Ron Paul is the Real Warmonger

    In the last few weeks I’ve been called a neo-con, a Zionist, and a warmonger in various online forums. All by “liberty” supporting Ron Paul fans who insist that history is calling Ron Paul to step forward and rescue America from itself. While I’ve always been on the right I was at one time a Libertarian so I’ll accept the term neo-Con, and since I | Read More »

    The Casey Anthony Verdict is Not an Endorsement of Our Criminal Justice System

    From the diaries by Erick When the Casey Anthony verdict was announced I expected celebration from her defense team. I was more taken aback by the celebratory tone taken by pundits like Geraldo Rivera and Judge Andrew Napolitano. Their position is the same one that many liberals, anti-death penalty activists and libertarians are promoting now: this proves the system works. But it doesn’t. The American | Read More »