Un-American Mobsters and Other Undesirables

      Well now the leadership of the democratic party is calling anyone against the Healthcare or Health Insurance Reform Bill or whatever the new PC name it is, are now being called; Nazis, un-American, mobsters and evil mongers. WOW I can’t believe the problem they are having against the American people. OK actually I can believe it. Because they have no clue about Americans. One | Read More »

    The AFL-CIO and HCAN Plan Townhall Counterattack

    From the diaries by Erick Liberals have been rattled by the effectiveness of anti-Obamacare protests. We must not relent because we have some momentum. There is plenty of time left in this battle and the Left wing activists are about to launch an organized counterattack. ‘Health Care For America Now’ released a memo on August 4th entitled – Responding To Right Wing Attacks. Must Read. | Read More »