According to the LA Times, Obama said that "A Republican majority in Congress would mean 'hand-to-hand combat' on Capitol Hill for the next two years."

I say - bring it on!  Election Day is coming right up and that gives us a great chance to send tested warriors.

I've gone through the list of House seats that are still in play according to RCP and have highlighted those where the candidate is a veteran, according to their webpage bio. I have listed them in order from most at risk of a Democratic win to least at risk, but ALL of these races are still close and the candidates could use your help. Each candidate's name links to their website.


Resistance is Not Futile

Caleb Howe

MA-4 Sean Bielat US Marine Corps

OH-6 Bill Johnson US Air Force

RI-1 John J. Loughlin US Army Reserve, RI National Guard

OK-2 Charles Thompson US Army

MN-8 Chip Cravaack US Navy

WI-3 Dan Kapanke US Marine Corps, WI National Guard

ME-2 Jason Levesque US Army

WV-3 Spike Maynard US Air Force

MS-4 Steven Palazzo US Marine Corps, MS National Guard

IA-2 Mariannette Miller-Meeks US Army

WA-9 Dick Muri US Air Force

NY-20 Chris Gibson US Army

KY-3 Todd Lally KY Air National Guard

CO-7 Ryan Frazier US Navy

NY-13 Michael Grimm US Marine Corps

NM-2 Steve Pearce US Air Force

NC-7 Ilario Pantano US Marine Corps

MI-9 Rocky Raczkowski US Army

HI-1 Charles Djou US Army

NV-3 Joe Heck US Army

IN-9 Todd Young US Marine Corps

FL-22 Allen West US Army

AZ-8 Jesse Kelly US Marine Corps

OH-15 Steve Stivers OH National Guard

MD-1 Andy Harris US Navy

AR-1 Rick Crawford US Army

NC-8 Harold Johnson US Marine Corps

IN-8 Larry Bucshon US Navy

FL-24 Sandy Adams US Air Force

IL-11 Adam Kinzinger US Air Force

WA-8 Dave Reichert US Air Force

LA-3 Jeff Landry US Army

AR-2 Tim Griffin US Army

There are some truly inspiring stories of patriotism and heroism in the biographies above. I hope that you find some new Republicans to support, I know that I have.

And, you libs who've gotten your panties into a bunch, I'm speaking figuratively, if Obama was.