Video: Progressives’ “Nazi” Rhetoric Begins With George Soros

    Media Matters, a George Soros propaganda organization masquerading as a media watchdog, is exhibiting its hypocrisy again. In an article titled Fox’s “Nazi” rhetoric also comes straight from the top, they took a comment by Fox News head Roger Ailes and used it as a starting point to attack almost every commentator on the network: In a recent interview, Fox News chairman Roger Ailes referred | Read More »

    When Liberals Attack: The True Story of How The Media Screwed Up The Helen Thomas Scandal

    Promoted from the diaries. – mgmt Much has happened since Rabbi Nesenoff emailed me his video interview of Helen Thomas containing her now-famous declaration that Jews should get the hell out of Palestine and go back to their homes in Germany and Poland. Upon first watching the interview, I saw it a big story and was determined to make it go viral. The objective was | Read More »

    NY-22 Congressman Maurice Hinchey’s Earmarks Reek of Corruption

    Congressman Maurice Hinchey, D-NY 22nd District, has a unique distinction, he is the regions number-one porker according to the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste which put Hinchey’s earmarks at $54.96 million. What makes Hinchey’s earmarks especially interesting is that $800,000 of the earmarked tax dollars may have gone for a sewer infrastructure project that will help the Partition Street Project, a project in which | Read More »