Don’t Tread On Bossy

    Don't Tread On Bossy

    This week, liberals and their media lap dogs have once again revealed a part of their telling agenda: They want to ban the word “bossy”. Yes. The word. Why? Because it’s “offensive.” It holds back the young, up and coming women leaders of the new generation. They believe, and want us to believe, that we cant think for ourselves or raise strong independent young conservative | Read More »

    Lonely Feminist Who Hates Motherhood Tries Again

    Lonely Feminist Who Hates Motherhood Tries Again

    From the diaries… This weekend, people around the internet, including me, pushed back against a post by a blogger named Amy Glass, who wrote that motherhood was an easy and worthless decision that prevents women from being all they can be. Today I find she has responded to the responses, and she just cant help but put her foot in her mouth again. First, she | Read More »