With majorities in the House and Senate, as well as the presidency, there’s no excuse for Republicans to be faltering and fumbling the way they have.

They had seven years to craft a solution to the nightmare known as Obamacare, and when the bell tolled, they were found wanting.

I’m of the belief that they just never thought they’d win, again.

If they don’t do something right soon, that just may happen.

A new Quinnipiac University poll shows just how disgruntled Republicans are with their representatives in Washington.

 Sixty percent of Republicans said they disapprove, while only 32 percent of Republicans said they approve.

American voters as a whole also voiced their disapproval with Republican efforts, with 80 percent saying they disapprove. Fifteen percent said they approve.

When you’re losing 60 percent of your base, how do you survive?


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Then again, we’ve got to take into consideration the voters, themselves. How many of them really believe Obamacare can be repealed completely?

Just 22 percent of voters in the new poll said Trump and congressional Republicans should repeal all of ObamaCare.

That’s a pretty pathetic number, to be honest.

I’ve long said that our leaders are a direct reflection of the people who vote them into office. With that in mind, if we’re not happy with the job being done in Washington, we need to do a gut-check on ourselves, as well.

This poll had 1,125 respondents, with a 3.4 percent margin of error. It was conducted from July 27 to August 1.