We need to Primary Boehner

    Now normally I am not for to much forcible primarying talk… But Boehner has time and time again refused to take on Obama on issues that we needed him to take Obama on with. Boehner could have actually tried to stop Obamacare. He could have dropped financing to many junk programs. He could have stopped Obama cold. He could have been our modern day Speaker, | Read More »

    Left & David Frum (BIRM): If Bill Doesn’t Work, Blame GOP!

    As everyone knows, liberals are far from fans of accountability, responsibility, etc. or any other concept that suggests being held to account for their words and actions. A few days ago, Thomas Frank (of “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” fame) writing in his WSJ Tilting Yard column was obviously in a state of high dudgeon at the Texas State Board of Education’s stipulation that High | Read More »

    ‘Doctor’ at Jackson-Lee town hall: lying, and defensive about it.

    I covered this briefly yesterday on another social media site (which is a pretentious way of saying that I Twittered it): Patterico’s Pontifications tracked down a ‘Doctor’ Roxana Mayer who spoke in favor of health care rationing at what is rapidly becoming Sheila Jackson-Lee’s infamous town hall event. It turns out that she’s not a doctor; she was a state Obama delegate, and is an | Read More »

    ‘Commemorative Obama coins’ not as advertised.

    Originally brought to my attention by Patterico. Better video here. The celebrity-endorsed item is actually an ordinary, every-day existing coin that has simply been covered with the cheapest – and frankly, the cheesiest – of materials and sold to the unsuspecting populace at a truly astounding markup. And getting a refund is next to impossible. Do I really need to hammer this one into the | Read More »


    Stop with the Hawaii and Berg Stuff

    I do not know how else to convey this other than with solid facts. To me, this is all an attempt to discredit Republicans and Fox news. Please hear me out, I am not a conspiracy nut, but I can put two and two together as I hope you all will in just looking at facts. I would hope that what I say makes sense | Read More »

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    Real versus Fake

    As Americans enter the voting booth come November 4th, they will take the measure of men and a woman and decide who they trust with the responsibility of the Presidency of the United States. This election, like all others, will come down to one single issue. Who do you trust? Barack Obama and the Democrats certainly put on an impressive, majestic performance in Denver last | Read More »

    Dangerous: Barack Obama

    It might be a subtle uneasy feeling…you’re not quite sure what it is about him, but you know something about Barack Obama is a bit, well, frightening. Dangerous, even. It could be that you aren’t sure if he has socialist tendencies (witness his recent wild popularity in European countries with socialist leanings), or Muslim sympathies (he has received funds and endorsements from Muslim groups and | Read More »

    A Soldiers Letter On Obama

    The following it a letter from a soldier stationed in Afghanistan (the letter itself was posted on Hoosier a Indiana GOP website) Here is the letter: A Soldier’s Letter Home I received an email from a friend, who has an acquaintance serving in Afghanistan at present. This soldier is giving his first hand account of Senator Barack Hussein Obama’s visit to Afghanistan. Hello everyone, As | Read More »

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