Persecution Myth?

    One of the traditional purposes for studying History has been to learn from it, to see how past events can shed light on the present.  This is possible assuming the history presented is true. Unfortunately, in our postmodern era of relativism, history has become a malleable tool to justify one’s philosophical and/or political inclinations—with all the wild anachronisms, projections, and conjectures that entails. Happily, there | Read More »

    The Terrible Extent of Islamist Deceit and Betrayal

    A recent assassination attempt in Turkey offers valuable lessons for the West concerning Islamist hate—and the amount of deceit and betrayal that hate engenders towards non-Muslim “infidels.” Last January, an assassination plot against a Christian pastor in Turkey was thwarted.  Police arrested 14 suspects.  Two of them had been part of the pastor’s congregation for more than a year, feigning interest in Christianity.   One went so far | Read More »

    Exposed: President Morsi’s ‘Brotherhoodization’ Plan for Egypt

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s former General Guide, Mahdi Akef, the organization’s supreme leader from 2004-2010, declared during an interview published yesterday by Kuwait’s well-known newspaper, Al Jarida, that the “Brotherhoodization” of Egypt’s state organs—which would see the transformation of Egypt into the image of the Muslim Brotherhood—is President Muhammad Morsi’s grand plan for the nation. Akef was referring to Morsi’s electoral program, also known as his | Read More »