There IS Joy in Mudville

    Seen this very evening, less than an hour ago, at the neighborhood chicken eatery down the road, in David Scott’s district. The picture was taken by Wee Highlander on his phone, since I’m gizmo-challenged like that. It absolutely MADE MY DAY. That swastika on Rep. Scott’s sign? It’s looking more and more like a possible “self-inflicted hate crime.” While he’s getting all sorts of press | Read More »

    Non-hate crime in Austin, TX.

    (Via Instapundit) I was going to be tedious and heavy-handed about this story, but I’ve decided not to be. Somebody apparently threw this: (Text: “Keep Eastside Black. Keep Eastside Strong.”) …through a four-year-old’s window in East Austin, TX: and the cops have decided that it was not in fact a hate crime. Which is of course nonsense. Moe Lane UPDATE: Erick had some more comments | Read More »

    **ALERT** Hate Crimes Bill to Hit Senate This Week (Maybe Wednesday)

    The Matthew Shepard Hate Crime bill (S909) is poised to hit the floor of the Senate this week, perhaps as soon as Wednesday. *Call your Senators and tell them you want this thing stopped. This bill is an egregious example of liberal overreach. If passed we will see any manner of sexual perversions legitimized as unassailable and any crime or speech against these proclivities will | Read More »

    I’m Hanging An Effigy To Effigies.

    Before you read further, I want it perfectly clear that I believe hanging effigies is wrong. Period. The damn things serve no purpose other than to incite violence and prolong stereotypes. So then, take this as you may from my usual snarky attitude. In Hollywood CA, displaying an effigy of the Republican Presidential Candidate sitting over a flaming chimney with the Republican VP Candidate hanging | Read More »