Language Matters: We Need to Set the Terms of the Debate on Taxes and Spending

    I am getting more and more frustrated when I see conservatives, Republicans and others debating the Democrats on the terms defined by the Democrats, using language set by the Democrats. Guys, language matters. One of the most basic rules of debate is to build subtle assumptions into your statements and arguments that lead your opponent to accept certain premises that benefit your position. The Democrats | Read More »

    The Language of Lies

    I didn’t understand the importance of words until I joined the Howe family. I was an English major in college yet a neophyte at real world application. I thought I was a Democrat until I met my husband. I was told many things about the Democrat party (and the Republican party – or rather, the dark side) while growing up. What I wasn’t told was | Read More »

    The Power of Words

    The language we use is important. Not everyone thinks so – we’re often careless with our words (especially in the electronic world with a hastily composed email or instant message). We hurry to say what we want to say, and expect people to either understand what we really meant or to give us a chance to explain if they misunderstand. Like children on a playground, | Read More »

    The debate we must have.

    Some months ago we learned something that should have surprised no one — at least no one in the least bit familiar with the stultifying intellectual paralysis that afflicts much of the Republic on the subject of Islam. We learned that various federal agencies, including Homeland Security, are expressly resisting the use of descriptive terminology — “jihadist,” “Islamic terrorist,” “Islamist,” etc. The reasoning here is | Read More »

    R&c!st = N!663r and N!663r = R&c!st

    Have you ever noticed that a certain group uses a certain word when referring to the members of a certain other group? In my opinion, I think they use it as a put-down to remind these folks of their place in society and to keep them subjugated? Well, I don’t like it, and I don’t think it is right. As someone in that latter (targeted) | Read More »