Advancing. Ever Advancing.

    Advancing.  Ever Advancing.

    Much cynicism has been expressed over the past month about the effort, led by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, to fight Obamacare. It was about money or defeating Republicans or something other than what it was about — undermining Obamacare with a united front. It was always about undermining Obamacare, despite the claims of others. But, those of us who were in this fight against | Read More »

    Bridge Burning and Bridge Building

    House Republicans have signaled they are giving up. They’ll merge their ideas with Mitch McConnell’s ideas. The result will be a funded government, raised debt ceiling, and nothing done with Obamacare. Throughout this fight, Harry Reid has outsmarted Mitch McConnell. Repeatedly, Reid used the Senate’s rules to toss aside numerous proposals from the House while McConnell looked on not knowing how to fight back. Reid | Read More »

    The Fight Remains About Obamacare

    I stepped out last night, away from politics, to be the celebrity chef at a cooking school. It was refreshing to tune out the political world. But when I checked into my hotel after eleven last night, there was a backlog of weepy, crying emails from people ready to surrender. Why? Because the GOP has gone from being not liked to being not liked? Because | Read More »

    Yes, I Think This Means the GOP is Winning

    Polling shows more Americans blame the GOP than Barack Obama. I think this means the GOP is winning. You’ll need to let me explain. Republican leaders have lived in abject fear for the last two months that there would be an overwhelming backlash against them. In 1995, public opinion ran against the GOP 2 to 1. Bill Clinton consistently got the better of the GOP. | Read More »

    The Strategy of a Shutdown, Pt. 1

    If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’d be familiar with my love of classical military strategy. I am particularly fond of the Art of War and all works that are directly inspired by it. One such work is “Mastering the Art of War,” which I’ve sourced before and will be going to again for this post. One thing about the shutdown is the | Read More »

    How Republicans can win the Shutdown fight

    Now that the federal government has partially shutdown, the Republicans are primed to win this side of the fight over Obamacare if they play their cards correctly. Unlike the Newt Gingrich-led shutdown of 1995 which was about broad-based cuts to many programs including Medicare, the trigger of the shutdown comes from the discretionary funding for Obamacare. It constitutes a small portion of the federal budget and | Read More »

    Ted Cruz & Mike Lee: Commanders of the Conservative Army

    Ted Cruz & Mike Lee: Commanders of the Conservative Army

    Whenever a conservative says anything critical of the pukey leadership in the Republican Party — whenever they do it — what do we hear? “Circular firing squad.” “This is not helpful.” “They violated the 11th Commandment.” “Let’s not make our 80% friend our enemy.” “They won’t consider the end game.” They vomit this stuff up every single time any conservative points out how badly they | Read More »

    Let the Buying Off of Lobbyists Begin

    Talking to a member of Congress this morning, he tells me leadership staffers are sitting around dreaming up new, creative ways to lose this fight. He admits his cynicism is running high and is convinced Republican leadership staff are championing a loss as an “I told you so moment” to buttress a “should have listened to us” line.He is angry at his own side.More troublesome, | Read More »

    House GOP: Stand Your Ground

    This is just embarrassing. The House GOP has refused to fight on Obamacare. Right now they are going through an elaborate dance routine, complete with leotards and streamers, to show everyone they are really fighting for something.They’ve gone through so many iterations, no one is really sure what it is they are fighting for, but it is for certain they are not fighting to defund | Read More »

    Oppose the Medical Device Tax Repeal

    Republicans are attempting two tricks to convince conservatives the GOP is still with them. The first is the Vitter Amendment, named for Senator David Vitter, which would require Congress to adhere to Obamacare like the rest of us. I consider it a shiny object and you should not be cheering the GOP is they get it. Congress will always game the system to benefit itself. | Read More »

    Defeatist Republicans – An Insider Look at Vichy Republicanism

    The Defeatist attitudes by some establishment republicans is causing alarm bells to ring with the GOP base. The great majority of the conservative grassroots have a distrust of the party and elected leaders who continuously flee from a fight over Obamacare.  They keep coming up with more and more excuses as to why they can’t fight, and they are intentionally causing confusion with the American | Read More »

    Cruz’s Strategy Hurts Republicans

    Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex., recently concluded an impressive 21 hours and 19 minutes speaking through the night about the “Defund Obamacare” initiative that has taken flight in conservative circles. It’s a worthy cause – Obamacare is on track to become a bureaucratic nightmare for both doctors and patients. However, one can’t help but question the strategy. The Senate Democrats would never pass a law defunding | Read More »

    A Cruz Missile Launch, Like a Light, Shows the Cockroaches Scurrying

    A Cruz Missile Launch, Like a Light, Shows the Cockroaches Scurrying

    “Ted Cruz and Mike Lee have, whether they can muster the support or not in this round, ensured the GOP cannot begin collaborating with the Democrats to fix what the voters want repealed.” A curious moment happened on Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace told Karl Rove that a number of Republicans in Congress had sent him opposition research on Ted Cruz once Fox announced Cruz | Read More »

    Fighting the good fight against ObamaCare

    This is no time to go wobbly, Republicans.  President Obama’s horrifying failure in Syria has left him dazed and adrift.  He shuffled onstage within hours of a deadly shooting rampage in D.C. to launch tone-deaf slashing partisan attacks on Republicans, leading even a number of mainstream media cheerleaders to nervously fumble with their pom-poms and wonder what the hell he was thinking.  I notice a | Read More »

    Fighting for the wrong end game

    The Democrats have long played a game of demographics when it comes to building a coalition on a much better level than the Republicans ever could. Now, that’s not to say the Republicans suck at getting support. When it comes to getting support, ideas have attracted voters to Republican candidates. “In the realm of ideas,” you’ll hear people like Rush Limbaugh say, “Republicans win.” It’s | Read More »