The RNC “Autopsy” Report, Part 1: General Observations

    The recently released RNC report of what went wrong in 2012 has been met with diverse criticisms and analysis almost in keeping with the number of times the word “diversity” is mentioned or intimated in the actual report. This is the underlying theme of the report- that the Republican Party is viewed as a group of stodgy old white men, dominated by voices from a | Read More »

    Electoral Reform- Part 9: Campaign Finance Reform

    In the previous entry, I noted that the main motivation behind proposals to either reform or eliminate the Electoral College, especially the most recent proposals, is predicated by the Liberal/Democratic assertion that George Bush stole the Presidency in 2000. Yet for all the disdain for the Court’s decision in Bush v. Gore, there is another recent Supreme Court decision that really, really just makes your | Read More »

    Where I Went Wrong

    In a series of articles leading up to Election Day, I analyzed the presidential and Senate races state-by-state. It concluded with a predicted Romney win with somewhere in the neighborhood of 280 electoral votes. For the Presidential vote, I use a system I devised based upon recent and historical trends in each state, properly weighted, polling data (again weighted), and other criteria then run that | Read More »

    More Dem playbook in action, stealing Pennsylvania

    As we reported here, here and here, the Democrats have dusted off their 2004 playbook and are trying to steal the election.

    It is happening in Philadelphia now.

    The Philadelphia GOP reports that court appointed Minority (read Republican) Inspectors are being thrown out of polling locations in several Wards.

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    Election Day 2012, in the prescient words of Rudyard Kipling

    Rudyard Kipling wrote this poem some 95 years ago, reflecting on World War I, which had claimed the life of his only son – and the illusions that this war had swept away. The stanzas describe the age-old seduction of Progressivism in its various guises from the dawn of time, how people and nations whore after the “Gods of the Market Place” and cast off | Read More »

    More Dem playbook in action, shredding GOP registrations

    Sunday we warned that the Democrats would dust off their 2004 Election Playbook and engage in all kinds of shenanigans in an all out effort to do whatever it takes to ensure President Obama is reelected.

    No sooner had the warning been published, than did the Des Moines Register and ABC News report about absentee ballot irregularities in Iowa.

    Somehow a Democrat campaign worker gave his 75-year-old mother the impression that it was OK for her to sign his name on an absentee ballot request form when he wasn’t home. In addition, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation was looking into unauthorized absentee ballot paperwork in which someone allegedly requested paperwork for an absentee ballot without the voter’s consent or knowledge:

    “The DCI has approached paid Democratic Party staff to ask questions about allegations of unauthorized requests for absentee ballots in Floyd County, a party official confirmed. Norm Sterzenbach, the party’s executive director, said a DCI agent spoke briefly to three workers at the Organizing for America office in Charles City. The party’s attorneys then contacted the agent “and said if you need to talk to … any of our employees, have those conversations with our attorneys,” Sterzenbach said…”

    Now, Monday evening, we learn that a so-called non-partisan organization was caught shredding Republican voter registrations:

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    [UPDATE: Nope, he’s still for Obama.] Former Democratic VA Governor Doug Wilder Endorses Romney in everything but Name

    UPDATE: Well, apparently, he went on Neil Cavuto’s show and announced he’s still voting for Obama. While that is depressing, this is still the most tepid endorsement of the President I’ve seen in a while. For most of the last few months, former Democratic Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder, the first black governor elected anywhere in the United States since the end of Reconstruction, has been | Read More »

    2 days to Election Day: Ohio

    Ohio has been the most stubborn state for Mitt Romney to gain any traction in the polls. In a state heavily polled in October, Romney managed to lead in only three of them and tied Obama in another five polls. Since the end of September, Obama has consistently polled near or above the 50% level. While the state is not exactly enamored with Obama, Mitt | Read More »

    Catch The Wave.

    You can see it on the horizon. It’s swelling, rising, as we speak… its speed deceptive, disguised by its magnitude, threatening to sweep everything in its path. Remember when the DeMarxists wrote us off after the last election? American patriots, under the nom de guerre of the Tea Party, had just finished handing the left (and a few RINOs) a sixty-year shellacking, and one of | Read More »

    3 Days to Election Day: Florida

    In 2004, Bush took Florida by 381,000 votes and Obama took it in 2008 by 236,000 votes- a swing of over 617,000 votes. Romney has some work cut out for him in Florida. The bulk of the Obama victory came from six counties where that swing in votes was exceptionally high- Hillsboro, Pinellas, Osceola, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Orange. If Romney can win back Pinellas and | Read More »

    4 Days to Election Day: Virginia

    Unlike North Carolina to the south, the situation for Romney in Virginia will be much more difficult. In North Carolina, he only has to overcome a 21,000 vote disadvantage from 2008. In Virginia, Obama won by 262,000 votes in 2008. Realizing that the margin of victory will be nowhere near that for him this time around, the swing in votes from 2004 to 2008 is | Read More »

    5 Days to Election Day: North Carolina

    When discussing North Carolina, there is only one important number- 21,000. That was Obama’s margin of victory in 2008. One cannot see him replicating anything near that performance this year. Obama’s approval ratings in the Tar Heel State are stubbornly in the mid 40s range while their economy is showing a slower-than-average rebound. The Democratic Party in the state is weakened and in disarray. In | Read More »

    A Pre-Election Post-Mortem

    With each passing day, it appears that Barack Obama will be rendered a one-term President. His agenda, such that one exists, may not be the death of liberalism in this country, but it certainly will be death of his brand of liberalism which skirts the boundary with European-style socialism. After the concession speech and rally before a tired and losing battle-weary crowd, the Obama team | Read More »

    6 Days to Election Day: Colorado

    In 2008, in heavy turnout, Obama won this state with close to 54% of the vote by about 213,000 votes. This is one state that Obama flipped to the Democratic side that year. Compared to the 2004 results, where the margin of victor came from, Obama managed to win 5 counties that Kerry failed to carry in 2004. Two of them- Ouray and Huerfano- are | Read More »

    7 Days to Election Day: Nevada

    In 2008, voter turnout in Nevada for the general election was below the national average; in fact, it was one of the lowest in the nation. Generally, this due to voter apathy and/or a lack of enthusiasm for either candidate. However, turnout in 2008 race was better than that in 2004. Turnout in 2012 is not expected to be as high as 2008 and this | Read More »

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