The Sequester Gift Bag

    As you all are probably aware, the Oscars were this past weekend, and as usual, the gift bag was huge. It was at a five year low $47,803, mind you, but by the standards of us poors, it was gigantic. So that got me thinking, what kind of gift bag would our beloved Congressmen and Senators get from President Obama for putting up with this | Read More »

    Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty and (Les) Miserable(s) Obama

    The Great Emancipator, a great moment, a great mistake and the Oscars DeVine Law, even during our increasingly strict TV sabbatical of the past several years, always watches the Academy Awards even if we don’t see most of the nominated movies until they appear years later on TNT. We especially miss the days when Billy Crystals and Johnny Carsons hosted the event, but the annual | Read More »

    Oscar winner “Inside Job” couldn’t be more wrong

    In a new weekly event named in honor of Laura Ingraham’s book of the same title I’m issuing an appeal to celebrities like Sean Penn, Janeane Garofalo and Sheryl Crow who feel compelled to share their wondrous knowledge of global warming, economics and the dangers of genetically modified seeds with their adoring fans.(Or in the case of Tom Cruise, his vast knowledge of Psychiatry and psycho-tropic drugs, derived from his years of study at the school of Scientology.)

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