A Father’s Endless Love

    On this father’s day, I remembered the last moments of my dad’s “earthly” life as he laid motionless in his bed, surrounded by family and friends as he died from cancer. The room was so crowded there was just enough room for one person to leave and another to enter. This life incident taught me that no one could ask for anything better than to | Read More »

    What Actually Motivates the Liberal-Socialists?

      From a human standpoint, I have often wondered what animates those in the Liberal-Socialist, One-World Government political movement. As an educated adult interested in politics and history and who (like all of us) observes human behavior, I could not see why the Nancy Pelosi’s, the Al Gore’s, and the Ivy League academics would be so driven, even desperate, to control every aspect of our | Read More »

    A Tale of Two Cities

    It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. I was driving to my sister’s house to spend the holiday doing stuff with her, and I had to take a detour around four blocks of my small town’s four block downtown section because they were having a parade. About 95% of the town residence (approx. 3,000 reside here) were in attendance, either | Read More »

    End of an era?

    If you watch television (ie. network news, Fox and CNN alike), there is nothing but poison and vile anger towards President Bush, John McCain, and our country. First President Bush – I still believe he is doing what he thinks is right. As a fiscal conservative I agree that the federal government should have very little intervention into the free markets as Bush has said | Read More »