shows the utter ineptitude that Obama has for understanding a) what inversion actually is and b) how his policies are the cause. Inversion is not a “corporate loophole” and companies who do so are | Read More »

    What is the Proper “Fair Share”?

    Here’s a true story to ponder. A gentleman, one of my clients, recently sold his entire business that he founded. Having worked at it and worked hard for it his entire life (he is in his late 70’s), the company sold for around $600 million dollars. This is a classic example of the American Dream. From the sale of the company, his cut was around | Read More »