Entire Senate GOP Send Letter To Reid

    Last Wednesday, all 41 Senate’s Republicans signed a letter promising to hold Democrats to the letter of the Senate rules concerning reconciliation. These rules determine what items may be included in a package of alternations to the health bill Democrats intend to shove through Congress violating minority rights in an effort to take over 1/6 of the U.S. economy while simultaneously inserting themselves between you | Read More »

    Your Tax Dollars At Work, U.S. Census Edition

    So I meander out to my mailbox this afternoon, and what should I discover but a letter from the U.S. Census.  Hmm, feels mighty thin, I say to myself.  So I open up the envelope and out drops this letter: The Census has sent me a letter telling me that they’re going to send me a letter.  Brilliant! I’m having a difficult time deciding if | Read More »

    What about the GOP ideas for Health Care Reform?

    Well my friends I’m afraid that my soul searching is over now and I’m back to reality.  I was actually fully convinced that Mr. Obama was going to be adding the GOP’s ideas for health care reform,  but I think this was just a ploy.  Politically it would have been very smart to include these ideas, because if the Republicans still said “No”, it would | Read More »

    We Can Do This

    For those of you in the swing states, PLEASE write a simple, one topic, letter to your LOCAL newspaper. Appeal to those who are like you but perhaps are still undecided. Keep your letter simple and make those who are on the fence wonder about any one of a number of topics – Obama’s lack of any meaningful achievement, abortion, especially partial birth abortion, radical | Read More »

    Obama Lied About His Letter

    I just got confirmation that Obama lied during the debates. He said on at least two occasions that he wrote a letter to Treasury to warn of the Fannie and Freddie impending crises. No such letter exists. Think of the commercial. “Why would you trust him?” OK, I am lying. I do not know whehter the letter exists or not. I only would like to | Read More »

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    Still Looking

    Anyone seen the One’s letter to Treasury yet? You know, the one where he warned of the impending doom at Freddie and Fannie. Yeah, that one. He didn’t tell anyone else he was concerned, just decided to write a letter. I bet it does not exist, and if it does, that it may have a vague reference to HSE’s or either of those companies, but | Read More »

    Where is the LETTER?

    Senator Obama has twice referenced his brilliant letter to Treasury warning of the Fannie/Freddie impending doom. Has anyone seen the letter? It must be a public record. Does someone need to file a FIA request to get a copy of it? Shouldn’t we, as Americans, demand to see it? If the letter exists, it cannot hurt the McCain camp. Senator Obama did not vote in | Read More »

    California Decides To Investigate Schumer – FINALLY!

    Reuters is reporting that California Attorney General Jerry Brown has received a letter from former employees of IndyMac requesting a investigation into the letter Charles Schumer released to the press expressing concern over the liquidity of IndyMac. That letter began an 11 day run on withdrawals from panicked IndyMac depositors that sent the bank into a tailspin and eventual failure. The employees are claiming that | Read More »