CC Winner

This week's winning caption came from Brian_Roastbeef with 18% of the votes (there were three captions tied for second).

See the rest of the winning captions below: Thanks for participating. Sorry about the mix up on the caricature.

(1) - 18%
Hey, Ron, come look at Mubarak... This is almost as embarassing as that guy back home who thinks he is you. - Brian_Roastbeef

(2) - 14%
Trust me... in a few years you won't look so bad to them. - throwback59

(2) - 14%
Now THAT'S a Crook! - tsifford (from comments)

(2) - 14%
I knew Richard Nixon. I worked with Richard Nixon. You, sir, are no Richard Nixon! - Tom Henry (from comments)

(The other finalists...)
The saying is "I am *NOT* a crook"... numnutz - kpu979

Tell the press they won't have Mubarak to kick around anymore. - TheYeomanFarmer

Nice try - and if you were a Democrat, that WOULD be all you needed to do to get out of this. - Jack_Savage

And they say I lacked convictions.. - Xasteius

No longer the most despised modern president. - jaxinbotox1

Good luck Egypt = you're gonna need it. - anotherindyfilmguy