Morton C. Blackwell has served as the National Committeeman of the Republican Party of Virginia since 1988. Professionally, Morton Blackwell is the president of the Leadership Institute, a non-partisan educational foundation he founded in 1979. His institute prepares conservatives for success in politics, government and the news media. Over the years the Leadership Institute has trained more than 76,000 students. It currently has revenue of $12.7 million per year and a staff of 58. In youth politics, Mr. Blackwell was a College Republican state chairman and a Young Republican state chairman in Louisiana. He served on the Young Republican National Committee for more than a dozen years, rising to the position of Young Republican National Federation national vice chairman at large. Off and on for five years, 1965-1970, he worked as executive director of the College Republican National Committee under four consecutive College Republican national chairmen. He served on the Louisiana Republican state central committee for eight years. First elected to the Arlington County (Virginia) Republican Committee in 1972, he is a member of the Virginia Republican state central committee and was first elected in 1988 as Virginia


    Do You Want to be a National Convention Delegate?

    The Big Convention comes only once every four years. It’s too good an opportunity to miss.

    If you plan carefully, work hard, and keep alert for good breaks, you may make a difference at a national convention. And you’ll learn a lot.

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    What’s the Real Nature of Conservative Politics?

    Political terms mean different things in different countries, and they mean different things in the same countries at different times. In the United States and across the world in the 19th Century, the word “liberal” described someone primarily concerned about liberty. Over the years, the word “liberal,” deliberately adopted by the left in the United States, has come to mean here someone committed to, among | Read More »

    Saving the National Republican Rules from the Ginsberg Blunders in Tampa

    Circulated by me January 20, 2013 to members of the Republican National Committee. *** Dear RNC Colleague, On January 13, I submitted to our Chairman and our Secretary the below motion to amend The Rules of the Republican Party. In the years before our 2012 Republican National Convention, the RNC’s Standing Committee on Rules (one member per state and territory) met to consider possible changes | Read More »

    An open letter to conservatives

    I had a very exciting time at the Republican National Convention.  My conservative allies and I all worked very hard in the presidential election. When I woke up the day after the election, everything I had worked for appeared to be in ruins.  An extreme leftist had been reelected president of the United States. Some liberal Republicans immediately began to blame newly activated conservatives for | Read More »

    Advice On Picking a Vice President

    Discussion of the vice presidential nomination, while a topic useful to journalists and commentators who have deadlines to meet, is quite often a waste of time, if discussion is meant to influence the actual decision. It’s in every presumptive nominee’s interest to keep as many influential people as possible believing they are on the future presidential nominee’s short list.  That leads them to do all | Read More »