What About the Military

    While in Iowa for Rep. Steve King (R-IA) 79%‘s Freedom Summit, RedState asked the 2016 Presidential candidates about the U.S. military. In particular, we asked them what the future military should look like and also how the military will need to balance cyber-war, Islamic extremists, and traditional military threats. Here’s what they had to say.

    Wow. @ed_kilgore & the Washington Monthly pretend that Scott Walker may not have gotten death threats.

    Now, I get that the Washington Monthly is a political stroke magazine for progressives. That’s fine. But even the sad fetishists that read it are still actual human beings.

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    Obama administration punts on enforcing obamacare. Again. #obamacare

    So the White House is, yet again, delaying a critical part of Obamacare. This monstrosity has far too many critical parts, you know what I mean?

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    Matt Mayer: Could a Third Party Rise in Congress?

    Given the long history of America’s two-party system, the historical odds of the U.S. becoming a multi-party political system like most European countries weren’t high. Those odds, however, may be increasing, as the leadership in both parties confronts an increasingly hostile wing. Those wings find far deeper support among the activist voting base of the parties. Safe-seat redistricting has lead to the rise of these | Read More »

    John Judis: About That Inevitable, Permanent Majority for the Democrats

    John Judis: About That Inevitable, Permanent Majority for the Democrats

    A few days ago, John Judis, the co-author of the book on every liberal’s bookshelf, The Emerging Democratic Majority, took to the pages of National Journal to write an article called The Emerging Republican Advantage. At the time, some commentators, including me, hailed the onset of an enduring Democratic majority. And the arguments in defense of this view did seem to be backed by persuasive evidence. | Read More »

    White House Unaware of Obamacare

    Obamacare is a tax. This really isn’t something that should be in dispute. When the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act and called it a tax, President Obama and his followers triumphantly said, “It’s the law.” When you Google “Obamacare is a…” the first response isn’t “success,” but rather “tax.” Now, with tax filing season upon us and a projected 4-6 million households | Read More »

    Sick (Pro-life) Beats

    I love Kelly Clarkson’s new single, ‘Heartbeat Song.’ Considering she has been my favorite singer since she became the first American Idol back in 2002, I may be a little biased. But, my appreciation for her newest hit goes beyond my personal fandom. Attempting a scientific advancement that has never been done before in music, Clarkson chose to use her daughter’s prenatal heartbeat as the | Read More »

    RedState 2016 Presidential Primary Power Rankings: Week 1

    RedState 2016 Presidential Primary Power Rankings: Week 1

    Hello and welcome to a new and (hopefully) weekly segment at RedState, the Weekly 2016 Presidential Primary Power Rankings. Each week on Tuesday, I will be compiling this list based on a “secret sauce” formula that I made up that factors in polling data, fundraising information, news items of the week, organization/staff readiness, and more subjective things like “momentum” and “buzz,” which don’t really exist | Read More »

    Chris Christie Works To Lose Pro-Life Goodwill Gained In Iowa

    Chris Christie Works To Lose Pro-Life Goodwill Gained In Iowa

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gained favor from conservatives and received praise from pro-life activists at the Iowa Freedom Summit just over a week ago. When Christie said, “Being pro-life isn’t a political liability”, I cheered. Erick Erickson noted that Christie gets points just for showing up, but he also stated that he was personally impressed with what Christie had said to a potentially hostile | Read More »

    Chris Christie embraces Obama’s slur of pro-life movement

    Chris Christie embraces Obama's slur of pro-life movement

    Obama and his followers have long been fond of slurring the pro-life movement by saying pro-lifers don’t care about children or people once they’ve been born. This, of course, is patent nonsense. If you look at the organizations and the people who support the larger pro-life movement you generally find the same organizations and people actively involved in adoption, foster care, elder care, helping the | Read More »

    A Recap of this Year’s Super Bowl and its Dad-vertising

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Josh Zerkle to discuss Super Bowl XLIX, Seattle’s epic collapse at the end and the dad-vertising commercials.

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    Really? Vaccines?

    Really?  Vaccines?

    With growing tensions in the Middle East, terrorism, American reassessments of overseas adventures, economic issues at home, and so much more, the media has decided this week’s most pressing issue is vaccinations. In 2008, Barack Obama declared the science of vaccinations inconclusive. On Friday, White House Press Secretary Josh Ernst said “I’m not going stand up here and dispense medical advice,” Earnest said, according to | Read More »

    Tech at Night: Having attacked common sense, FCC now shoots at Federalism

    Tech at Night: Having attacked common sense, FCC now shoots at Federalism

    Common sense is gone at FCC, so now they want to chuck the Constitution, too. You see, some states have wisely prohibited their cities from implementing socialized Internet access, aka ‘municipal Internet’ or ‘free WiFi’. FCC wants to meddle and force-legalize socialized Internet nationwide. “What, me worry about the Constitution?” – Tom “Alfred E.” Wheeler, FCC Chairman?

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott declares Feb 2nd Chris Kyle Day

    Governor Greg Abbott has declared that, going forward, February 2nd  should be known as “Chris Kyle Day” in Texas,  honoring one of the state’s, and America’s , greatest modern military heroes. In the recent film directed by Clint Eastwood, American Sniper depicts the story of Kyle; a United States Navy SEAL, father, husband, and honored with the title of “deadliest sniper in American history”.  It was only | Read More »

    I’m done with the Super Bowl. The leftists have won.

    I'm done with the Super Bowl.  The leftists have won.

    There are a lot of folks who watch the Super Bowl for the experience and could care less who wins the game. It’s about the party, the time with friends and family, and just to have fun.  Super Bowl 49 (or whatever the Roman numerals are) slammed the brakes on that experience and brought it to a screeching halt. The TV ads are one of | Read More »