“America Calls 911 — All Fathers to the Rescue!”

    “Hello, this is dispatch. What is your emergency?”  “American families… They are — well, just please hurry,” the voice said. “We need all dads to the rescue!” — From “DAD, The Man Who Lied to Save the Planet”                 American culture has decayed dramatically since my days of boyhood excitement growing up in the hills and fields of a | Read More »

    It’s Fathers’ Day. Please spare me the lecture!

    Each May, we all honor our precious Mothers.  By “all,” I mean individuals, institutions (such as churches), the media, and others.  We call our Mothers and send them cards thanking them for their love, support, gifts, and all the things we know about — and sometimes don’t know — which have brought richness to our lives. We attend church services where we present roses or other | Read More »


    Senator Obama, You’re No Jack Kennedy

    Despite the change & youth hype, the endorsement of Ted Kennedy, the Kennedy family patriarch, and the obvious similarity (first credible African American candidate vs first credible Catholic candidate), there are striking differences between Senator Barack Obama and Senator John F. Kennedy at this stage in their careers. These are worth looking into. Fathers While it is hard to make Joe Kennedy Sr a truly | Read More »