Only A Bully Argues The Debate Is Over

    Only A Bully Argues The Debate Is Over

    “Shut Up.” He Explained. – Ring Lardner I’ve noticed something worse than usual about the Left of late. They are more brazen and ham-handed in their efforts to silence their detractors. They don’t outwit or out-debate them. They just explain that the debate is over before it is ever really allowed to commence in the first place. How does one identify defamatory speech in Post-modern | Read More »

    EPA confesses to handing out farmers’ personal information to activist-lawyers.

    Executive summary (H/T: AoSHQ): the EPA just admitted that, yeah, it gave out a bunch of personal information about farmers and ranchers – including phone numbers, email addresses, regular addresses, and whatnot – to various environmental groups. The EPA also is kind of admitting that, yeah, maybe it shouldn’t have given out that information, which is why they’ve asked those groups to give that information | Read More »

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    Knowledge Vs. Power

    “I think today there is a new kind of battle. It’s not just about ideas but whether people actually trust science… Science has created our modern world so I would like to understand why scientists are under such attack and whether scientists are partly to blame,” – Sir Paul Nurse, President of British Royal Society (HT UK Independent). It was about three years ago, and | Read More »


    Pigging Out At The Pigford Buffett – Liberal Lawfare Athwart The Commonweal

    As if the $1.1Tr, Earmark-festooned debacle of a Porknibus Bill that recently erupted forth from the bowels of Czar Reid’s Senate wasn’t calamity enough. As if the utter refusal of the Democratic Majority in the House of Representatives to properly apply their Pay-Go Laws to the extension of unemployment benefits wasn’t a sorry enough joke. We now have a new method by which disingenuous political | Read More »


    Judicial ESP

    p>I wish I were U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker. He can read the minds of people who voted for legislation that gets tested before his bench. That’s an amazing ability. It puts him on a par with the mighty Wizard of Oz, the powerful wizard of the Emerald City. In ruling against Proposition 8, which denied the validity of homosexual marriage in California, he demonstrated | Read More »