A full spectrum conservative, I have done writing and been an activist in the conservative cause for over 30 years, working for a variety of conservative cause organizations on national defense, economic, freedom, constitutional and Christian conservative issues, as well as candidates for President, U.S. Senator and Congressman (and as a volunteer for state legislator in several different states). The writing includes news releases, statements, speeches, articles, as well as house and prospect fund appeals. The overwhelming majority of this work was written in behalf of another party, with a much smaller amount in my own name. As a professional writer, it is not (in my old fashioned view) a good thing for your principal for it to be widely known that you have done writing for them. The writer for hire should in fact, stay behind the scenes so that the credit for the writing work goes to his principal. Therefore, for more than 10 years, little to nothing has been written or published in my own name, to protect the interests of the clients I have done work for in the past and continuing into the future. I have decided to expend some of my efforts most recently, to help the work of the Freedom Leadership Conference being held monthly in Northern Virginia, because it is a full spectrum conservative function working to build our conservative coalition. I am a longstanding and strong subscriber to Human Events (RIP), attendee at CPAC and find myself in agreement on most issues with REDSTATE and especially Erick Erickson. I help write at the website of and at the facebook "fan" page by the same name. and look for new facebook friends for me there as well (Glenn Ryt).


    Hillary Clinton and Two Liberal Congressmen Call Heroes of Benghazi Liars

    Hillary Clinton wasn’t the first one to call the three heroes of Benghazi liars after their story is reaching more Americans through their book and now a new movie released two weeks ago by the same name, 13 Hours, The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.  That “honor” goes to two liberal Democrat Congressmen.  Former Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet and President of an international | Read More »