Bringing Mitch McConnell Out of the Shadows

    Mitch McConnell got another lucky break today when Obama announced his latest climate fascism that will cripple the coal industry.  He was provided with another low-hanging talking point to distract from the most immediate threat of amnesty – something he actually has the power to stop. In case you were wondering why McConnell hasn’t given any floor speeches opposing this bill, and refused to state | Read More »

    Meet The New Paula Deen: MN Rep Ryan Winkler Slurs SCOTUS Justice

    Meet The New Paula Deen: MN Rep Ryan Winkler Slurs SCOTUS Justice

    Angry over Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s participation in the high court’s Voting Rights Act decision, Minnesota State Rep Ryan Winkler (D/Labor Party) called Justice Thomas an “Uncle Tom.” He later said that he didn’t know what the term meant that that it was “debatable” whether or not it was racist. While Clarence Thomas grew up the descendants of slaves in a part of Georgia | Read More »

    St. Louis Police Chief Wants Drones

    St. Louis Police Chief Wants Drones

    St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson wrote to the Federal Aviation Administration as a first step request for drones in St. Louis. Dotson wants to pay for drone use with taxpayer dollars and donations. Privacy advocates object: “This is a significant expansion of government surveillance,” complained Jeffrey Mittman, executive director of ACLU of Eastern Missouri. “Our laws have not kept up with our privacy rights. | Read More »

    A Roundup of Farm Bill Votes

    As promised, here is a review of some of the major amendments offered during debate over the farm bill in the House.  You can click here to see the color-coded spreadsheet of how each Republican voted on the amendments and final passage.  The bill failed 195-234 with 62 Republicans voting no. Here is a synopsis of some of the major amendments with the vote tallies: | Read More »

    The CFPB is Gathering Your Financial Data

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by John Berlau to discuss the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, their new administrator and why the bureau’s information gathering is just as scary as the NSA.

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    Remember: today is Barack Obama’s War On Coal speech.

    The only real question is whether Barack Obama will use the actual phrase. Certainly, his administration is trying to get the notion out there: “The one thing the president really needs to do now is to begin the process of shutting down the conventional coal plants,” Daniel P. Schrag, a member of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology, told the New York | Read More »

    The Stories They Told

    The Stories They Told

    Republicans (and red state Democrats) used to tell voters amazing things about their opposition to amnesty. Then they got elected and supported legislation that actually weakens border security and puts people on a path not just to legalization, but to citizenship, before ever securing our borders.1. Rubio: “I would vote against anything that grants amnesty because I think it destroys your ability to enforce the | Read More »

    Update on Senate Whip List

    I previously provided a whip list of Senators to reach out to on immigration in the Senate. With the first major test on the issue, Hoeven-Corker, over, I’ve updated the list, added a couple of names, and noted how they voted. Please note on a few there are some editorial comments on their positions. Those comments are provided by those involved directly in the fight | Read More »

    Recall Of Second Colorado Democrat Legislator Validated

    This afternoon, Scott Gessler and the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office deemed the petition to recall the Democrat state Senator from Pueblo, Angela Giron, sufficient.

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    Restraining the ambitions of the State

    “Nobody is talking about preventing the legalization,” Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) assured his audience during an interview with the Spanish-language network Univision a couple of weeks ago.  “The legalization is going to happen. That means the following will happen: First comes the legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent residence.” Here we are, on the verge of | Read More »

    Dr. Salamishah Tillah Links Late-Term Abortion Bans and White Supremacy

    I’ll show more fairness to Dr. Salamishah Tillah than she seems to show to an entire demographic of the US population. She teaches English at The University of Pennslyvania. She does not teach logic. This is fortunate, as we peruse a logical syllogism she offered us while recently and malevolently speaking the English Language. According to Dr. Tillah, we are able to make the following epistemological claim.

    (Pro-Life) ^ (Caucasian) ^ (Male) →(White Supremacist).

    According to Dr. Tillah, these gibbering White Supremacists consider the womb of the Caucasian persuasion a valuable logistical asset in the interminable race war that is Post-modern America. This is because we all know that a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy would only prevent white abortuaries from running at the efficient economic scale of a Chevron refinery. You see, abortion clinics cater overwhelmingly to wealthy, white customers…Oh, Wait!

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    Conservatives Must Use Immigration Deform Like Obamacare in 2014

    Conservatives Must Use Immigration Deform Like Obamacare in 2014

    For quite some time, I’ve deemed the Senate a lost cause.  In recent years, Democrats have shown a remarkable sense of discipline, getting every member – even those from red states – to vote for the most radical pieces of legislation.  Moreover, roughly half the GOP conference is worthless and couldn’t care less about their constituents, and there is certainly no leadership from Mitch McConnell.  | Read More »

    Are We at War with China?

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss Edward Snowden’s escape to Russia, whether our cyber-war efforts qualify as war and how Obamacare will impact the federal deficit.

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    The Twinkie Returneth.

    Note what Hostess is tagging the box with, too: The company that went bankrupt after an acrimonious fight with its unionized workers last year is back up and running under new owners and a leaner structure. It says it plans to have Twinkies and other snack cakes back on shelves starting July 15. Based on the outpouring of nostalgia sparked by its demise, Hostess is | Read More »

    Here’s the Whip List for Immigration

    I’m being a bit more cautious and including a few who, like the co-sponsors of the Corker plan, will probably vote for the immigration bill, but should be called anyway. Call them and tell them to oppose the Corker amendment (yes, tell Bob Corker) and to oppose the immigration legislation. SENATOR STATE NUMBER Murkowski AK 202-224-6665 Pryor AR 202-224-2353 Chambliss GA 202-224-3521 Isakson GA 202-224-3643 | Read More »