Hillary Will Grab your Guns, With or Without Congress’ Help

    Hillary Will Grab your Guns, With or Without Congress' Help

    Hillary Clinton is terrible at being a politician. Back in 2008, Barack Obama realized that he needed to avoid alienating blue collar rust belt workers in order to win the general election, and he knew that many of them were concerned about his well earned reputation as a gun grabber. Rather than risk alienating his voting base by trying to sound like he wasn’t opposed | Read More »

    September Jobs Report: Flat is the New Up

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca discusses the September jobs report, then two from the Coffee and Markets vault, one on how sugar prices killed 600 jobs in Chicago, and the other on the amazing Uber of the skies, Gotham Air.

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    The Rentboy arrests and the right to be special

    The Rentboy arrests and the right to be special

    On August 21, law enforcement raided the headquarters of an online site called Rentboy.com. Federal agents raided the Manhattan headquarters of Rentboy.com as part of a state prostitution investigation Tuesday, authorities said. Seven people, including CEO Jeffrey Hurant, were arrested as part of the raid at the Rentboy.com offices on 14th Street and Fifth Avenue. Department of Homeland Security agents and members of the NYPD, | Read More »

    Congressional Reform Goes Beyond Electing the Right Speaker

    Momentarily, let’s talk principles instead of specific people. Throughout Congressional history, there appear to be ongoing periods of greater and greater centralization of power in the Speaker of the House. Eventually, it becomes too destructive and someone or some people step up to decentralize the power.   There is an absolutely amazing array of talent and intelligence in Congress, but somehow, far too many on | Read More »

    Empress Hillary Would Close Down Congress (VIDEO)

    Empress Hillary Would Close Down Congress (VIDEO)

    Hillary Clinton gave an interview to the Today Show today during a town hall in New Hampshire in which she touched on, among other things, the email controversy. Clearly, Hillary believes that McCarthy’s offhand comment has given her free reign to go on the offensive about the email controversy, because she unleashed what can only be fairly described as an unhinged rant about the entire | Read More »

    Freedom From Religion Foundation: America’s Islamic State

    Freedom From Religion Foundation: America's Islamic State

    The Islamic State, when not torturing and murdering its neighbors, has been destroying religious monuments and artifacts, particularly focusing on artifacts of Baal worship, and other pre-Islamic architecture. Sounds crazy right? But here at home we’ve got the Freedom From Religion Foundation, seeking to destroy all religious monuments it deems heretical. And nobody seems ready to stop them.

    Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich Are Confused by Economics. And Government. And Reality

    Socialism is a failed ideology. It was the avant-garde approach to how to do government – in the Twentieth Century. The Soviet Union was the flagship petri dish. That conquered, infiltrated or ingratiated themselves with many other nations – to establish them as additional petri dishes (Hello, Cuba). We certainly now have a large enough, long enough sample set – and the results are in. | Read More »

    Matt Bevin for Governor

    Matt Bevin for Governor

    I backed Matt Bevin in his Senate race. He is a profoundly good guy. But when he ran for Governor, my impression of the race was that the state was ready to move on. And I did not back him. I should have. The top two candidates began beating the crap out of each other in a nasty, nasty way and Matt just showed the | Read More »

    This Still Bugs Me — How Obama Treats Muslims vs. Christians

    If the shooter in Oregon had been a muslim, you know damn well the President of the United States would have rushed to the television to tell us all that we cannot judge a religion by one person. If the victims had all been muslims, you know too that President Obama would have rushed to the televisions of America to tell us all that we | Read More »

    Surprise! @Salon lies about Ben Carson and about Islam

    Salon is running a nasty, moderately incoherent piece by some random Muslim attacking Dr. Ben Carson over his views on Islam. In it, the author Qasim Rashid, accuses Carson of being little different that a racial segregationist. First, about the author. Rashid is not a cleric and he is not a mainstream Muslim. In fact, if Rashid lived in Saudi Arabia or Iran he would | Read More »

    Iran warning: US facilities are within missile range

    Iran warning: US facilities are within missile range

    Over the weekend the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards missile force issued what can only be interpreted as a threat. This is from the official Iranian news agency: Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Aerospace Force Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh said all US military bases in the Middle East are within the range of the IRGC’s missiles, but the country still sees | Read More »

    Remember When Hillary Clinton was Sorry about those Emails?

    Remember When Hillary Clinton was Sorry about those Emails?

    After months and months of insisting (comically) that she did nothing wrong by sending classified and highly sensitive information over her own private email server, Hillary Clinton emerged less than a month ago wearing her best Bob the Tomato outfit and apologized to NBC News, taking “full responsibility” for the email fiasco and admitting it was a mistake. Democratic presdiential front-runner Hillary Clinton offered her | Read More »

    Welcome, Leon

    The post title is somewhat facetious. Leon has been here for a number of years now. I remember when people on the front page started agitating for him to be on the front page. There was no way on earth I was going to allow him on the front page with a user name like “LeonMachoNacho”. Apparently, he really likes nachos. But I finally relented | Read More »

    Hillary Clinton’s Painfully Unfunny SNL Appearance (VIDEO)

    Hillary Clinton's Painfully Unfunny SNL Appearance (VIDEO)

    Saturday Night Live has been busy hyping the appearance of Hillary Clinton on SNL like crazy this last week. It’s no surprise that SNL is a mostly-partisan in-kind contribution to the DNC and its candidates, although they have lampooned some Democrats to success in the past. Hillary Clinton’s appearance, however, did her absolutely no favors. She very obviously was fixating on cue cards which gave | Read More »

    Barack Obama’s Rhetoric and the Rise of the Rampage Killing

    “The rate of mass murder rampages in this country has gone up with Barack Obama in office. People are, in fact, bringing guns to fights…”There has been an increase in rampages in the United States since Barack Obama took office. He wants to blame guns, blame Republicans, and blame the NRA. But those groups were on the national scene before Barack Obama took office. In | Read More »