The RNC: In Communities and There to Stay

    Back in January, I shared with RedState my vision for the RNC’s field operation and some of the lessons we had learned from the 2012 election: As a party, we must recognize that we live in an era of permanent politics. We must stop living nominee-to-nominee, campaign to campaign. As we saw this election, our opponent benefited from a multi-year head-start. Now is the time | Read More »

    Organizing for Action Takes on Climate Change Because Jobs Are Not Important

    Organizing for Action Takes on Climate Change Because Jobs Are Not Important

    Here in Middle Georgia we have had very few days this year above ninety degrees, which is unusual. It took my zinnias a bit longer than normal to bloom. We have, however, had more than double our normal rainfall. I have saved a good bit of money on not running the sprinkler system. The rosemary, basil, and thyme are doing quite well. Downtown Los Angeles | Read More »

    There Is Only Gender

    You might look at my Caucasian features and wonder why I am claiming to be an African American.  I may not be a natural descendent of African American lineage, but I feel black and have thus decided to identify as African American. Since I identify as African American, I am African American, and you must accept me as such. Because I claim my identity as | Read More »

    MSNBC and Organizing For Action Coordinate Activity

    Organizing For Action, Barack Obama’s equivalent of Woodrow Wilson’s Committee on Public Information, has a website up of climate deniers in the House of Representatives. OFA wants its members to harass the “climate deniers”.Today is Organizing for Action’s big climate change day. They intend to march out into the public square and attack members of Congress, conservatives, and others who aren’t in on their campaign | Read More »

    Is it Time for College Football Players to Get Paid?

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Josh Zerkle to discuss the Johnny Manziel scandal at Texas A&M, why it may be time for the NCAA to start compensating players and the rise of the dual threat quarterback in the NFL.

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    Wimps, Frauds, and Charlatans

    In case you missed it, because for some reason the national press has ignored what should be a salacious story, Tennessee Senator Lamar! Alexander’s political campaign coordinated the “timing and even funding for” an exhibit about Lamar! Alexander. Alexander is gearing up for a re-election campaign in 2014 where he expects to get a primary challenge. He used your tax dollars to secure an earmark | Read More »

    #NRCC aggressively swinging in NY-19 race.

    This is what you see when you go to (Sean Eldridge being the Democratic elitist carpetbagger trying to beat sitting Congressman Chris Gibson):    

    Missouri Bans Satire

    Sunday I wrote about how Tuffy the Clown, who clearly should be droned, wore an Obama mask at the rodeo. Because it wasn’t a Bush mask he was banned for life and all future clowns must now go through Clown Sensitivity Training. You think I’m making this up. The fair also said if the association is to ever sponsor a rodeo again, it must first | Read More »

    Why We Are Here

    Why We Are Here

    I occasionally read diaries and comments here and wonder if there’s a full appreciation of why RedState exists and what we’re trying to enable with our readers/members.  Redstate has three specific goals, as documented on our “About” page: Educate conservatives Motivate conservatives to get involved in the political process Activate conservatives through RedState’s support and tools There is a pretty basic mission behind those goals:  | Read More »

    President Obama’s auto fatality gaffe

    President Obama said some rather strange things during his appearance on The Tonight Show last week, but one gaffe in particular has flown low under the radar.  While he was attempting to downplay the resurgence of al-Qaeda, the President said, “The odds of people dying in a terrorist attack obviously are still a lot lower than in a car accident, unfortunately.” This was before he | Read More »

    Live from Macon, GA: My Take on the Georgia Senate Race

    Live from Macon, GA: My Take on the Georgia Senate Race

    Here in Middle Georgia, fresh from making buttermilk peach ice cream from a fresh crop of Georgia peaches to go with my wife’s homemade pound cake, comes word that Republicans are worried about Georgia. With this article circulating from The Hill about the state of the GOP primary in Georgia, more folks have emailed asking for my thoughts. I’ve put them off to let the | Read More »

    Duck Dynasty Goes to Washington?

    Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson is being eyed as a candidate for Congress in the Bayou state. Millions have watched his antics on the show, but could Robertson turn that into votes in Louisiana’s 5th Congressional District? Current seat holder Rodney Alexander is retiring to take a job in Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s administration leaving his Congressional seat open and prompting a special election set | Read More »

    The Protocols of the Elders of South Dakota

    When Edward Schumacher-Matos signed to serve as the NPR Ombudsman he probably forgot his hip-boots. He was blissfully unaware that his job description would include a thorough mucking of the Augean Stables. When NPR reporter Laura Sullivan ran a series that accused the state of South Dakota of removing Native American children from reservation homes and farming them out to wealthy Caucasian foster parents to collect federal subsidies for the adoption, he knew that he had stepped into a bear-trap of a professional assignment.

    Schumacher-Matos took Sullivan apart and NPR to task. He detailed five fundamental professional ethics violations that occurred in the reporting of the story. He gets straight to the point below.

    The series committed five sins that violate NPR’s code of standards and ethics. They were:
    1. No proof for its main allegations of wrongdoing;
    2. Unfair tone in communicating these unproven allegations;
    3. Factual errors, shaky anecdotes and misleading use of data by quietly switching what was being measured;
    4. Incomplete reporting and lack of critical context;
    5. No response from the state on many key points.

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    Can Jeff Bezos Save Print Media?

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the purchase of the Washington Post by Jeff Bezos, if he can use his vision and technology to change our consumption of news, and some amazing Bitcoin statistics.

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    McConnell Experiences Election Cycle Catharsis – Sort of

    McConnell Experiences Election Cycle Catharsis – Sort of

    This past year, we have witnessed the wholesale collapse of the Senate GOP Conference.  With the help of Senate Republicans, Democrats successfully passed the fiscal cliff tax hike/stimulus bill, amnesty, a massive farm bill, an internet sales tax, and most recently – the confirmation of an array of radical executive nominees. Throughout this year, as John McCain and Lindsey Graham have divided the conference, everyone | Read More »