Pope’s Challenge to Protect Life Instantly Dismissed

    Pope's Challenge to Protect Life Instantly Dismissed

    The Pope was in town today, if you didn’t know, but the drooling dropped jaws of the Left probably tipped you off. As the country has been preparing for the papal visit, we’ve been subjected to channels such as CNN essentially turning into EWTN. Suddenly the Pope is revered, and Catholic teaching, most of it anyway, should be seriously considered, albeit briefly. The Pope’s speech | Read More »

    Respecting the Office

    As a Catholic and a news junkie, I’d been keeping up with the goings on of the Church for a while. And the last several days have been exciting. Now that the Church has a new leader in Pope Francis (not Francis I, since there is no Francis II), we can sit back, relax and let things return to a sense of normalcy, right? Ha | Read More »

    Liberalism and Catholicism Don’t Mix

    I am continually struck by the number of people in this country who continue to try and be liberal and Catholic. It just flies in the face of any sort of common sense. You can not be both. The liberal agenda in this country is so far away from the values one should hold as a Catholic. Yet liberals love to try and co-opt Jesus, | Read More »

    Israel and the Just War Doctrine

    I write today a response to Jeff Martin’s criticism of Israel with respect to the Catholic just war doctrine. I do think he’s in error, because he gives the facts a cursory glance and omits key details, but that only leads to my main criticism: I think he shows a bias against the Israeli side of the war. Firstly though, I address the Catholic Church’s | Read More »

    Cardinal Egan channels Cardinal O’Connor, and lays the smackdown on Nancy Pelosi

    Nancy “Ardent Catholic” Pelosi was on Meet the Press this past Sunday, making excuses for her radically proabortion views and lying about the Catholic Church’s long-standing, non-negotiable teaching on the issue. Among other things, Pelosi claimed that the Church’s teaching that “life begins at conception” was “like maybe 50 years or something like that.” Oh really? Needless to say, Catholics across the United States were | Read More »

    Nancy Pelosi’s War on Catholic Doctrine

    Not content to be merely Speaker of the House, on Meet the Press last Sunday she elevated herself to Pope. MR. BROKAW: Senator Obama saying the question of when life begins is above his pay grade, whether you’re looking at it scientifically or theologically. If he were to come to you and say, “Help me out here, Madame Speaker. When does life begin?” what would | Read More »

    Here is something interesting

    John Zmirak has written a graphic novel, which recapitulates Dostoevski’s great episode from which it takes its title. This grand inquisition takes place in Rome, its protagonist is an African bishop, and the inquisitor is a most unlikely personage. The dialogue is a powerful and evocative blank verse, and the artwork is beguiling. I am by no means an expert on graphic novels, but this | Read More »