The KKK is Rising Again, Say Democrats Accusing the GOP of a Fear Campaign

    There are two Americas. One is based in reality and Rachel Maddow lives in the other. She has penned an op-ed in the Washington Post claiming that the GOP is using fear to win this election. It is true that candidates are out there claiming there is a war on women. It is true that third party groups are running ads claiming if certain candidates | Read More »

    Can I Call You?

    Can I call you on Wednesday morning? I’m doing a nationwide conference call with RedState Readers. If you want to be a part of it, go here to register. I will call you at 9:00 a.m. Eastern on Wednesday. The purpose of the call will be to break down races, look at what happened, and explore the future. Register here. I’ll talk to you Wednesday | Read More »


    Against Nihilism – Election 2014 is About Everything

    Against Nihilism – Election 2014 is About Everything

    The Democrats want you to believe this is an election about nothing. They claim that they only kind of know who Barack Obama even is and do not completely support him. If I were a Democrat, I would to. They have exhausted their ideological momentum and have trespassed against the morals and freedoms of others while having nothing to offer the people except their continued | Read More »

    Capitalism kills poverty

    “It’s the greatest achievement in human history, and one you probably never heard about,” trumpets Mark J. Perry at the American Enterprise Institute.  He knows exactly why you never heard about it: the achievement he refers to is a hundred-megaton left-wing narrative-killer.   To put it simply, the spread of capitalism around the world over the past 25 years has caused the fastest, deepest reduction | Read More »

    Mark Udall Heckled By His Own Donor

    Mark Udall Heckled By His Own Donor

    Via Allahpundit comes this humorous tale of despair and woe from the waning days of Democrat ‘s re-election campaign: Then, finally, came the only reference to policy in Udall’s speech. “And by the way, I’m proud to stand with Colorado’s women,” he said, almost as an aside. “I’m proud to stand for reproductive freedom.” An angry voice from the crowd jeered: “That’s not the only | Read More »

    Amendment 1 Would Stop the ACLU’s Californization of Tennessee

    On Tuesday Tennessee voters will decide whether the Tennessee Constitution will remain more pro-abortion than the U.S. Constitution. Fourteen years ago the ACLU of Tennessee convinced the Tennessee Supreme Court to find a right to abortion under the state constitution. In Planned Parenthood of Middle Tennessee v. Sundquist, the ACLU argued that Tennessee’s Constitution, although its text is just as silent on abortion as its | Read More »

    NY Times: Cancel Midterm Elections

    The New York Times editorial page today published an op-ed calling for the cancellation of the mid-term elections. Yes, that’s right, a day before you and I and millions of Americans head to the polls to vote in Congressional and Senate races, as well as numerous races for state and local office, a pair of wise people lament the franchise and that overrated form of | Read More »

    The Vine

    The Vine

    Welcome to The Vine, where every week I strive to bring you updates from around the pro-life community to help you keep up with the ever constant battle to save lives. If you aren’t plugged-in, it is my sincere hope that The Vine will allow you to get familiar with those on the front lines and find your place among them. 40 Days for Life | Read More »

    Tomorrow’s Biggest Loser Might Be Hillary Clinton

    Tomorrow's Biggest Loser Might Be Hillary Clinton

    Obviously, there are a ton of races that are too close to call at the present moment and the Democrats might well end up retaining control of the Senate and perhaps gaining a couple of gubernatorial seats. However, the smarter money right now is on the Democrats losing at least 6 seats in the Senate (and possibly as many as 10) while failing to capitalize | Read More »

    Lena Dunham Plans Children’s Movie With Incest & Beatings

    Lena Dunham Plans Children's Movie With Incest & Beatings

    Lena Dunham, who recently revealed acting as a “sexual predator” towards her younger sister in her book, Not That Kind of Girl, is set to make the children’s book Catherine, Called Birdy, into a film. The book, written in 1994 by Karen Cushman, tells the story of Birdy, a 14 year old girl living in Medieval times, whose father is intent on her marrying a suitor of his choosing. Dunham | Read More »

    Tom Harkin Calls Joni Ernst “Taylor Swift”

    You can’t involve yourself in long-term shameless, unprincipled pandering to a group unless you have a pretty sizeable amount of contempt for that group, and that is especially true of Democrats with women. The Democrats have now run two consecutive election cycles almost exclusively on opposing a completely fictional Republican “war on women.” Unfortunately, they haven’t got the foggiest conception of what that should entail | Read More »

    The Economic Issues in This Election

    On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson is joined by Francis Cianfrocca to discuss the economic issues facing the voters this election, how it may impact their choice at the polls and what economic reforms the GOP should make should they control Capitol Hill.

    Read More »

    In Tennessee, Vote Yes on 1

    In Tennessee, Vote Yes on 1

    Here in my home state of Tennessee, there’s not much of interest statewide on the ballot. Incumbent Republican governor Bill Haslam and are expected to cruise to easy victories. None of the U.S. House races are expected to generate any huge surprises. Even most of the state legislature races are comparatively quiet. But there are still important ballot measures that should drive conservative Tennessee voters | Read More »


    The Democrats’ Inner-Despot Comes Out for an Op-Ed

    The Democrats' Inner-Despot Comes Out for an Op-Ed

    When Democrats start to lose power, they start to show you who they really ar. Like totalitarian despots ordering the razing of the city as the peasants take up arm, Democrats have no real use for democracy unless it serves their purposes. The New York Times reminds us of this again. Two of their op-ed contributors want the midterm elections cancelled. Mind you, they were | Read More »

    The Love Affair Ends

    The Love Affair Ends

    Voters around the country will head into Election Day prepared to end their love affair with Barack Obama. Republicans should be cautious in how they interpret the voters’ mixed signals. First, it is important to understand the president’s delusions. A series of reports have come out that the White House believes Democrats should embrace the president. Never mind that only a month ago White House | Read More »