Incrementalism Doesn’t Work for the Right, Look at the Food Stamp Bill

    Incrementalism works for the Left. It doesn’t work for the Right. Unfortunately, that is not the working axiom for most within the Republican establishment who think instead that incrementalism is the only legislative route for the Right. They will point to a Ted Kennedy, and all the incremental leftward compromises made over the years as our model for rightward movement. But it’s this strategic disagreement | Read More »

    Why Every House Conservative Should Oppose the Highway Bill

    As the week continues to unfold, House Republicans continue to whip the votes on the centerpiece of their legislative agenda. I wanted to consolidate and summarize the main reasons for conservative opposition, because if conservatives listen, we can bring this bill down and start over with a fiscally responsible reform plan. Here are the top five reasons to oppose the highway bill (HR 7): 1) | Read More »

    House Conservatives Need to Block the Coming Highway Bailout

    As part of their ongoing “jobs agenda,” House Republicans will unveil this week and soon consider the American Energy & Infrastructure Act (AEIA) to reauthorize transportation spending for five years. The “highway bill” promises a host of reforms (consolidating programs and streamlining red tape) and includes increased oil and gas exploration. But unfortunately these reforms are meant to distract from the overall size of the | Read More »

    Ramesh Ponnuru Moves the Goal Posts

    In response to my post debunking one of the main Republican establishment myths, Ramesh Ponnuru claims that I joust with phantoms by “doing battle with someone he calls by my name but has very different views.” Yet he moves the goal posts in three ways that suggest those phantoms might be too close to reality for his own comfort. First, Ramesh now admits there was, | Read More »

    Debunking the Election Myths of the Republican Establishment

    Ramesh Ponnuru, one of the more respected pundits of the establishment right, recently penned a widely-circulated article that took issue with the notion that Republicans lost their way during the Bush years to their political detriment. He argued that conservatives have created a false narrative, based on a bad reading of history, that “ideological purity, especially on spending, had caused those [electoral] losses,” in 2006 | Read More »

    House Republicans Set to Again Violate Their Pledge to America

    With much fanfare in the midst of their campaign to take back control of the House of Representatives, House Republicans unveiled their Pledge to America. Many conservatives thought it was an enormous missed opportunity to lock a new Republican majority into a bold reform agenda. But House Republicans said that they wanted to under promise and over deliver. Who knew their conservative critics would end | Read More »

    Reid Goes Nuclear To Block The President’s Stimulus Plan

    Harry Reid just went there. In a stunning parliamentary move, Reid invoked the infamous “nuclear option” this evening on the Senate floor to bar Republicans from getting votes on amendments without Reid’s permission. In short, he used a simple majority to do an end run around the rules of the Senate that make it the greatest deliberative body in the world. Here is what is | Read More »

    The Crusade to Cave

    I feel like a broken record, but it is just very hard to give some people the benefit of the doubt. It is one thing after another, day after day. House Republican Leaders are on a crusade to cave with the President. Never mind that in the opinion of nearly every main stream political analyst the President is on the ropes. My inbox is flooded | Read More »

    Darrell Issa and the Ongoing Fight Against Postal Bailouts

    Most Americans by now have heard via numerous press accounts that the United States Postal Service (USPS) is on the brink of default in the absence of Congressional action. Now this does not mean that the mail system is going to shut down all of a sudden. It means that the Postal Service will violate the law by not making its $5.5 billion debt payment to | Read More »

    House Republicans Ram Highway Bill Through Without a Roll Call Vote

    House Republican Leaders seem absolutely hell bent on violating their own budget. First they announce that the legislation or the “continuing resolution” to extend discretionary funding for the next fiscal year will exceed the House-passed, Paul Ryan budget resolution by $24 billion and line up instead with the sacred debt limit agreement. Then we find out that a separate bill (H.R. 2887) to extend the | Read More »

    Message to RSC Members: Get in or Get Out

    Rep. Jim Jordan, the Chairman of the Republican Study Committee (RSC), is taking massive heat from many of his own colleagues within the RSC for his public opposition to the Boehner debt deal. RSC staff is being called out by name for doing their job effectively. Calls are coming from all Leadershipistas to fire the RSC staff. These members—such as Rep. Renee Ellmers (NC)—don’t like | Read More »

    Corporate Welfare Gets New Life in the House

    Ronald Reagan once said that, “The closest thing to eternity is a government program.” Case in point: The Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank, which has made most every conservative list of programs to eliminate over the last few decades. The House Financial Services Committee—controlled by Republicans—recently passed legislation (H.R. 2072) to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank, which is nothing more than corporate welfare to corporations that export. It | Read More »

    Stop the Natural Gas Streaker!

    There are a lot of bad policy ideas dreamed up on a daily basis on Capitol Hill, and many get turned into bills by Congressmen. Thankfully, most of these bills go nowhere. But occasionally, a policy streaker comes out of left field and makes a heady gambit for prime-time exposure and a floor vote in either the House or the Senate. A bill often becomes | Read More »

    The Strategy of Short-Term CR Opponents: A Response to Keith Hennessey

    Keith Hennessey critiqued opponents of the short-term CR making the case that our intransience is hurting the cause. It has been endlessly forwarded around to conservatives since yesterday. Keith argues that the short-term strategy is better because it allows the spending cut coalition to avoid the pitfalls of a public shutdown fight. He argues that conservatives who disagree either have no strategic plan and/or want | Read More »

    This is What Leadership Looks Like

    As a quick update, here are the heroes with public statements against the short-term CR. Consider these the men and women who are leading the charge in the House and Senate. The list of no votes is much longer, as many prefer to keep their position private until they vote. But that shouldn’t stop us from recognizing a leaders’ row in the run-up to the vote: | Read More »