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    Leading With the Budget

    This week the Senate will follow the House in passing a federal budget that presents a remarkable contrast in governing ability and philosophy between Republicans and Democrats. When Democrats ran one or both houses of Congress, they failed for six straight years to do the most basic function of the Legislative Branch: pass a concurrent budget resolution to determine how the federal government will spend | Read More »

    Yes, Past Performance Does Indicate Future Results

    From the diaries. . . Rick Santorum makes an excellent point that “past performance really does indicate future results.” I completely agree—but not just “in Mitt Romney’s case.” Rick Santorum became the third-highest ranking Republican in the Senate in 2001 at a time when Republicans inherited balanced budgets, surpluses, and conservative, pro-life majorities.  Senator Santorum and his big spending GOP allies proceeded to squander this | Read More »

    $2.50 per Gallon Gasoline, Energy Independence and Jobs

    To hear the White House and President Obama tell it, high gasoline prices are here to stay and we better get used to them. If Americans would quiet down and accept $4.00 a gallon gas, it would certainly make the President and his environmentalist allies happy—but it would also require us to forget everything we know about American energy. During the years I was speaker | Read More »

    Winning in ’10 Means Utilizing the Power of 10

    Recovery Begins on Election Day 2010. There is a rising political tide in the United States, a wave that could usher in the biggest realignment of the U.S. Congress in decades. But in order for the American people to defeat the job killers, voters must show up at the polls on November 2nd, and they have to show up big time.