The end-user license of liberty

    One of my favorite Dilbert cartoons showed the hero’s laconic office mate, Wally, discovers to his horror that agreeing to the Microsoft End User License Agreement meant he would have to spend several months of indentured servitude as a towel boy at Bill Gates’ pool.  I thought of it when hearing the sarcastic suggestion today that we might all have unknowingly agreed to the NSA’s | Read More »

    The Chuck Schumer Republicans Roll Amnesty Train Down the Cliff

    The Senate just voted 82-15 to proceed with debate on the amnesty/immigration deform bill.  Every Democrat voted yes, laying waste to the notion that there are still moderate red state Democrats.  15 Republicans voted to stand with We the People against the La Raza foreign lobby/K Street juke box: Barrasso, Boozman, Crapo, Cruz, Enzi, Grassley, Inhofe, Kirk, Lee, Risch, Roberts, Scott, Sessions, Shelby, Vitter McCain, | Read More »

    Huelskamp Moves to Protect Conservative Christian Soldier

    A Midwestern lawmaker is calling on his colleagues in Congress to offer cover to an Army soldier under fire for his conservative political views and religious faith, and accusing the Obama administration of “creating a tyrannical culture of political correctness in the military.” Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan.,  is introducing an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would prevent the Army from conducting a | Read More »

    Instead of Taking Care Of Business, They’re Getting Into Ours

    You know what the problem with America is? We haven’t had to try our hardest in a long, long time and it’s showing. It’s been over 70 years since we had to pull out all the stops and put the totality of our civilian know-how and full power of our military forces to the maximum test and since then, only feeling it necessary to half-ass | Read More »

    New Poll: Americans are Okay with NSA Phone Spying

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech discuss the latest in the NSA spying scandal, a shocking new poll and how complaints about spying change with the political winds.

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    IRS lectures pro-life group on acceptable speech, practice of religion.

    By the way, and for the record: IRS Agent Sherry Wan is full of… is incorrect in her understanding of the First Amendment to the Constitution, and should be made aware of this at the earliest opportunity. The transcript is here: it relates a conversation between Pro-Life Revolution’s Ania Joseph and IRS Agent Wan. The agent’s thought processes are perfectly summed up by this part:


    Over Criminalization and the NSA

    One of the sites I routinely read,, linked to a new book out I have not read. It is called Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent. This is an issue I care deeply about from my days as an indigent criminal defense attorney to my present study and review of prosecutorial overreach in the United States.The issue of over criminalization | Read More »


    Tech at Night: A few words on the Playstation 4. A Traitor and the Glenns Greenwald? I should trust THEM?

    Tech at Night

    So, there’s a lot of hype about the Playstation 4 right now. It’s premature to get too hyped up about it though, for a few reasons:

    First, Sony (RIAA and MPAA member) has a much worse track record than Microsoft does about skinning the sheep when it comes to the customers. Note that even as one hand Monday was waving the used games bloody shirt, the other hand was announcing mandatory Playstation Plus. Sony did a masterful job Monday playing to the press and the social media, but you know who else did that? Barack Obama, and we know how much of the hype he lived up to.

    Second, I’m old enough to remember when Sony fanboys were outraged about Xbox 360′s paid Live account requirements, and how Playstation 3 was allegedly better because you got the full feature set built-in with a free PSN account. Well, sometime along the way, PS3 got the same paid account bonuses Xbox 360 had. Funny that. So what happens if Sony changes their mind again, this time about used games, a year or two down the line?

    Third, this is a five year war. Let’s say nothing changes from now. What happens if Microsoft wins the exclusives war because of the used games feature? EA didn’t cancel online passes out of the goodness of their hearts, folks.

    Fourth, I’m also old enough to remember how I was told the last generation was supposed to be a war between Microsoft and Sony, when Nintendo’s innovation won the day. Well, now Sony and Microsoft are all about motion controls, while Nintendo’s shipping a tablet and possibly going online with Pokemon. Too early to declare winners or losers. Again, this is a five year war.

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    I Am Not Rushing To Judgment On Edward Snowden

    I Am Not Rushing To Judgment On Edward Snowden

    Earlier today I spoke with foreign policy expert Stephen Yates, who worked for the NSA for several years and served as an adviser to former VP Dick Cheney. Yates notes that Hong Kong has an extradition treaty with the United States, yet it is interesting that Snowden chose there of all places. “To a simple minded-person, it’s close to Hawaii, has a lot of international | Read More »

    @NYTimes: The Dog Ate My Global Warming.

    Any sane person can see that 73 climate models failed to predict a 15-year plateau in Global Warming. But the New York Times is no sane person.

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    Non-accountability marches onward at the IRS

    How is the great crusade to bring accountability to the IRS coming along?  According to Eliana Johnson at National Review, the Director of Rulings and Agreements, Holly Paz, just became “the fifth Washington D.C.-based IRS official involved in the current scandal to leave her position.” According to the House Oversight Committee, Paz was involved in an internal IRS investigation that in May 2012 concluded that the agency had been | Read More »

    A Primer on the Upcoming Senate Immigration Debate

    On Tuesday afternoon, Harry Reid plans to bring the amnesty/immigration deform bill (S.744) to the floor for the first procedural vote – cloture on motion to proceed with debate.  Harry Reid can probably count on all 54 Democrats voting for cloture, with the possible exception of Mark Pryor (AR).  In a sane world, Senate Republicans would all vote against the motion (even assuming we lose | Read More »

    Julian Assange Had A Point

    By now, we’ve all gone through the mourning period requisite to accept that any privacy we expected to have as American Citizens is dead. The War on Terror killed it. In a sense, Osama Bin Laden won. He’s spiking the football down in hell as we speak. If he hated us for our freedoms, he should lighten up a bit and chill. Those freedoms are increasingly becoming non-existent – a casualty of war so to speak.

    The recent revelations of Edward Snowden, even if partially inflated by bravado and imagination, suggest that everything I’ve written above is the sad truth about Post-modern America. We are increasingly becoming The Orwell State.

    And the people wielding all the special powers we enacted to fight The War on Terror still wield them without any let-up. They wield them without let-up right after they announced the war was coming to an end. So if the GWOT is over and done with, who does the administration consider the enemy? Or worse yet, does the administration even feel the need for an enemy? Do they consider the police state a naturally justifiable equilibrium? All of these questions above are fine and dandy for batting around the dorm hall amidst a cloud of epistemological bong smoke. If you don’t like the answers to any of the questions I’ve posited then here’s the only question that matters: what do you intend to do about it? Glen Greenwald offers one response below.

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    Bill Cassidy’s Complicated Relationship With Obamacare

    When the establishment is looking to recruit someone to run for Senate, they first look to find like-minded people in the House.  What better person to be a yes-man for McConnell than someone who has been a yes-man for House leadership?  Their latest recruit is Congressman Bill Cassidy who is being supported by all of the establishment in his bid for Senate. Every Republican in | Read More »

    PRISM Must Go

    The revelations on the NSA program code named PRISM are troubling. When coupled with the Obama Administration’s generally lawless behavior it is PRISM, not our foreign enemies, that poses the greatest threat to our nation and our system of government.

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