AIM; Cenk Uygur: “I Love Ripping Into Republicans”

    AIM on Facebook | Twitter From Accuracy in Media’s Don Irvine: Cenk Uygur discusses his departure this week from MSNBC and his charge that the network wanted him to “tone it down.” On Republicans Olbermann: You said for the web piece that those clips that we showed were from, that you were asked to have more Republicans on and you didn’t have a problem with | Read More »

    A terminal loss of empathy

    I’ve long considered one of my personal strengths to be my ability to empathize with those I disagree with. Now, for the benefit those of you who haven’t yet heard Rush’s monologue on the topic, “empathize” does not at all mean the same thing as “sympathize”. To empathize, means, in a nutshell, the ability to understand the arguments and thought processes of others, even as | Read More »