The Tragic Self Beclowning of Speaker John Boehner

    Speaker Boehner’s budget deal, rammed through the House in violation of his own promise, has been rejected by nearly all GOP Senators. His legacy will be a budget deal that passes the Senate will only Democrat votes.

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    PolitiFact Commits Flip-Flop of the Year

    The mainstream media fact-checking outfit PolitiFact may have just performed the “flip-flop” of the year. The group, which has outlets in several states, named as “Lie of the Year” President Barack Obama’s now infamous claim that under ObamaCare if you like your current health insurance, you can keep it. The presidential claim has been made a lie by the reality of thousands of Americans receiving | Read More »

    The Politics of Football

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech discuss the Mike Shanahan and RG3 saga at the Washington Redskins, the will he won’t he retirement of Mack Brown and if Nick Saban will leave Alabama to coach for the University of Texas.

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    Politifact Gives Itself “Lie of the Year” Award

    After rating the “if you like your plan you can keep your plan” claim as True during the 2008 presidential campaign, the fraudulent “fact checking” group, Politifact, now gives it the Lie of the Year award.

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    This Is Not A Monarchy Watch: panicky HHS just making up new #obamacare ‘laws’ on the spot.

    Glenn Reynolds has a question about this: The Obama administration on Thursday pushed back the deadline for consumers to make their first payment for coverage under the healthcare law. Rather than a deadline of Dec. 23, insurers will be required to accept premium payments through Dec. 31 for people who are seeking coverage that starts on Jan. 1. [snip] In addition to the one-week extension | Read More »

    Boehner’s Crocodile Tears for Amnesty

    It is an odd fight. Such a weird little battle over meaningless and known outcomes. Conservatives, aware from press reports and congressional leaks, knew what would be in the Paul Ryan drafted budget plan. The conservative groups released statements in opposition to the plan based on what they had been told. But there was never any doubt about the Ryan plan passing. After the plan | Read More »

    Up In Smoke

    Hey, it’s only your tax dollars going up in smoke…

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    The Monster In The Mirror: Dark Enlightenment On Why People Hate The West

    I can see the merit of gaining a reasonable comprehension of why people would willing let themselves be subjected to vile indignity until more explosives could be inserted as a suppository for when they blew themselves up in our general vicinity. The unsentimental former Soldier in me considers the mundane obvious. More explosives equals higher P(h)*P(k)*. Quaint; but this doesn’t quite give us the whole story.

    Somebody has to actually be willing to accept a truly uncivilized level of personal depravity and denigration to earn that higher P(h)*P(k). Can you think of anyone that you actually know and interact with that you hate that much? Can you imagine any enemy of non-biblical proportions that you would hate that much on general principles? When our enemies are willing to suffer vile and repulsive things so that they can blow us up; then they see something terrible when they look upon us. I can only reach the logical conclusion that we have quite the image problem. When you are given the gift to see yourself as others see you, you will quite probably encounter The Monster in The Mirror.

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    The Broken GOP House

    We’ve noted many times that the GOP Senate Conference is rotten to the core, as Harry Reid can count on a supermajority at any given time to pass liberal legislation.  Many of us thought that the House was significantly better, although far from perfect.  Sadly, the GOP-controlled House adjourned the 2013 session with a bust. Ever since the details of the budget detail were released, | Read More »

    The forgotten war

    On Wednesday, three of what the Wall Street Journal describes as “the Obama Administration’s top Afghanistan specialists” trudged into the House Foreign Affairs Committee chambers, where they were flummoxed by a question from Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA).  What super-complicated query from the Congressman stumped these highly trained and knowledgeable representatives of the most wise and wonky Administration in history – better able to run every industry than | Read More »

    Welcome to Washington’s Fantasy Land

    If you want to know how out of touch Washington politicians on both sides of the aisle are with hardworking Americans just take a look at the latest bipartisan budget deal. Every responsible American family understands the simple facts of balancing their checkbooks. When times are tough, they cut back to make ends meet. They don’t max out their credit cards and then apply for | Read More »

    On John Boehner’s Temper Tantrum

    Today John Boehner held a press conference and said that the conservative groups who believed him when he said he’d hold the line on sequestration have lost all their credibility for believing him.His histrionics surprised a great many people.What he is doing though is strategic. John Boehner is trying to get the “us vs. them” battle lines drawn before primary season. He needs those lines | Read More »

    Cruz Responds To Coloring Book Controversy

    Cruz Responds To Coloring Book Controversy

    Recently a story made the rounds concerning a coloring book about Senator Ted Cruz published by the Really Big Coloring Book company.  While the company didn’t work with Senator Cruz or his staff on the project, and have previously printed political comic books, that didn’t stop political adversaries of Cruz from associating him with the book. Today, Senator Cruz’s office chose to respond to the “controversy” | Read More »

    GOP Aided by Democrats Attack Conservatives

    Close ally of Speaker John Boehner, Steve LaTourette, has created a Democrat funded super PAC dedicated to attacking conservative candidate. Is this a coincidence? Do you believe in leprechauns?

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    How Cable and Satellite TV Providers Are Using the Net Neutrality Playbook to Regulate Broadcast Television Content

    Promoted from the diaries by Neil

    The American Television Alliance (ATVA), a coalition comprised primarily of cable and satellite TV operators, is using the playbook of net neutrality proponents in a bid to convince the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate prices for broadcast television content. The goal of ATVA’s cable and satellite members is to increase their profit margins by convincing the government to artificially lower the cost of programming they resell to consumers. I suspect the goal of ATVA’s non-profit members, e.g., Public Knowledge and New America Foundation, is to solidify the FCC’s flawed rationale for adopting net neutrality rules in 2010, which imposed restrictions on market arrangements between Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Internet content providers without finding a market failure.

    Many of ATVA’s cable members are also ISPs that have routinely argued against the imposition of net neutrality regulations in the market for Internet services. By supporting ATVA, these same companies appear to have abandoned the intellectual foundation for opposition to net neutrality. Are they now signaling their intent to embrace net neutrality regulation of the Internet?

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