Caption Contest WIN

This week's winning caption comes to us from redguynabluestate. I still laugh when I think of Olby thinking that caption.

See all the top captions below.

First Place: I wonder if Juan Williams is on LinkedIn? - redguynabluestate

Second Place: Unicorn Stables? but Barry, you said I could be press secretary.. - speciallist

Third Place: You haven't seen the last of me, O'Reilly! I'll get you, and your little dog too! - Sirithil

Other Favorites:

Not again - Tbone

You are the Most Irrelevant Person ... IN THE WORLD! - Vladimir

Wow... I finally got a note from Donald Trump - throwback59

Was it something I said? - KC

The Worst Show in the World is… - Neil Stevens

This gives a totally new meaning to ‘Code Pink’. - Jack_Savage

WTF!!! - paulnashtn

Worst Person in the World? - bjwilson83

Well, at least NOW I can say what I REALLY think!! - kmorton

Will you still be my friend?
|_|. YES
|_|. NO

- barry o