Michael A. Needham is the Chief Executive Officer of Heritage Action for America. A native of New York, Needham is a former Chief of Staff to Heritage Foundation President Ed Feulner. He also served as director of Heritage


    A Trump Education for the Establishment

    Promoted to the front by Erick Like clockwork, in recent years, The Wall Street Journal editorial page has lectured conservatives about the imprudence of their frustrations and need to fall in line with the orders of the Washington establishment. It is to be expected then that they view Donald Trump’s rise in the polls as a creation of those of us who have been trying | Read More »

    The Secret to Repealing Obamacare

    Promoted by Erick. In June, some establishment Republicans were arguing we should repeal and replace only the most politically unpopular provisions of Obamacare. Heritage Action for America disagreed.  We launched an aggressive, nation-wide campaign to repeal Obamacare, and all the taxes, mandates and regulations associated with the new law.  Americans want it.  Our children deserve it. And we need your help to make it happen.