RS Interview: Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R, TX).

    As you recall, the abortion reform HB2 bill finally passed late Friday night/Saturday morning, over the … vociferous? vehement? I know: vicious – objections of Democrats.  Short version: ban on abortions after 20 weeks and abortion clinics are now subject to new health and safety requirements.  Lt. Gov. Dewhurst spoke to RedState just after the vote was made: To sum up the interview: Dewhurst noted | Read More »

    Pro-Abortion Activists Losing this Texas Battle

    The pro-life bill (HB2/SB1) that will be passed in Texas next week is the most pro-women piece of legislation possible. It protects women from botched abortions and regulates clinics to improve standards in women’s health care. Women will still be able to obtain abortions; the abortions will simply be performed with higher standards of care. Abortions will still be legal; they will just be safer. | Read More »