Hitting Obama’s nerve: A gaping chink in the armor opened up by a Cantor offer reveals what the debt ceiling fight is really about

    Promoted from diaries by Bill Amazing how the Democratic majority Senate hasn’t passed a budget in over two years.  Wait a minute, they haven’t even presented one.  They just vote down whatever budget comes out of the House and don’t present any alternative to avoid taking tough votes because there are 23 Democratic senators up for re-election in 2012.  And now suddenly President Obama is | Read More »

    CO, PA, IL, and WV. The final push in the Senate races

    From the diaries by Erick There is a second poll out this morning showing Joe Sestak leading Pat Toomey 44-41 in the race for the Pennsylvania Senate seat.  Now, I take these college/university polls with a grain of salt so you can take it for what what it is worth.  However, looking at the internals of this poll, they don’t seem that much out of | Read More »