This week, Wednesday and Thursday appear to shaping up to be an all-out assault on freedom in the State of New Jersey.

On gun control, according to Breitbart’s AWR Hawkins:

The Democrat leadership in the New Jersey Assembly plans on ramming through 24 different anti-gun measures on Feb. 13 and 14.

In addition, the assault on union-free construction workers continues.

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Last month, the New Jersey Senate approved a union-sponsored bill–written by Ironworkers’ organizer and NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney–that would discriminate against union-free construction workers.

Now, along with taking aim at New Jersey’s gun owners, union-bought legislators in the Democrat-controlled state assembly are voting on the bill to discriminate against non-union construction workers this Thursday.

If the bill passes in the Assembly and signed into law*, the Project Labor Agreement expansion, which dictates union construction workers be used on specific projects–including projects involving Hurricane Sandy cleanup and reconstruction–may lead to discriminating against over 75% of New Jersey’s construction workers who choose to be union-free.

A study on Project Labor Agreements was conducted by the State of New Jersey in fiscal year 2008 but only released in October 2010. This study, cited by the Associated Builders & Contractors, points out that schools built with PLAs vs. schools built without PLAs cost NJ taxpayers 30.5% more.

According to the ABC’s Truth About Project Labor Agreements website:

Sen. Sweeney and the Senate Democrats are claiming this bill is important because it would ensure local construction workers are employed on Superstorm Sandy recovery projects. But readers of this blog know that PLA mandates do not ensure a local workforce on public construction projects. They are nothing more than Big Labor handouts at the taxpayers’ expense. Not only will this bill open the door to the waste of taxpayer dollars, it will also ensure the vast majority of New Jersey’s hardworking and well-trained construction workforce will not have an opportunity to compete for critical recovery projects in their own communities.

It’s also worth noting that Sen. Sweeney makes $207,000 a year as a paid organizer for the International Association of Ironworkers (BSOIW), a union whose members typically benefit from PLA mandates on public construction projects. New Jersey Ironworkers’ locals, in particular, would profit from this proposed expansion of the PLA Act because they often perform significant work on bridge projects. Absent a PLA, this work could be assigned to contractors signatory to other competing trade unions, or qualified nonunion contractors and their employees through a normal competitive bidding process. [Emphasis added.]

    * Previously, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had vowed to oppose Project Labor Agreements. However, it is not known whether recent union overtures has softened Christie’s stance.

What you can do

If you live in New Jersey, you can e-mail the assembly and tell them you think eliminating New Jerseyans’ 2nd Amendment Rights and discrimination based on union membership is wrong.

Here are the e-mail addresses you can send your concerns to:
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