Meet John Loughlin (R CAND, RI-01).

    (H/T: Hot Air & JammieWearingFool) A lot of the focus of this article is on the abysmal performance of Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D, RI) in it – when asked if he deserved re-election, only 35% of his constituents said ‘yes’; 28% said ‘no,’ and 31% asked ‘what are our options?’ – and we’ll get back to it (and John Loughlin, who’s running for the job) | Read More »

    Wind Energy: How Con-veeen-ient!

    T. Boone Pickens’ wind energy plan calls for blanketing the Great Plains, from the Texas Panhandle to the Dakotas. That’s because that’s where the wind resource is best, right? Wrong! That’s because “nobody lives there”, at least from the perspective of the good folks on the coasts and in the big cities. Putting all those wind turbines in the Plains creates at least two knotty | Read More »

    Near-Death Experience…

    …and several years off of my life this morning. In addition to my full time job, and a part time job in the Reserves, I tow cars at a second part time job. Doing so, I see a lot of wrecked mangled messes left by drunk drivers and how it tears families apart. This morning, at 2:47am, it almost did so to mine. I got | Read More »

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    Media Bush DUI (How did it come out?) vs Obama Tape?

    I am someone who wakes up every morning hoping and praying something comes out that can impact this race just like Bush DUI issue did. We all know how that story kept many GOP voters home and probably switched some. How did the DUI come out? Was it media or Gore camp? If media who broke story (what organization)? How many days did it come | Read More »

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