Rep. Bill Owens (D, New York-21) cuts and runs.

    Nice. NY Democratic Rep Bill Owens not seeking reelection. — Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) January 14, 2014   This was that thoroughly contested seat (the one involving Doug Hoffman) that drove the GOP nuts in 2009 and 2010 in trying to take it back. As Politico implies, Bill Owens hasn’t really been fitting in in Congress and the Republican party has been actively planning to go | Read More »

    Ken Buck: Our Campaign Is #64Strong

    Ken Buck: Our Campaign Is #64Strong

    When I began my run for the U.S. Senate, I pledged to be a Senator for all Coloradans. Recently my campaign completed a tour of all 64 counties in Colorado. As I spent the past few months visiting with and listening to the issues and concerns of Coloradans in every part of the state, one thing became clear. Despite his nearly two decades in Washington | Read More »

    This Really Isn’t Great News for Mitch McConnell

    Superficially, a poll that has McConnell leading Matt Bevin 53% to 31% looks good for Mitch McConnell. In fact, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has tweeted out the link to the poll as good news for Mitch McConnell.But this past summer there was a 50 point gap in the race. Yeah — FIFTY.Actually, Bevin was down 52 points last summer. So FIFTY-TWO.By December, according to | Read More »

    The “Republican Main Street Partnership” is Democrat Funded

    Steve LaTourette, a former congressman and friend of John Boehner, runs the “Republican Main Street Partnership”. Note the word “Republican.” As the left-wing Talking Points Memo reported a month ago, LaTourette and his Main Street Partnership have created an affiliated SuperPAC called “Defending Main Street PAC.” Along with the Chamber of Commerce and Republican Leaders, the Main Street Partnership wants to take out troublesome conservatives. | Read More »

    New Regulations Could Drastically Alter Higher Ed

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Steve Gunderson to discuss the state of higher education in America, onerous new regulations being imposed by the Obama administration and why these new rules could hurt those who could benefit most from an advanced degree.

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    Data Suggests That Deliberate Voter Fraud Is 97% Likely To Succeed In New York City

    The New York City Department of Investigation recently examined the integrity of the New York City election process. During the 2013 New York City Mayoral Election, they had undercover investigators deliberately attempt to cast fraudulent write-in ballots in the name of 63 legally ineligible voters. The undercover agents of the DOI* were told to write in the name of fictional candidate “John Test.” The votes were tallied on 61 out of 63 deliberately corrupt ballots.

    A certain portion of the blogosphere reads about things like the easy voter fraud and therefore describes the current state of American Democracy as being a terminal failure. They go further and suggest we should just spurn the clever ideas of George Washington and admit that KG III had the whole thing right from Jump Street. I personally think the whole Monarchist Movement has truly gone fishing. The various Kennedy Family by-blows are as close as I ever hope to see America come to being ruled by The Spanish Hapsburgs or the declining end of the Romanov Dynasty. As for American Democracy degenerating, I am not as easily able to dismiss the reactionaries. A voter fraud success rate of 97% is not a positive development. In order to prevent this continued negative outcome, the Congress of the United States of America needs to pass a national Voter ID Law.

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    Us vs. Them

    The United States Chamber of Commerce, already in the tank for amnesty, is now in the tank for Common Core. The Chamber of Commerce will be funding Republican candidates to beat conservatives. The New York Times recently ran an article on the corrupt and entangling alliances within the Mainstreet Partnership. This group of liberal Republicans, funded by an alliance of Wall Street and Labor Unions | Read More »

    Tech at Night: The Christmas debit card hacks weren’t just at Target. A Free Market debate on Retransmission Consent.

    Tech at Night

    Can someone explain to me why the government feels the need to target a private company in the press? This reminds me of Russia. This isn’t justice, this is a vindictive Obama administration asserting power for the sake of power. They’re Marxists who wish to take down private industry because it is successful. If this were about mere antitrust, there would be no need to jockey in the press. But the surface allegations are mere pretext. That’s why they aren’t content to win. They have to attack and to destroy.

    The FCC continues to be lawless as well, having rushed its prison phone power grab. But you won’t see any administration lawyers running to the press to condemn that.

    So it turns out it wasn’t just Target that got its register systems broken into over the Christmas shopping season. Oh boy. Cue hysterical Democrat bleating to blame the victims some more, instead of standing up to the Anarchist wing of their own party, as was seen in the former Occupy “protests.”

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    The UAW At VW: A Desperate Old Dog Tries A Very Old (And Illegal) Trick

    The UAW At VW: A Desperate Old Dog Tries A Very Old (And Illegal) Trick

    As outgoing United Auto Workers’ President Bob King tries to do everything within his power to unionize the American workers of German-based Volkswagen, the tactics used on VW employees have already been the subject of unfair labor practice charges filed with the National Labor Relations Board. In addition, as the UAW states its goal to be more cooperative and to “partner” with VW and its | Read More »

    Wanted: manly virtue

    Rich Cromwell writes a lively discussion of our culture’s attempts to deal with manly virtue at The Federalist, inspired by a hilariously funny advertisement that shows a guy desperately trying to recapture his masculinity after using a feminine product in the shower: Cromwell goes on a tour of leftist culture’s inability to define what “masculinity” means, especially since that culture is so nervous about endorsing | Read More »

    Dr. Chad Mathis for Congress

    a href=””>Dr. Chad Mathis had a good haul in campaign cash last quarter. For those of you who have not heard of him, Dr. Mathis is running in Alabama’s 6th Congressional District.He’s a solid conservative, a doctor, and would be a terrific addition to the United States House of Representatives.Dr. Mathis has gotten early support from the Madison Project and FreedomWorks. I’m glad to put | Read More »

    Washington at its Best

    Washington is a place filled to the brim with irony and hypocrisy. This week Congress will consider a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill and an extension of dependency-inducing long-term unemployment benefits for the seventh year in a row.  Watch how the irony unfolds. After agreeing to undo part of the sequester for the first two years of the budget frame, as part of the Ryan-Murray agreement, | Read More »

    Republican pollster: Terri Lynn Land (R) / Gary Peters (D) 44/36 in Michigan Senate race.

    Usual caveats: it’s early, it’s one of a bunch of possible outcomes, it’s a Republican pollster (Harper), and so forth. But this is still pretty good news for Republican candidate Terri Lynn Land. And the Republican party in Michigan, because Harper also checked the generic race: On the generic Senate ballot, Democrats actually lead in the same race by just over one point — well | Read More »

    Farm Bill Subsidies and the Price of Your Groceries

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the fluctuating price of corn, how farm bill subsidies impact your grocery bill and why you’re getting screwed when you buy a bag of coffee.

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    Revealing Politics: Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) lied, lied, lied about Colorado job growth.

    Which John Hickenlooper so totally did. Executive summary: Gov. Hickenlooper bragged in his State of the State address that Colorado had gone from 40th in the nation in job creation to 4th. Which is impressive, yes? – Except that Colorado went from 40th in 2010 to 4th in 2012. Also in 2012 was an election where the Colorado state legislature went fully under Democratic control… | Read More »