Rising Food Costs Force McDonald’s to Nix the Dollar Menu

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Scott Lincicome to discuss McDonald’s nixing the Dollar Menu, how rising food costs contributed to that decision and why you pay nearly twice as much for staples like milk, butter and sugar than our friends overseas.

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    Dancing with Mary Jane

    Dancing with Mary Jane

    Gallup reported yesterday that for the first time, a majority of Americans favor legalizing the recreational use of Marijuana. For those who have followed the polling on this issue, this was not a surprise, as trend lines have been moving in this direction for years. What is a surprise is that the question was not particularly close, with marijuana legalization winning by an astounding 58-39 margin. | Read More »

    The Virginia Home Stretch

    On Monday, former President Bill Clinton joined my opponent, Terry McAuliffe on the campaign trail. This, of course, came as little surprise. The Clintons are going all out on behalf of my opponent: hosting fundraising events across the country and joining Terry on the campaign trail for days on end. The Clintons are hoping to use Virginia and Terry McAuliffe as a springboard for Hillary’s | Read More »

    I Support Tea, Cause Coffee Don’t Fax Worth A Damn

    Via our vast network of sources and spies, RedState has exclusively obtained a copy of a new fundraising email that will shock you. Full text included below. (Some links added for context.) The following message has been brought to you by the DNC and the MSM*. It is intended for mature audiences. *Alan Grayson’s extra chins could not be reached for comment. “This morning as | Read More »

    Washington Post: #obamacare exchange flunked pre-launch testing. *Grotesquely*.

    So, if the story’s from the Washington Post, then why am I picking Talking Points Memo as the go-to link for this story? Federal health officials went ahead with the Oct. 1 launch of Obamacare’s online health insurance marketplace despite a failed test days before, the Washington Post reported Monday. Government officials and contractors ran a test to see whether the web portal could handle | Read More »

    Where is Our Amnesty?

    Now that Obama thinks he has successfully remade the American economy and permanently transformed the relationship between the citizen and government, he is working on restructuring society itself.  He plans to move on from Obamacare to immigration deform. Conservatives must ensure that the focus remains on Obamacare.  No immigration-related legislation.  Period.  The idea that we can craft a positive bill with Obama in the White | Read More »

    ObamaCare is greed sanctified through politics

    Money gets a bad rap from some people, because it’s supposed to be the instrument of greed.  Wanting more money is said to be crass.  Indeed, in our modern political culture, wanting to keep your own money is treated as “greed.”  The noble and virtuous demands of the collective, as interpreted by a priesthood of politicians, completely trumps individual self-interest. But it’s easy to be greedy without | Read More »

    Another Way to Look at the Jobs Report

    Another Way to Look at the Jobs Report

    A lot of digital ink has already been spilled on the late September jobs report, which showed that a disappointing 144K jobs were added to payroll (versus an expected 180K). Deciphering what to make of each month’s job report has become a monthly game of political football that is designed (at least on the part of the Democrats) to confuse average voters into not knowing | Read More »

    The Shutdown Delayed September Jobs Report

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the September jobs report, the magic unemployment number and QE infinity.

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    The Republican Schism

    There is a data set within yesterday’s CNN poll that even CNN largely overlooked, but that explains so much of the current tension within the Republican Party. Long after we are dead, pundits and political reporters will still talk about the Rockefeller Republicans vs. the Conservatives and other such archaic divisions that no longer exist except in the rhetorical habits of pretentious political reporters. The | Read More »

    Rep. Joe Garcia’s (D, Florida) former chief of staff is going to jail.

    But there’s no such thing as election fraud in this country: Congressman Joe Garcia’s former chief of staff will head to jail for orchestrating a fraudulent, online absentee-ballot request plot during last year’s elections.

    The high cost of ObamaCare deception

    President Obama’s Rose Garden press conference on the ObamaCare disaster featured a group of 13 human props, lined up on stage behind him to put a face on the alleged virtues of his health care scheme.  It turns out none of them had actually purchased an ObamaCare insurance plan, and only three of them had even completed the application process. What a perfect summary of the disastrous | Read More »

    MS Word’s Spell Check Still Flags “Obamacare”

    Maybe that’s with good reason. The latest incriminating—well-written, too, I dare say—account I’ve read of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or “Obamacare”) is at MoneyMorning. We’ve all read such accounts. They’re proliferating and coming, uh, “fast and furious,” from everywhere. I think it’s inevitable that, once the federal government corrects the glitches in its PPACA sign-up websites and people are actually able to apply for coverage, the | Read More »

    President Calls a Hail Mary to Fix Obamacare

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the failure of CMS as the contractor for Obamacare tech, how the White House should have built the online registration system and what it will take to fix it.

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    The Greek Tragedy of Obamacare

    Have you ever found yourself in a situation where at some point you stop and ask yourself “how the hell did I end up here?” I have, and like a Greek tragedy, usually whatever predicament I found myself in was the result of a number of poor decisions that seemed to compound themselves until they finally reached a point where I had to stop and | Read More »