Should State Legislators Embrace Bernie Sanders’ Policy?

    Should State Legislators Embrace Bernie Sanders’ Policy?

    Bernie Sanders is posturing against a reasonable reform he once supported – a commonsense lawsuit reform protecting gun manufacturers from scheming theories of liability. He has received undue pressure in progressive circles to backtrack his position and introduce legislation to undo this fair reform. In 2005, then-Representative Sanders voted for a largely symbolic bill that confirms common sense in lawsuit laws, and he voted with 59 Democrats and 223 | Read More »

    West Virginia Sends Right-to-Work Bill to Governor’s Desk

    West Virginia Sends Right-to-Work Bill to Governor’s Desk

    It’s all but official; West Virginia is overwhelmingly likely to become the nation’s 26th state to expand both worker freedom and economic opportunity by adopting a Right-to-Work law. If adopted, the law (the Workplace Freedom Act in West Virginia) would make it illegal to require employees to join a union as a condition of employment. Ending this scheme of forced unionism exemplifies the states’ ability | Read More »

    Encryption is Not Preventing Law Enforcement from Investigating Crime

    Encryption is Not Preventing Law Enforcement from Investigating Crime

    Law enforcement officials need backdoors to thwart encryption or else they will not be able to keep the public safe from terrorist attacks or crime. At least, that seems to be the major theme argued by law enforcement officials such as FBI Director James Comey, who stated: Unfortunately, the law hasn’t kept pace with technology, and this disconnect has created a significant public safety problem. | Read More »

    Netflix Founder Hopes Education Donation Reaps Better Return Than Zuckerberg’s

    Earlier this month, Reed Hastings, CEO and founder of Netflix, announced he would donate $100 million dollars to set up a fund for educational initiatives, mainly the creation and maintenance of charter schools.  As a longtime education reform advocate, Hastings has argued the best way to fix our broken education system is to introduce competition and force public schools to improve in order to retain | Read More »

    School Choice Gains Momentum – and Here’s Why

    School Choice Gains Momentum - and Here's Why

    This week is National School Choice Week! Here are five reasons to celebrate school choice this year. Parents know better than bureaucrats Parents across America already know each child is different; each child has a unique set of strengths, weaknesses, challenges and triumphs which shape how he or she learns. Despite parents everywhere recognizing this obvious fact when it comes to their own children, the | Read More »

    The New East-West Divide: The Transfer of Select Federal Lands to State Control

    Last night on Mark Levin’s radio show, Mr. Levin played a clip of Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking with Field and Stream Magazine about federal control of lands in the Western United States. Asked if he would support transferring federal control of much of this land to states, Mr. Trump responded, “That’s not good, because you want to keep the land great, and you don’t | Read More »

    How a University is Forcing Teachers to become Liberal Activists

    Should teachers educate or turn their students into progressive activists? The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) seems to be more interested in turning education majors into liberal activists than equipping them with the tools they need to educate America’s students. UNCG’s “The Institution of Education” (syllabus here) is a required class for students wishing to become teachers. If they do not pass this | Read More »

    Congress Passes Meaningful Lawsuit Reform

    President Obama’s State of the Union tried to highlight bipartisan issues that Democrats and Republicans can solve together, but he missed an opportunity in omitting lawsuit reform. Eighty-nine percent of Americans, including majorities on both sides of the aisle, believe our legal system is too litigious, and 83 percent believe it needs reasonable reform. In light of Congress’ recent focus on piecemeal lawsuit reform legislation, | Read More »

    A Free Market State Legislative Agenda for 2015

    President Obama will lay out his plan for the nation during the State of the Union tonight, but state legislatures convening across the country in January should not wait for him to act. Legislators are already meeting to discuss fresh ideas and create plans of action to address the many issues facing their states. A 2015 legislative agenda for the states should break out of | Read More »

    EPA Proposes Its Most Expensive Regulation to Date

    EPA Proposes Its Most Expensive Regulation to Date

    The strategy of publicly releasing bad news late on a Friday afternoon in order to avoid significant media scrutiny is well established and commonly employed by a variety of institutions. For example, corporations may elect to bury a bad earnings report or government bodies may release unflattering documents just before the weekend when people are paying the least amount of attention. The popular television show The | Read More »

    Gubernatorial Elections and the Message on Taxes

    While there is plenty to analyze from the elections as a whole, one of the most important lessons that we can glean from the 2014 mid-terms is on taxes. The message sent this election cycle to the nation’s governors is unmistakable. Governors who enacted bold tax reforms were reelected, even when facing daunting odds. Many governors who raised taxes, or even showed support for increased | Read More »

    Maryland Seeks Power to Double Tax Income

    While it may seem unfair to pay income taxes twice, Maryland residents have been doing so for years. That’s because unlike most other states, Maryland’s tax code does not provide a full tax credit for taxes paid to other states. This means anyone in Maryland who earns money in another state will pay that state’s income taxes, only to have Maryland levee county-level income taxes, | Read More »

    Educational Choice is Good Policy

    Educational Choice is Good Policy

    Teachers unions campaign for local taxes because they believe higher taxes help students, even though research has shown very little correlation between per pupil spending and student achievement. Teachers even threaten to strike for smaller classes or fewer school days because, you guessed it, it’s for the children. For decades, however, these same teachers unions have attempted to block the very policy that is first | Read More »

    EPA Proposed Regulation Would Significantly Hurt Access to Electricity

    EPA Proposed Regulation Would Significantly Hurt Access to Electricity

    When talking about energy and environmental policy, it is a bit troublesome to watch just how recklessly big-government environmentalists unfairly and erroneously accuse individuals and organizations of the pro-free market persuasion of being “climate deniers.” Instead of engaging in thoughtful, substantive discussion, many of these environmental activists oftentimes resort to this tactic of public shaming in order to eliminate debate and to bully individuals and | Read More »


    The Blue States’ Economic Paradox

    Blue states have a problem. Although there are some recently notable exceptions, most vehemently oppose cutting taxes, favoring instead a tax-and-spend or top-down redistribution approach. They require high taxes to finance the pet projects they believe the market is too short-sighted to support, like Solyndra. At the same time, however, these big government states try to pursue goals of economic growth, even if they believe | Read More »